Indonesia · 1 Days · 3 Moments · March 2017

Trip to Bangka Belitung - Fam Gath

18 March 2017

Last stop.. and this was the first time i saw white sand in the middle of the sea..!! This place called "the white sand island". You could see lots of people taking pictures here, including us 😊(me, my wife, and her baby bump)
First stop, Lesung Island. It was a small island but it was a really good spot for taking pictures because of the beautiful rock formation or you can just sit on the rock and look at the sea. You can also see all the islands surrounding Lesung Island by going up to the top of the lighthouse (no lift, so you have to use stairs). Unfortunately i couldn't do that due to my wife's pregnancy 🙄
Island hopping :) me and my wife starting -a trip in bangka belitung.. gosh, it's sooo freakin beautiful