Europe · 6 Days · 14 Moments · May 2017

Patrick and Phil's adventure in Belgium

31 May 2017

The food and alcohol is cheaper here, with an average beer being around 50 crowns (2.50-3 cad), and lunch/dinner being around 150-400 crowns (8-23 cad), though we don't fully benefit from these lower prices cuz of the bank percentage profits. The nightlife is supposed to be incredible here, which we will only be figuring out tomorrow as we're using this night as a rest night. The people here are a bit weird; they're not really warm, even when you go to establishments like restaurants it's common to be poorly welcomed. We did a walking tour and grabbed supper by the river side. Delicious tender porc knuckle, and roasted duck, 930 crowns. Went back to the old town side of the river to watch the sun set, and see how the castle is lit up at night. Headed back to hotel for early night.
Prague Day 1 (1/2) Cost of beer in Brussels and Amsterdam about 5-6€ a pint, about 8 cad 11 am flight from Amsterdam. Left our Amsterdam hostel at 8 am, took tram (street cars) to central station, train to airport. Took bus and metro to hostel, arrived quite easily. Prague has all the same beauty as Brussels and amsterdam, but everything is really much bigger and older. It has the oldest known market (1200's). This is in great part because in a treaty during the war they have part of the country to Germany, so the Germans didn't bomb the city, so reconstruction of destroyed buildings was never required as it was in other countries. Buildings from 1400's It is also different from the first two cities because it isn't completely flat; the land is hilly, and with a big river running through the city with numerous stunning bridges to cross it, it is simply incomparable in beauty with respect to Brussels and Amsterdam (in my opinion). There is however a lot less free wifi.

30 May 2017

Amsterdam Day 3 Walking tour and Heineken experience. Funny time, got a few free beers. Went out on the pub crawl. One bar had eggs so we cracked one into our beer with the aussies (tom and Nathan) Very hard to go to the bathroom for free in Amsterdam Day 4 Rented bikes and headed north of Amsterdam to zans schans. Incredible journey. Stopping in at gas stations to ask for directions. People would stop and help us without us even asking. Beautiful spot, marshy grasslands with old windmills On our way home (lost) a Dutch lady accompanied us for about two km out of her way, even invited us in for a drink (which we refused). We came home had a few drinks, grabbed a kebab and toured the red light district. Called it an early night cuz Prague tomorrow!

28 May 2017

Amsterdam Day 1 Very easy comfortable bus ride, took tram in to hostel from bus station, relatively simple but had to buy a second ticket each cuz we screwed up our transfer. Took it easy that night, little BBQ at the hostel, met some American and French kids. Took a little walk and called it an early night (12:30) Day 2 Late start, caught up on some sleep. Took a nice boat tour. Unfortunately couldn't find a walking tour, so still struggling to get a feel of the city's geography. Everything very walkable, like Brussels. Got crapped on by a bird, but it was a good crap, relatively clear and a direct vertical hit so nothing on the clothes or worse. Hopefully still warrants the same luck as your average bird dropping. Met a few Australian guys in the hostel who just rolled in, gona probably hang with them the next few days.

27 May 2017

Nice spots in the heart of Brussels. Great view and walk up to the kings palace and nice park - phil doing his best tourist poses for the camera
One of many incredible churches - can't remember this ones name.

26 May 2017

Amazing first day. Very easy getting out of airport, then a quick 1-stop train ride and short walk to hostel. They kept our bags cuz room wasn't ready yet so we could walk around freely. Went and grabbed sandwiches and a Belgian waffle. Fresh and great bread. Barely survived our walking tour in the 27 and sunny weather ( they don't seem to get the greatest weather here it seems) blisters but pat didn't get sunburnt. Very windy roads in Brussels. There was a jazz fest going on that night in La Grande Place so we grabbed two 75cl westmalle trappist beers and sat out there. Can drink in public no problem here. Went for supper at Le Léon, sitting outside on the cobblestone, we each had a mussels and fries plate, delicious. 15€ each. Went to bar delirium, casual night.
Local Trappist beers and the Brussels Jazz Fest in the Grand Place! I imagine Faj (rob) would be in heaven!
Views from the palace (see tower of town hall)
The Kings palace
Old stock exchange building
Les Galleries Royales St Hubert
The Grand Place featuring Town Hall
Had to try the waffles in Belgium