Australia, Singapore · 119 Days · 34 Moments · October 2016

Patrick's Australia Experience

25 February 2017

It's time to say good-bye!πŸ˜”πŸ˜Š Not only to a beautiful country, not only to the time of my life, but also to a bunch of wonderful people.😍 First, they all seemed strange to me, they all were strange to me, but I'm so glad that I could meet with those guys and I'm so grateful that they were all part of my journey! It's amazing how fast a good friendship grows, when both parts are in the same situation! Especially with Michael, Gina and Jasmin I had so much fun, a lot of magnificent experiences and I will never forget the time with you guys!πŸ’› Sitting in the airplane, realising that it's over makes me sad. But I am so thankful to everyone that made my journey possible (mostly my parents 😜😘😘) and helped me in any way to get through different times!😊 And I'm looking forward to see my lovely family and friends soon!😍 I really hope to do such a gap-year again as soon as possible!😜 Thanks for reading my Journi and see you soon in Switzerland!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­πŸ˜‰β€

23 February 2017

After some hiking in the Blue Mountains we headed through remoted areas to Melbourne. I really liked this charming city!😊 Moreover, we did the Great Ocean Road, a coastal road which offers a stunning landscape!😍 The last bit we spent on Kangoroo Island where I had a perfect end of the trip with Gina and Michi (Jasmin stayed in Adelaide)☺ The Island is totally overwhelming and it was fun to explore it with those guys. Now it's time for Michael and me to go home and I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends soon, but I'm also sad to leave this beautiful country!πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š

11 February 2017

I'm getting lazy and therefore I take a text written by Β©Gina (she's such a good writer)😜✌ The last weeks have passed so quickly and I enjoyed the time with my friends while we were driving to Adelaide. Camping is very different to travelling by bus and staying in hostels as it's a lot more comfortable and relaxed. We literally just drove, stopped for lunch and some landmarks and chilled on the campgroundπŸ˜…. Since the first part of my journey was quite exhausting I could therefore recharge my batteries and chill out in the campervan 😊 On the other hand we were mostly on our own which wasn't easy all the time. Unfortunately, we had some challenging situations and discussions. All in all we've managed it very well and everybody has learnt pretty much about themselves and their behavior in a group. Even though I have wished not to have arguments during my journey, I believe it's a normal progress and it was an important experience :-)

28 January 2017

Luckily I got back out of my writing-motivationgap and here I am again!πŸ˜œπŸ€™πŸ½ I spent the last days in Sydney with my lovely friends Michael, Gina and Jasmin. We had some funny days and did a lot of sightseeing! One day we had the possibility to spend a day on a beautiful yacht, which belongs to the Australian family that my father met on the Bettmeralp. As two years ago they were so lovely and organised a lot of food and drinks for us - and all for free! We really felt like kings and queens and were all overwhelmed from the luxury world we were in! Now we got our campervan and already drove to the Blue Mountains, were we spent some nice days hiking through the amazing landscape of Australia! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™πŸ½

23 January 2017

Unfortunately there was also a bad day in Melbourne.. Melbourne got shocked by a tragedy where 5 innocent people died and several were injured because of a guy deliberately driving into a pedestrian zone. I was shocked too, because the incident happened in the same street, where my hostel was located.. It was quite frightened to be alone in such a big city and something like this happens. First nobody knew, that it wasn't terrorism and the whole city got very nervous. I was afraid too, that there were happening more things in other places.. When I went to the memorial the day after, I got goosebumps all ober my body. Seeing people crying because they lost someone they love was a terrible thing. Finally I realised, that if you are close to the incident, you're way more concerned than when it happens far away! And that's what everyone should be aware of! Because even if we think, nothing happens to us, you're never fully safe. My thoughts are with all those, who lost someone belovedπŸ˜”
The next day my quick Melbourne trip was already over. I spent the day walking around Melbourne, getting a new haircut and again watching some tennis. But to be honest, I felt tired of watching tennis..πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œ It was hot as hell and I was very glad, when the day was over and I could make my way to the airport. When I look back, I think I have to say, that those 5 days were my happiest days in my whole Australia journey so far! Oh - by the way, Melbourne is a beautiful city, with beautiful people and a lot of nice things to do and see! I'm really looking forward to go there again with Michael, Gina and Jasmin!😜✌🏼 Now I'm sitting in the plane to Sydney, where the next adventure begins soon!πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™πŸ½βœˆοΈ

