France · 4 Days · 5 Moments · April 2018

Paris, France

22 April 2018

Today we sadly leave Paris for Lyon. Although excited for Lyon, so sad to be leaving this beautiful city! Paris was truly an incredible trip. The Airbnb was amazingly located and we had such a good time. We were off to the train station again! Until next time Paris <3

21 April 2018

Today we took the day to go to the Palace of Versailles, as suggested by my brother Reid! We started off the day just right with croissants in the palace gardens by the fountain before leaving. The trip out was an interesting one, we didn’t quite realise how far it was but it was great to see past the city walls! And we fell in love with Versailles itself! As our taxi drove up to the Palace we realised how crazy busy it was... so we had to wait in line for quite some time. Once in, we were happy to be in! The Palace is stunning and the sheer size wows. It blows my mind that there is/was that kind of wealth. The painting inside is phenomenal and the gold everywhere you look. The garden is just as spectacular as the palace. It’s incredible. After exploring we walked across the road to explore a bit of Versailles which we thought was so beautiful, we definitely will come back. We had dinner back in the royal gardens across the road from us and more sandpit play!

20 April 2018

Today we decided to jump on another hop-on-hop-off bus tour because it was much warmer. This time it was too hot haha! We scorched on top. But we had a great time cruising around taking in the views, it’s a great way to see the city and the Seine. The arc de triumph was a highlight, and we saw the louvre and Eiffel Tower again, amongst much more. The Champs-Élysées was incredible. The history just stuns. Seeing Place de la Concorde or “Execution Square” as some know it was also humbling and terrifying at the same time. The kids really took in the sights which I loved seeing. We jumped off at a great spot to view the Eiffel Tower and grabbed some lunch across the road - the food not being anything special. We caught the bus back to the louvre and jumped off to go back to our hotel. We had a cute dinner in the Jardin du Palais Royal and then the kids played in the sandpit, which they loved. The small things mean a lot to them.

19 April 2018

Our second day in Paris was amazing. We walked out the doors, down to the Louvre. Seeing it for the first time was like being smacked in the face. It was surreal. We kept walking down toward the river and came across the cutest place selling croissants and coffee so we stopped and had some of both! Amazing. Lukie was really into map reading haha, and Indi into taking photos with my camera. Next we kept walking down the Tuileries Gardens and then came across a really neat restaurant where we decided to stop and have a drink, why not! It was great - minus the terrible waiter! Lukie had an ice cream - kind of! After that we decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower. Nothing quite prepares you for seeing that for the first time either! Amazing. We hung out there for a bit taking in the view. Afterwards we found a restaurant and had lunch (salad & cocktail!), then we decided to taxi back as the kids were over it! Tonight we had a chill dinner in the royal gardens and then back to bed!

18 April 2018

Paris - you are beautiful. We arrived around 4pm and met our driver who took us straight to our Airbnb. We loved our Airbnb even if it was only one room and dan and I had to sleep on the pull out bed! The neighbourhood was incredible with the louvre literally a 5 minute walk. We dumped our stuff and went out to explore. The gardens right outside our door (Jardin du Palais Royal) were stunning with tree lined paths and a fountain, and a sandpit for the kids! We walked and found a dinner spot which was so lovely and so different to what we were used to. Indi was asleep in the pram so missed the entire thing ha! On our way back to our house we explored the gardens some more and listened to some of the music whilst Lukie danced away! Indi still isn’t walking so she stayed in the pram the whole time. We were giddy with excitement at being in this beautiful city!