Europe · 3 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

Patrick and Phil's adventure in Austria

6 June 2017

Our last day in Vienna we spent at the Schonbrunn palace - the "summer home" of the Hofsburg's. Remarkable palace with an endless garden and even a zoo on site! It was quite something. After spending the morning there we packed up and caught our bus to Budapest, Hungary.

5 June 2017

Day 3 Woke up and walked around the city, notably the hofburg palace. We also went to the catacombs of kaisergruft. In the afternoon we did a "Hitler tour," highlighting all of the aspects of WWII in the city. It seems only recently that Austria has been opening up about the war as it was truly a source of shame, having erected monuments in the last few years commemorating all of the death and suffering that went on. We then made supper at the hostel, cooked pork on a pan, had a salad and some uncle bens rice.. a success for sure (so long as we don't know wake up in the middle of the night with grueling stomach pains for poorly cooking the meat). We say outside the opera house watching the live feed from the show inside, and then grabbed a piece of Sacher torte (Austrian renown cake). Tomorrow we plan to visit the schönbrunn palace, and then it's off to Budapest!
We arrived at The train station by Vienna at 7 pm, with a google maps 1h16min walk between us and our hostel, and the champions final at 8:45. We got to the hostel, quickly showered and headed out to the nearest bar, arriving in roughly the 7th minute. The bar had a rather calm ambiance, though it was full and all attention was on the game (teams were juventus and Real Madrid so probably no real fan base for either in Vienna, at least not at that particular bar). You could smoke in the designated smoking section inside the bar. We met a guy named sinan from turkey, with whom we went to another bar later, where there was live music (two guys playing American classics which the people loved), and he bought us a beer. We called it a night.
Some more shots of Vienna - the parliament, one section of the palace (now the national library), and some nice flowers I thought Granny might enjoy! We did the Hitler tour today, walking us through the prominent spots in Vienna that Hitler himself visited or the nazi's impacted. Very interesting tour. Our legs are quite tired now - looking forward to dinner and a beer!

4 June 2017

UPDATE: we got in the schnitzel restaurant last night and it was fantastic. Plus they had a newspaper on the wall talking about the patriots ... what not to love!? (There was a column about their schnitzel next to the patriots..) great meal!
Some shots from our walking tour in Vienna today. We saw lots of beautiful architecture displayed in the old buildings around the city. Mozart's statue in the Hofburg Palace's royal garden, the royal palace itself, Mozart's pad he used to stay in and the St Stephens Cathedral (wow!). Last night we got out to a pub and watched the champions league final with some locals and grabbed a beer at a pub with live music after that. We're hoping to get into a restaurant in Vienna tonight, renowned for its schnitzel, despite it being booked solid till Wednesday... we'll have to charm our way in and show up close to closing time the waitress told us. Fingers crossed!

3 June 2017

Day 2 We got up early and had the 4.50€ hostel-provided breakfast, which was good, being comprised of cold cuts, nice breads, boiled eggs, fruit cereal yogurt etc. we did the walking tour, and then relaxed at the hostel. We were told by our tour guide where to find the best schnitzel, at Filgmüllers restaurant. We learned they were booked for the next week upon checking it out, but the lady told us to come back around 830 and she'd try to squeeze us in. So we did, and she found us a spot! Incredible schnitzel. Had a shot of schnapps after. Had a nice conversation with a German couple next to us. After that we went back to the hostel bar and played some pool. I was able to practice some Spanish with a guy from Argentina who hardly spoke any English.