22 January 2017

I woke up and it was sunday! What a glorious day! I was so excited to see Federer in the evening and I couldn't wait to get there. So to pass the time, I tried to do something new. No, I'm joking, I was just watching tennis!πŸ˜‚ But what I actually want to tell you guys, I was sitting in row three, about 30 meters away from Federer and Nishikori!😍 My seat couldn't be better, the game couldn't be longer and more intense and in the end the winner couldn't be someone else! It was a peRFect evening and I will never forget it!😊 About the experience to watch tennis live, I was a little bit disappointed. I really liked it all, but when you watch the game on television, you are able to see more and you are able to give your comments when ever you want (yep, maybe I'm too much football fanπŸ™ˆ). Sometimes I kind of had to watch out, that I'm not screaming while they were playing.πŸ˜‚ But as I said, it was once in a lifetime, I really enjoyed every single minute and I'll always remember that evening

21 January 2017

Oh wait, there was something better happening to me.. When I stood up in the morning, I felt like watching tennis again (what a surprise😜). So I made my way to Federation Square, where I took a deck chair again and made myself comfortable. Suddenly a homeless-looking man asked me, if I'd like to buy a ticket. I could have 2 for $10. I would have loved to see my face in this moment but it knocked me absolutely out of my socks!πŸ˜‚ 10 Bugs for two ground passes ?! I paid 45 for one!! But as I am a very good person, I just took one for $10 so he could make another $10 with the second one! So from now on, my day looked exactly the same as the day before! Sitting in my chair, watching tennis, drinking beer, eating burger and as I'm learning, I applied sunscreen!😜 So know I really thought, there can't be anything better! But.. when I realised, that I had a ticket for the Rod Laver Arena on sunday evening and the game Federer-Nishikori was scheduled then, it knocked me out again!πŸ™ˆπŸ˜

20 January 2017

On my second day I first tried to visit the city but because I knew, that I'll come back in a few weeks my feet always lead in direction of the tennis area.πŸ™ˆ So I walked back to the entrance of the Melbourne Park (it's the closed area, where all the courts are) and as I stood in front of the ticket seller, I decided to buy a ground pass! The ground pass allowed me the entrance to the Melbourne Park, all the small courts and the third biggest arena called Hisense Arena. In Hisense Arena Andy Murray (yes, he was still in😜) was set to play his game. But two hours waiting time was way too long. So I decided to relax in a deck chair direclty in front of the big screen and got fully sunburnt!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ Beside the game Seppi against Darcis, which I saw live, I just stayed in my deck chair watching tennis on the screen!😎 It felt like a real men's day, watching tennis, drinking beer, eating burger and getting sunburnt!😜 Nothing better could happen to me...πŸ€™πŸ½

19 January 2017

The Australian Open is definitely the best sport event, I've ever attended to!😍 The last 5 days I spent in Melbourne, just marveling about this crazy event! The whole city was in tennis-fever. On every square you could find a huge screen and loads of tennis-fascinated people cheering for almost every player! Beer is running out of the tap as if it would be the Oktoberfest in Munich but if I've learnt one thing about Australians, you can't beat them with drinking!πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ I was absolutely amazed by the atmosphere around the arenas and in the whole city! It's stunning how the city is vibrating because of such a tournament!😍 The first day I spent sitting amazed in front of a free-entry screen, drinking beer and watching tennis. Unfortunately the weather was not that good, but at least it didn't rain. I can't really remember the games I've watched but I think it was Djokovic. And I would have enjoyed it more, if I knew he's going to say goodbye the next day.😜✌🏼

18 January 2017

The second day surfing was built up in the same way as the first one. We got some instructions first (Yes I was already bored about itπŸ˜’πŸ˜Ž) and then we could surf for a couple of hours. Luckily the weather was better this day because the other day it rained.. I was very lucky because I had the same instructor as the day before and as he already knew my skills he taught me successfully how to turn the board or how to surf unbroken waves (no Paps I didn't surf through the tunnel yet😜). In some way I got something like private lessons. Unfortunately we had to leave the water for 30 minutes because a shark was spotted..πŸ˜…πŸ˜’ But I survived!✌🏼 On the third day the weather was brilliant and the ocean strong as hell! They promised to take me out to the big waves but I have to admitt that it would have been to big for meπŸ™ˆπŸ˜œ So we stayed close to the beach and just surfed the broken waves. I really fell in love with surfing and as my skills are not too bad, I have to do it again in the fut
While sitting in the bus, heading down to Sydney, I'd like to tell you about my surfing experience with Mojo! Mojo Surf is one of the most famous surf-schools in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand.πŸ˜‰ First I just booked a two-day surf lesson but after the first day they proposed me a deal, that I couldn't deny. So I extended it to a three-day adventure!😜 The three days were absolutely amazing and I wanted to stay and surf forever. We went a little bit further out of Byron Bay to a nice beach. The first day we got some instructions, but as I already surfed around 5 times, I got into a group where the level was a little bit higher and we got less instructions. After that we could surf for almost 2 hours and the instructors were always there with a helping hand. They were quite surprised about my skills😜 I think they couldn't imagine why a Swiss guy is able to surf πŸ˜œπŸ€™πŸ½ Story continues..

