Greece, Italy, Croatia · 15 Days · 13 Moments · June 2017

Patrick Phil & Tim's adventure in Greece

23 June 2017

Santorini day 3 (2/2) I felt the need to see what the jump looked like from up there, and one of the local Greek guys guided me up (as it was not the easiest of climbs). Once up there, a couple of the kids saw me and started getting excited, and people started noticing. One big green guy offered me his shoes, which I expected. After about 15 minutes of contemplation and yelps from the crowd, everyone started a countdown, to which I obliged, and leaped. The landing was good! We then headed off to a nice Greek restaurant, where I had moussaka. It was a great way to end off a beautiful week in Greece together. The weather has continued to be perfect Off to connect in Florence to como!
Santorini Day 3 (1/2) Rented a small bus for us, john, Ashley (who is friends with john and joined us in santo), as well as Matilde and Lotta from Belgium and Germany, roommates, who were also at Francesco's hostel in Ios, and joined our santorini hostel last night. We went to the typical cliff jumping spot in Santorini, which is sort of like a concrete with exposed aggregates (very big and painful on bare feet unless you're a local Greek) structure about 25 feet high. One of the locals said there was someone who would jump from up above the landing, at what we estimate to be in the 55-60 foot range. Then someone said he was here, and to our surprise, they pointed to a 12 yr old kid climbing up the rocks! So he climbed all the way up to the spot, which is not an obvious climb, and jumped to everyone's amazement and enjoyment.
Santorini day 2 (2/2) We flipped off the docks, as we still had our cliff diving craving from not having found anything on iOS. We were also curious as to see how possible it was to touch the bottom; john did it first, and then tim and me. It was key to properly equalize, which took some composure, being forced to pause on the way down. We estimated the depth to be somewhere in the 25-30 ft range. The final boat tour destination was Oia, the classic place to be at sunset in santorini. We parused around, and eventually settled down in the cool pool and bar area that's there, offering a great view. The beer was naturally expensive in this tourist destination, but the music was good and so were the vibes. A bus took us back to the hostel, we grabbed some gyros, ouzo and beers, partied there and took a dip off the black beach.
Santorini Day 2 (1/2) Johns friend Ashley joined us in the morning, as she was in Italy. We did a boat tour, where we had a stop at the santorini volcano, which was once one big island, but now many due to the volcano's eruptions. The tour made a stop at hot springs, which were under the sea, and therefore the springs were accessible from the ocean. Water was a nice 28 celcius, but due to something of the sulfur, methane, and carbon dioxide content, an unfortunate corollary was that your bathing suit was basically ruined after. The boat took us to one of the pretty undeveloped islands, which only really had a few restaurants, where I had a calamari souvlaki (it was ok) (Not many photos cuz I usually have the GoPro)

20 June 2017

Ios day 2 Day 2 We got up around 11 after having got in around 3 the night before, and headed out to get some atvs. The previous night we met a cool guy named john, who we later learned is air force, from Texas, but recently quit his job and is starting law school in the fall. We searched all day for cliffs to jump with some additional people from the hostel, but found none. The views offered when traveling however were absolutely breath taking. We headed in, and picked up mack at the port on our atvs that night, grabbed some ouzo and then had a great night, always starting at Francesco's beer.

15 June 2017

The first picture of the previous post (circle of people from above) is from Ios taken from a drone with some Americans, Canadians, Germans, Australians and a French girl. Very cool shot!!
Following Ios we took a ferry with John (an airforce guy from Texas - great guy who we hung out with our entire time in Ios and Santorini) and the chickens to Santorini on what seemed like the longest one hour ferry ride and perhaps the loudest horn known to man kind (see Phil's video). We arrived to a nice hostel with 2 double rooms hoping to catch up on some missed sleep in Ios (watching sunrise). The first night we went to a magical restaurant called panorama that had over a 180 degree balcony watching the sunset - I had a lamb steak and we called it an early night. The following day we did a full day tour visiting the volcano on an island right next to santorini, swam in hotsprings from the volcano and finished up at THE sunset spot in the city of Oia - gorgeous. After the sun had set we linked up with some others that joined from our hostel in Ios for a few drinks. Our last day in Santorini we rented a van for the 8 of us and found a great cliff jumping spot and a farewell dinner

13 June 2017

Santorini Day 1 After our breakfast and beers, We took a 245 ferry from iOS to Santorini. Took a quick nap and tried to minimize the mental breakdowns occurring due to the last three nights of chaos Had nice dinner at panorama restaurant enjoying a fantastic veal steak and other Greek food, all with a beautiful sunset, and amazing laughs with john.
Ios Day 3 We got up close to 12 after having stayed up till the sun rise, and grabbed breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, washing it down with an ice cold mythos beer, really an incredibly upgraded corona. By now we'd developed significant legendary status at the hostel, and seeing people's faces as they walked by us with our matinal beers really freaked people out. We headed back down to the beach to play some volleyball with john. It was incredibly windy and quite demoralizing. We grabbed a sandwich at our favorite smoothie sandwich restaurant, and also discovered they have a world class chocolate fondant. We hung by the pool for a bit, then headed back down to the beach to play some basketball with john. We proceeded to have another amazing night

10 June 2017

We arrived in Ios around noon, we checked into our hostel and grabbed breakfast and a beer and took in the view. Magical. We then hustled down to the beach for the day, found some beach volleyball going on and played some of that with some locals. Their rules are a little different so it took some adjustments but we got the hang of it and won a couple games. We met a bunch of people at the hostel before going out and actually ran into some guys we know from back home. Had a blast going out and recognized some of the names of the bars after Alex gave us the pre-trip rundown. Today we rented quads and ripped around the island looking for jumping cliffs but to no avail. Saw just about the whole island however and some magnificent views.
Ios Day 1 Arrived in iOS at 11, nice ferry ride, almost had live stream of NBA finals game 4 cavs warriors. The hostel picked us up at the port, and right next to the hostel is a nice little breakfast spot with a beautiful view, had nice breakie sandwiches for 3€. Went to the beach and got beat down by aussies in volleyball. Then grabbed a nice sandwich at a spot right on the beach, which also happens to have the best smoothies on the world. Watched sunset on roof of church on mountain peak with a bottle of ouzo went to the hostel's pregame, where the environment is incredibly welcoming, and everyone gets to know eachother. You essentially bar hop with all the people from the hostel, through the great nice awesome little party village.

9 June 2017

We had a quick visit in Athens where we met up with Tim. We spent the afternoon around the acropolis taking in all the magnificent views and found a spot for some local cuisine... gyros! The hostel was very nice and we called it an early night before an early departure for Ios.
Athens Flew air Aegean from Budapest to Athens, got a free beer and fresh Greek pastry on the plane, and they didn't kick anyone off either. Arrived in Athens to tim awaiting us at our gate, with some snacks for us. Hopped on the metro to get into the city, and checked in to our hostel. We toured the city, namely the acropolis and other surrounding monuments, and had to lend tim my student ID to get the discount cuz he left his at home (20€ vs 10 €). Stopped for food at a pretty touristy restaurant (they offered us a free beer, which we couldn't refuse). We all got chicken gyros, with an additional beer, damage 41€). We walked up a small peak and had a splendid view of the acropolis, and also got some nice shots of the sunset. We headed in and started getting ready for the next day due to our 4:30 wake up for our morning ferry to iOS.