Greece, Italy, Croatia · 8 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

The boys adventure in Italy

23 June 2017

Como day 2 The next day Jeff and patty rented a boat and took us on a four hour tour of the lake, showing George clooney's house, where padme and annakin got married, and much more. Of course we had to take a dip; the water was cool and refreshing, but nothing close to cold. We then had lunch at a nice water side restaurant, followed by some gelato. We played some catan, and Jeff and patty made us the most amazing pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven. Unfortunately this was our only full day in como, so the next day we dropped off Mackenzie at the airport, and headed to catch our 11 am train to Rome.

20 June 2017

Roma Day 2 (2/2) After the tour we learned that tom and Nathan were also in Rome, so we met up with them for dinner at Zanzarra restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious pasta. We then headed back to our apartment to try a bottle of grapa and a few beers. By the time we made it through them however, it was 2am, on a Monday night, and we were feeling quite tired. Because the metro closes at 1130 (!! We're learning italy seems to be quite an early country), Nathan and tom were stranded at our place, and had to crash on the sofa. We did find out that pat and my last night in Barcelona (and of the whole trip) is also tom and Nathan's first night in Barcelona, so we'll be meeting up again. The next morning we visited trevi fountain, grabbed what was probably the most disappointing pizza we've ever had; I'd roughly describe it as a delicate mix of cardboard and pool water And headed to the airport. Croatia; here we come!

19 June 2017

Roma Day 2 (1/2) We woke up and continued our self guided tour, checking out all the monuments Roma has to offer. We made chicken cutlet lunches for our on the go lunch. We had a coliseum/roman forum tour scheduled at 2 pm. It was really amazing seeing such attractions, such immense buildings constructed nearly two millennia ago. Standing in places where so much has occurred and trying to imagine all that these sites have bared witness to is indescribable.

18 June 2017

Roma Day 1 Our train arrived at 2pm; we made our way to the airbnb that we rented, dropped off our stuff, and did a self guided tour of the city. With a tourist map displaying all of the historical attractions, we formulated a route to follow. We picked up cold cuts for paninis, and made a chicken mashed potato salad for supper (another great success), washing it down with some peroni beer and white wine.

17 June 2017

After our 5 star hotel in the Florence train station we shipped off to Lago Di Como for a couple nights where we were fortunate enough to stay at Jeff and Patty's (Mack's parents). As magnificent as the pictures of the view are, they don't do it justice. Our first day we hung around the house, taking in the views, swimming in the pool and taking a nap before dinner. At dinner we had some excellent sausage, peppers, salads, etc. and enjoyed the view over the lake. Day 2 we went on a self guided boat tour by Jeff himself, driving around the lake and giving us the ins and outs on all the attractions around us. We saw all of the impressive and famous villas including, of course, George Clooney's. Thereafter we enjoyed a nice lunch by the lake and headed back to the house to hang out. At night we made use of the wood burning pizza oven and made 8 different thin crust pizzas including 2 dessert pizzas. Patty handled the prep work while Jeff was master of the pizza oven. Ciao gratzi J & P!

16 June 2017

Como day 1 The drive brought us the most stunning views imaginable, and the Speaks' house certainly matched the region's beauty, offering fantastic views over the lake and surrounding mountains. Jeff and patty shortly arrived, with loads of incredible fresh food for delicious paninis. After eating we all crashed, as Jeff and patty had also just gotten to Europe. We woke up and enjoyed the evening in and out of the pool, as the weather continued to be excellent. For supper we had sausage, hamburgers, caprese, salad, and more, with a perfect spot overseeing the sunset. We hung out for the rest of the night.
We arrived in Florence around 1130pm from santorini, with no accommodations booked we set out on the town for a few hours to tour around and see what we could before leaving in the morning. We were able to get around the city quite easily and with good lighting - no herds of tourists at the late/early hours we were exploring at. We visited the Duomo, the ponte vecchio, as well as the statue of David. A few hours later we were ready for some rest and headed back to the train station to find some nice comfy floors & benches when the train station re-opened for the following day. We've made it thru the night and are about to take the train out to Mack's place in lake Como and meet up with his parents for a couple of days - stay tuned!
Florence We left santorini on an 10 pm flight, arriving in Florence at 1130. We took a cab to the train station where Alix met us around midnight. Unfortunately by this time all of the restaurants were closed, to our surprise, so we were forced to eat McDonald's: a reset button, as john would have called it. Was definitely close to the most disappointing McDonalds meal I've ever had. We proceeded to tour the city, which is nicely lit up at night, and with heaps less people, with Alix as our guide. By 3 o'clock we were dead, but still had 4.5 hrs till our train to Milan, so we laid down in the train station. Easily the least comfortable night of our lives. We were thoroughly excited to embark on our train, which brought us to Milan for 9 am. We then rented a car for the hour drive to como.