14 January 2017

As you already know, I'm in Byron Bay these days. It's very difficult to find the right words for this little coast town. But fuck yeah it is amazing here!😍 Byron is a real hippie-town. Everyone walks barefoot, smokes weed and drinks alcohol from 8am until late in the morning the next day.😜 On each corner you can find a street musician, who gives that certain touch to this beautiful place. But don't believe these guys are 2nd class musicians, Dieter Bohlen would love everyone of them😜. Byron is even more relaxed because you can't do a lot here. The only things you could do is shopping, surfing, visiting the lighthouse and for sure relaxing! It's no problem to sleep until 10 o'clock, because you don't have to hurry to see all the famous stuff in the city. Actually I don't really know what to say more but I just want to tell you that I really love this place!😍 My absolute favorite since my journey has started!β€πŸ€™πŸ½

12 January 2017

Today I went to Nimbin. Nimbin does not just sound really special, it is very special! Nimbin is an unbelievably small town in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, where the cops don't care about people selling, buying or smoking marihuana! Sounds like paradise no?😜😍 So today we did this tour. It all started pretty funny, with this crazy hippiebus, amazing drug sound and that driver, that almost forced us to the consumption of drugs!πŸ˜‚ When we arrived in Nimbin, everyone was a little bit too shy to ask for weed. But in the end, we all got what we were looking for (no details needed😜✌🏼). Strangely starving (πŸ™„πŸ˜‚), we drove further to a beautiful lake where we had a nice lunch. Then we headed to a beautiful waterfall and later we took the way back to Byron Bay! It was an amazing day and it was so funny to expierience the hippie culture for one day!πŸ˜‰ I think I'm going to sleep well and I hope you do the same😜 Peace out πŸ˜‰πŸ€™πŸ½

9 January 2017

Last full day in this big city. In the morning everyone did something on their own, so I decided to rent an electric scooter and have some fun driving around.πŸ›΅ It was quite funny although they just reached 25km/h max. I could drive around for two hours and I really enjoyed it. Driving around without a plan can be fun too!πŸ€™πŸ½ In the afternoon Gina and Jasmin were keen on shopping, but as they don't have enough space in their bags and I needed some shirts, I (or maybe my bank-accountπŸ˜…) was the victim of their female addiction.😜 But I was very pleased to get help from them and we had a lot of fun! In the evening I went again to the Q1 tower. This time without daylight, it looked overwhelming too but in a complete different way! Later in the evening we had dinner in Vapiano's, I went to bed early and now I'm driving down to Byron BayπŸ˜πŸ€™πŸ½ See you😊

8 January 2017

Day three in Surfers and still not tired. Ok, I'm lying..πŸ˜… After a though party night I didn't want to set an alarm so I slept as long as I could😜 Without a hangover but still tired, we spent the day at the beach, direclty in front of all those huge skyscrapers (not the nicest beach I've been toπŸ™ˆ)! Q1 tower is one of those architectural buildings and it's the one that we visited in the evening. With its 322m it is higher than the Eiffeltower but not as high as the Empire State Building. Still in daylight we took Australia's fastest elevator to the 77th floor, where we had a stunning view over the city!😍 After that we went to our Hostel, where I cooked Risotto and tried to do it like my grandma would do it!😜 To be honest, it worked quite well, the girls liked it.πŸ˜‰

7 January 2017

Today we visited Dreamworld. We were excited as hell because it is known for a lot of good roller-coasters. Unfortunately there was this fatal accident a few weeks ago where a mother died on a river-rafting ride and because of that, the best rides were closed due to security checks..πŸ˜” So we were pretty disappointed but therefore even luckier that there was a water park included in the theme park. After spending some time in it, we went back to the theme park and luckily some rides were reopened and we still could have fun! In the evening we went clubbing with the pub-crawl. We had a lot of fun and visited 4 (I thinkπŸ˜…) different clubsπŸ˜‰πŸ€™πŸ½ One can say, nightlife is nice in Surfers!😜

