United States of America · 45 Days · 159 Moments · April 2016

Patrick & Alicia's Magical trip to nowhere

24 May 2016

So exciting to be home

23 May 2016

I can see home from Here
Home is exciting

21 May 2016

One last night of camping
Hmm Portland

20 May 2016

Killer Kingsley

19 May 2016

Birthday by the river
Idaho city

18 May 2016

Camping near Idaho falls

16 May 2016

Entering Idaho
Jackson hole

15 May 2016

Leaving through the Tetons
Old faithful
Getting into Yellowstone

13 May 2016

Food and drinks in red lodge
Red lodge snow

12 May 2016

Touring the town

11 May 2016

Beautiful place to stay
Arriving into Red Lodge
Smelly oil rig

10 May 2016


9 May 2016

Just a head
Miles City Montana is pretty interesting

8 May 2016

Rainbow for us in Montana
Leaving Wyoming for Montana
Devils tower time, hope lucifer has some warm coco
Hanging in Sundance Wyoming
Plane ride

7 May 2016

Hanging out downtown deadwood
Death in deadwood
Deadwood we have arrived
Silver city
Working in keystone
Leaving wolf camp

6 May 2016

Wolf camp is pretty awesome
The Rushmore
Keystone city
Hanging out in badlands

5 May 2016

Kum and go
A transformer

4 May 2016

Siddiqui in a boot
Family game night with dick

3 May 2016

Hanging with Jen in another lake in Minnesota
Hanging out downtown Minnesota with Alicia and Jen
Torture the cat
Breakfast with dick

2 May 2016

Awesome game night

30 April 2016

Hiking with the cuzins on a plateau
Crazy fucking trail in God knows where

29 April 2016

Amazing fish tacos they call them puffs
Fun times in Lake Superior
Hanging in Grand Marie

28 April 2016

Post office hangout
Duluth Minnesota

26 April 2016

Family dinner time

25 April 2016

Hanging with Jen and her pussy cat
Stout beer with coffee is way too good. And how is it that clear?

24 April 2016

Alicia's family
Rough Ryder Levi

23 April 2016

Dogs gotta pee again
Almost there
Getting car crazy
Sioux Falls passing through
Let's go to Fargo
Found a camel and a long horn

22 April 2016

Hanging out in rapid city
Hanging in Rapid City South Dakota

21 April 2016

This might have just happened oh lucky day
Working on the road
This city smells
Made it to sundance Wyoming
Stopped here in hopes for a sticker but they closed at 2pm
Went bottle crazy

20 April 2016

Dinner time
Animal campgrounds
Hanging at the bison ranch

19 April 2016

Found these guys hanging out
Mm ribs
Got a beer
Cheyenne likes rancid, so do I
Cheyenne time
Firework town

18 April 2016

Alicia is reading wtf
Chicken wings are yummy from a truck
Coffee and work

17 April 2016

I like trains
Butch hiding out
Finding a coffee / beer joint
Downtown fun in Laramie
Checkin out that Laramie
Hanging out in Laramie Wyoming

16 April 2016

Cabin life
Picking up supplies for the cabin
Oil rig town middle of no where
Dropped off a bottle for a company friend in Colorado
Nice river running through town

15 April 2016

We love this food so much we had to take a selfy
Brussel sprouts can be yummmy
So tasty
Old fashion
Made it to Colorado and a storm is about to hit
Sid hanging out with Josie
What a great name
Somewhere in Colorado
Found some fuzzy friends
Sid for Anne
The herd
Londynn lookalike
Where we stayed in utah

14 April 2016

Smoking Cubans

13 April 2016

Mm steak and beans
Pups dying to get out
Hanging out with Josie and Etta
Alicia selfie escapade
Hanging at Anne's house
Entering Colorado

12 April 2016

When in Rome
This bunny lost its head
Where we are sleeping tonight
Oh shit another one
Nice river we got here in dinosaur park
Dinosaur land
Oh shit a dinosaur
The place to get jerkey
This poor buffalo is going to become jerky
A box
Naples is somewhere
Helicopter down
Loving these gas prices
Leaving Utah is pretty
It just looks way to yummy to say no

11 April 2016

Beautiful sunsets at this island
Poor Alison was attacks by nats
They make oil in salt lake?
Found some bison hanging out

10 April 2016

Alicia's kill room. Poor steak!
It's sunset grab a beer
Very pretty on antelope island
Finally resting in Salt Lake City
Mormon Sunday church, I think I'll pass on that one
Found some salty flats
Pretty salty landscape
Did a photoshoot with a rock named Jeffery
It's bright here at the salty flats
Siddiqui made it to the desert
Morning Nevada
Nap time over time to drive
Pit stop and nap time

9 April 2016

The nicest cop in Nevada just pulled us over. To tell us about our tail light. What a good guy!
Maybe we should stop and loose some money
Mmmm traffic because people like crashing in California when it rains.
Alicia is already getting a bit of road rage. 3 hrs into the trip.
A bit of snow left in Tahoe
It's raining on the day we're leaving. How fun!