North America, Europe · 10 Days · 184 Moments · May 2018

Paris, France and Italy!

30 May 2018

29 May 2018

Gorgeous room views in Sorrento
These pictures are courtesy of Amanda!
When you have coffee with a friend!

28 May 2018

Fun in roma
Fun in Roma!
Today is the Vatican!

27 May 2018

Krystal’s new shoes
Don’t ever trust Gina to hold your phone!!!
San Gimignano & Siena, Italy... yes I have a thing for doors
Fun in Sienna! (that includes food!)
Bus rides 🚍

26 May 2018

The lunch if champions
Don’t worry...I saved her
Accademia Museo
Cupid and the Cuties ... sounds like a new band 💗
Italian Lunch :)
Cooking class in Florence!

25 May 2018

24 May 2018

No boring bus ride when you can get a tattoo
Lunch break 🚍

23 May 2018

Fun in Paris!
The Alaskans found an air conditioning vent
Wednesday’s Shenanigans
Is He "the one?"
Lunch at the Le Petit Flore
My lunch crew chose to share these dishes!
Eiffel from afar...
Our city tour guide :ahehon (phonetically spelled)
Riding the metro oh oh....
Metro madness
Cramped on the metro!
He's checking out the metro lines!

22 May 2018

Emily got a tattoo
When going down the Eiffel...
Jessica and Haley at Eiffel Tower😊
Oh the excitement
While the rest of the group is going to the top of the Eiffel Tower we are hanging outside.
My lunch crew!
Arc de Triumphe!
Heading for lunch and the Eiffel Tower!
Heading to baggage claim!

21 May 2018

Can we leave already?
When your boss/principal sits in the same row!
Priscilla is crashing.
i just taught Kaylee to do her first cartwheel ever. mission accomplished
When your coworker is tired... This happens!
When in the airport... Why not a chair massage?
Heading to the airport in a bus. Time: 12:36am