6 January 2017

After a short time driving down from Brisbane, I finally arrived in Surfers Paradise! The place everyone talked about but I didn't know at all😜 I was pretty glad, that there is a lot written on the internet. Otherwise I wouldn't have known what to doπŸ™ˆ When I first arrived, I just ambled around the city because there was not enough time to do big things! In the evening I met Gina and a girl from Germany. Togheter we had dinner and afterwards we got persuaded to buy a ticket for a pub-crawl tour the other night. The same night we could enjoy the last station of the present tour groupπŸ˜œπŸ€™πŸ½ - a pretty good start into the party-life of Surfers Paradise.πŸ˜‰ For the following day we decided to go to the famous theme park "Dreamworld", also known as "Europapark of Australia"😜 We were very excited about it!

5 January 2017

Big city life Brisbane! But what to do, when big cities doesn't appeal to you anymore? Brisbane was nice, nothing more.😐 It's a city with charm, but nothing spectacular. There would have been a lot of things to do. Due to the bad weather, I couldn't do all of them. Anyway I visited some, but I couldn't for example relax at the lagoon. In my room I had two crazy guys from Appenzell. We had a funny time togheter in the city. Togheter with Gina we went to a zoo with Koalas and Kangaroos. It was cool too but it didn't knock us out! The evening before I spent a lot of mone to go on the brisbane wheel. In a height of 60 meters you have an astonishing view over the cityπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌYesterday I went to a trampoline park. It was absolutely amazing and I really felt like a ten year old boy again! Seldom had I so much fun! Over all, Brisbane is nice to visit, but you really need to be lucky with the weather!πŸ™ˆ Next stop: Surfers Paradise!

2 January 2017

Happy New Year to everyone!😊😘🍾 All the best in 2017!!😊 We spent some beautiful days on Mooloolaba, a quite urban city at the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane. As there is not a lot to do in this city, it is vers relaxing here. However, the beach is breathtaking and we loved to stay at the Esplanade chilling in the restaurants. We spent New Year's Eve in a yummy restaurant, drank some beers with Aussie guys and watched a huge firework directly at the beach. I was so glad to be there with Gina and Jasmin because after Christmas on my own, I couldn't imagine spending NYE alone! The day after we were pretty hangovered (must have been the mix between beer and wineπŸ˜œπŸ™ˆ) so we spent the day relaxing at the beach. Now the time has come, where we all separate and travel alone for the next 4 weeks. It's a strange feeling to say goodbye again after the last 5 days but everyone is looking forward to the time being lonely and all of us are going to learn a lot! See you in Brisbane guys!πŸ˜œπŸ€™πŸ½

30 December 2016

Here I am, stranded in Noosa! As everyone told me, Noosa is beautiful and full of energy. Due to the public holiday in Australia, Noosa was crowded like the streets in Zurich, when the turkish national team wins against the Swiss "Nati"!πŸ˜‚ Nevertheless, I really loved this place and its relaxing surfing lifestyle! A village where I definitely could imagine living in.😜 The first day I spent on my own walking around and trying to find out what to do with Gina and Jasmin who arrived in the evening. To avoid the big crowd the day after, we decided to walk through the Noosa National Park. A beautiful coastal walk along the ocean with its overwhelmingly coloured waters. As a highlight we quickly jumped into a natural rock-pool - look at the pictures, it's just stunning!😍 In the evening we relaxed at the bar in our hostel and went to bed early because we know what follows today!πŸ™ˆ Happy new year and a "good slip" into 2017!βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜‰πŸΎ

27 December 2016

Because everyone was tired and some kind of fed up we then took the bus back to the ferry port. As we drove back towards Kinfisher Bay Resort, i suddenly spotted a Dingo, laying beside the street! I was pretty surprised because everyone told me that you don't see them often! Unfortunately the driver didn't stop that long and I just managed to take a bad picture... In the end I have to say, that Fraser Island is definitely worth to be seen and it was a very nice adventure even tough next time I'd try to book a tour with guys in my age. But I had a lot of fun with all those families and their children and I'll never forget this Island and its beautiful vegetation! Now I'm looking forward to take a shower and to see my lovely travelmates Gina and Jasmin again! You'll hear from me !✌🏼
Today my tour through the beautiful Island continued. First we drove along the beach for a long time and stopped at a rusty shipwreck. It looked quite good but after the day before it was hard to impress me today. The second stop we did at the Champagne Pools. These are natural formed stone-pools directly located at the ocean. The incoming ocean water creates a kind of foam that looks like champagne. It's quite awesome to sit in those pools while the water is splashing over the stones. The third stop was a lookout called Indian Head. It was not that overwhelming but I had still a nice view. In the end we visited Eli Creek, which is a natural river with very clear fresh-water flowing directly to the ocean. Unfortunately it began to rain and it got freezing cold (not that freezing as in Switzerland I know 😜).

26 December 2016

Fraser Island day one. What a touristic but adorable place! Fraser Island is absolutely worth its reputation. It would be a shame not to see that beautiful little Island, located on the coast of Hervey Bay. The Island is just 120km long and includes seven different types of forrests, over 100 fresh-water lakes and the biggest population of Dingos. We first drove with our huge 4WD to a place called lake Mckenzie. One of the most beautiful fresh-water lakes I've ever seen! The colour of the water is just unbelievable. Unfortunately there were a lot of buses arriving, and the beach looked like Mallorca in july. Then we drove further and walked 1.8km through the rainforest. It was a beautiful little walk. After a great lunch we drove directly at the beach for a few minutes. And yes, it is an official highway in Australia! Then we had to walk again 2.4km (and 2.4km back!) to a beautiful lake in the middle of sand dunes. After a short swim we went to our resort where we stay for tonight.

25 December 2016

Tomorrow I'm going to Fraser Island. I'm really looking forward to it but first I kind of had to spend a day in Hervey Bay. It's Christmas day in Australia. Nothing's open, everyone celebrates X-mas, if at home or on the beach, the whole country stands still. It's very difficult to get some Christmas feelings for me but I tried my best. Hervey Bay isn't that interesting even if the shops would have been opened. A cosy little coast-town that offers nothing more than a boardwalk which reaches almost 900m into the ocean. The view from there is nice but not breathtaking. After a drink with Lucia, a girl from the Gym Liestal, I went to my hostel, put on my sport clothing and went for a run and did some workout. Now I'm sitting here, waiting for the so called Christmas dinner in the hostel, but even if they try to do everything, it still does not feel like Christmas. Anyway, tomorrow I have to get up early again to spend some beautiful days on Fraser island! More about it later!:)

24 December 2016

Still in Bargara, on saturday morning I went playing golf for the first time. To be honest it really looked like the first time but we had lots of fun driving around with the golf buggy! And yep, golf is much more exhausting than it looks!πŸ™ˆ In the afternoon we had to set up tables and chairs for the big X-mas party. After dinner, which was a real Aussie bbq, we decided to go to the famous turtle beach, where all the turtles are nesting and hatching. Actually it was prohibited to go without a guide, but we managed to creep in to a guided tour by using the darkness as our shield and suddenly we stood in the middle of a group!😜 We could then see a huge turtle under the amazing nightsky of Bundaberg and they even allowed us to carry the eggs to the hatching station! It was a breathtaking experience! Today in the morning I woke up very early because the family was excited for Christmas! They all opened the presents and when I got up, they even had a small gift for me! What a lovely family
Finally some known faces again! Aaron, the guy who plays football with me ever since I've started, and his Australian girlfriend Demi, invited me to live at their home for a few days in Bargara a small suburb of Bundaberg. For the first time on my journey I never felt lonley! Even if I didn't know Demi's family, it all seemed so familiar to me. It was s pleasure to meet the whole family (and I really mean the whole!:D) and it was so amazing how they treated me like a part of the family for the last three days. Besides meeting the family and friends of the Giovannoni's, we went surfing twice and it was absolutely fun! Friday evening I had the possibility to join the X-Mas dinner of their own company. After that we had a lool through a famous street in Bundaberg, where all the houses are decorated with Christmas lights. It was absolutely stunning! Story continues..

22 December 2016

The last three days I spent in Airlie Beach. The small town, which is surrounded by loads of hills, covered with a beautiful rainforest, is exactly how I imagined travelling through Australia. I don't even know if there are some local Australians living in this town. It's crazy how many backpackers you meet, Germans, Swiss guys, Spanisch guys etc. The whole world meets in Airlie Beach. It is completely the place to be! The village consists only of one main road with several shops, bars and of course restaurants. You can spend some time at the stunning Lagoon (ocean isn't recommendable because of jellyfishes) or on a tour to the Withsunday Islands. Today I booked a Jetski tour and fuck it, it was the best thing I've ever booked in my whole life! I never had that much adrenalin in my blood and the landscape is pretty amazing too! I really hope to put some more pictures to this article soon! Peace out !βœŒπŸ½πŸ˜‰

21 December 2016

As a part of my stay in Airlie Beach (I'm going to write about it tomorrow) I've booked a tour to the Withsunday Islands. Everyone told me to go there and I always thought it isn't that interesting. But hell yeah! Now I know why everyone is talking about it! Whitehaven Beach, the biggest part of the pictures, was absolutely stunning! I've never seen a beach as beautiful as this one. White sand, beautiful forrest and amazing light blue water, that's the reason why everyone is talking about it! It is really worth doing this trip and I almost have to say it is a must do see the Withsunday Islands. Besides the sunbathing at Whitehaven Beach, we had the opportunity to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. We were snorkeling for almost two hours and besides the beautifully coloured fishes, I saw a turtle and could swim with it for several minutes! I'm absolutely amazed about this day. Unfortunately the only bad memory about this day is a really bad sunburn!-.- See you!;)

19 December 2016

Today was a very exhausting day! Sitting in the bus for 10 hours, driving down from Mission Beach to Airlie Beach. I am glad that these Greyhound Buses are comfortable enough to stay in such a long time. Although I spent my whole day in a bus, I had the opportunity to see two beautiful villages. The first stop was just a quick break in Cardwell. A small town directly located at the beach - and even the bus-stop was at the beach. Some hours later I was supposed to leave this bus and wait two hours for another one. This time I stopped in Townsville. It seemed to be one of the bigger towns between Cairns and Brisbane and I was somehow happy to feel some kind of civilisation! Townsville is a cosy town as well. There are some beautiful harbours and a lot of nice restaurants. After a nice mexican lunch I drove further to Airlie Beach where I finally arrived at 8 o'clock. I'm going to stay here for 3 nights and I think I'll really love this town! Bye !:)

18 December 2016

First stop - Mission Beach! After an emotional farewell in Cairns I drove down to a very small but nice town between Cairns and Townsville. My first day alone and I don't know how I feel exactly. On one side lonely but on the other side very happy but I hope it's just a matter of time until my feelings are changing. I'm glad to stay just one night here, otherwise it would have been boring but I'm still pleased to see this village. My hostel is also "not really the yellow of the egg" but I can get along with it for one night. Tomorrow I have to drive for 8 hours down to Airlie Beach. There I'm going to stay a couple of days but you will hear from it later! See you!

17 December 2016

I was pretty shocked after the change from the Australian bush-lands into the big city life of Cairns. Our Hostel was just a big party house. It was nice, but very loud and crowded. The city of Cairns is just a city to visit for one or two days. If you want to stay longer, you have to drive out of town to reach the cool activities. Today I went to the Botanical Garden in Cairns. It's a beautifully vegetated place in the middle of the city! After spending some time in the forrest, I decided to go back to the public pool, which is located directly at the ocean. Tomorrow I have to leave Cairns. But not only do I have to leave Cairns, I also have to leave behind my two lovely travelpartners Gina and Jasmin! I am really going to miss them but luckily we see each other again in January in Sydney and for sure back in Switzerland!:) Now my solo-journey starts and i'm looking forward to all those new impressions! Peace!

13 December 2016

After an amazing time in Perth, I headed forward to Alice Springs. There I went on a 3-day adventure tour to the outback of Australia, also called "the red centre". I've seen some spectacular sunrises, waterholes, the famous Uluru and I learnt a lot about the stunning culture of the indigenous people of Australia. Our tour guide Deon was one of the funniest guys i've ever met. He was one of the reasons, why the tour was really interesting and funny. It is highly recommendable to book this tour even if it's very exhausting to get up at 3 o'clock every morning. Now I'm sitting in Alice Springs, waiting for the plane to depart to Cairns, where my adventure goes on. I'm looking very much forward to travel on the East Coast and I'm glad that it starts that soon!;)

30 October 2016

Today I am still in Perth city, still with my friends. We are going to a festival called "habitat garden party" this afternoon. I'm looking very much forward to see the world famous DJ "the green velvet". See you guys!