Australia, Qatar, France · 25 Days · 84 Moments · June 2018

11 July 2018

Today we are going to Fontainebleau Chateau via France Tourisme

10 July 2018

Sitting at Le Paradis du Fruits ( feeling a little safer ) after walking around a ‘ large ‘ potential riot with riot police enforce, roads blocked off & people standing on, crushing roof tops of vehicles, as the french go ballistic over the FIFA grand final with Belgium ...

9 July 2018

Busy out exploring Paris... and having lots of laughs along the way. Saw mini cars and mini cans (Jenelle size😄)

7 July 2018

Enjoying a delicious (and healthy) dinner at La Paradis du fruit. Rose Paradis & Joséphine Baker Mmmm.. Followed by a appetizer each - Smoked Turkey, Apple, Chedder Toasted Pita and a Tune Cream & Preserved Lemon Pita. Then two Rouge Orangeades to wash it down.
As entering the Metro from Denfert Rocheau ..

6 July 2018

Nice perusing La Vallée Village, but still very expensive for a Brand Name Factory Outlet ..!! 🤑
Whoops 😂 one stop too far .!
Another hot day in Paris...

5 July 2018

Walked around most of the day. Watched a live concert then went to Denfert-Rochereau to the Australian Café & Restaurant. Had a xxxx and a Shandy, and danced for a while 💃 🕺

3 July 2018

Awh, a shared moment whilst eating lunch alfresco style overlooking the artists artworks on display
Our first lot of steps ... 86 of them ... 😜
The things you see while walking on the footpath ... 😹
Quick snap - Heading into Paris on the train 😊
Leaving our hotel for the day 😁
26 degrees... feels like 36 degrees 😎

1 July 2018

Travelling with Denis & Colette enroute to La Foret for a pique nique, visit to a sculpture followed by a game of Petanque with their friends Olivier & Sentak, also travelling by car. 👏🏼😁
Looking forward to our day out with Denis and Colette to Mille la forêt today and, it’s going to be another hot one ...

30 June 2018

A hot one today in Paris with temp reaching 34c

29 June 2018

Casual day browsing the shops, lunch at Montparnasse

28 June 2018

Yummy chocolates in this shop!! Every year we have been in 😊
Where’s David ?!? 😋
We love all the buildings around Paris 🇫🇷 Taken while walking around the Latin Quarter
Soaking up some shade after visiting the Archeological Crypt 😍
Before and after visiting the Crypt... 😘
Today we caught the metro into Saint Michel and visited the Archaeological Crypt. It was very interesting to see how Paris was in the 4th century!

27 June 2018

Not quite what we expected but still, we can now say that we’ve seen it.! Being quite a warm day, the rough walking surfaces seemed to be endless .. with not one café in sight within the Parc 😕
Gorgeous warm weather as strolling through these large beautiful gardens with statues, water gardens and flowers. Lots of steep hills, and lots of walking

26 June 2018

We explored Vincennes, strolled through a street market, had lunch at a boulangerie and climbed up and down Château de Vincennes.
At the Château De Vincennes still...
We travelled out of Paris to the east yesterday on the metro to the Château de Vincennes. Was a great day 😎😊 Lots of fun 🤪

25 June 2018

These two guys have given us the best service every year in Paris. We get tables made available for us, and a warm greeting every time we call in.
We had lunch at Café St Regis which was delicious followed by a yummy glacier (passion fruit & chocolate, and noisette et chocolat)
Today we visited Notre-Dame and went inside for a look - very impressive 😊

24 June 2018

Buzzing around Paris on the metro & RER

23 June 2018

Fireworks show at the end of the night.
In the gardens at Versailles
People dressed in period costume strolled through the gardens depicting how they would have done so during that era 😍. They later attended the Grand Masked Ball. Their attire was absolutely beautiful ... love ... loved the fashions 😁
Beautiful monument for Lady Diana at the tunnel on the side of the Pont where she was killed in a car pursuit 😢
Great views 😊
Ah the fun in navigating the underground subways with plenty of laughs & running sometimes too 😂
Boys will be boys .. 😁 at the Petit Parc in Versailles
Walking through the streets of Versailles on our way to the Château
Bahaaaa 😂 yep, we had to do this .!
Doing the tourist shots 😁
Amazing views to take in at the Palais de Chaillot ..
It was so nice revisiting the Eiffel Tower from ground level and around the extended gardens. Lots of walking around the Parc du Champ de Mars today.
Had a fantastic day walking around the base of the Eiffel Tower and exploring the area.

22 June 2018

Really nice food!!!
Done a lot of walking today (like most days here). Metro into Saint Michel, then walked along the sienna to the Lourve, then explored the Opera & Pyramides areas on the right bank. Found a really nice place for lunch called Joesphs.
mmm enjoying our morning café au lait at our regular in Bagneaux ☕️

21 June 2018

Spotted this beautiful woman while out walking... 😘
Sat and had lunch in the park behind Notre-Dame
Walked around Notre-Dame and visited some souvenir shops (didn’t buy anything)
At L’Horizon for café. Our favorite spot.

20 June 2018

New since we were here last year - Supermarché, 100m from our hotel. Yes, we did do it... We had Maccas for dinner... 😩
Our home away from home while in Paris Sejours & Affaires - Bagneux Room 712 this year
Quick photo in the lift 🤪
mmm very nice lunch
Gorgeous weather exploring up the road from where we stayed at Bagneux 😁
Found this unexpectedly along route to Vache Noire. And, it so happens to be Denis & Colette’s local 😋
Essential refreshments as walking around La Vache Noire Center Commercial
Travelled by bus and then walked to Vache Noire. Explored the Hypermarché Cora - great supermarket and big. We found a chocolate pizza (only in France😊), also found a bodybuilding/fitness shop which was really good and very cheap. Also learnt. Why we can’t by stuff anywhere in Paris. Brought a drink which was delicious 😜

19 June 2018

What started as a cool morning has become quite warm - lesson to be learnt in Paris.
Thirsty work browsing... Amorino’s to the rescue YuMo !!
Had to take a photo of the Toilet Duck 😂
Nom nom nom ... apple and strawberry feuilleté from Brioche Dorée, Montparnasse Center Commercial 🙂
Bit of browsing in C&A at Montparnasse Commercial then a pit stop at Brioche Dorée for a snack...
On the Metro ( Clignancourt ligne ) heading toward Montparnasse for shopping and food
A great night with Denis & Colette. We enjoyed good food, good wine, and great company! Events planned while we are in Paris, as always- in depth conversations about French/English 😊. Finished the night with a cognac 🤯🤪🔥🥃. We are so lucky to have good friends with Denis & Colette 😊😊
Day 2 in Paris. Light misty rain early. Went down and ordered four cafés to start the day (4.40€)

18 June 2018

Done a little shopping at our local Franprix, now heading out. Saint Germain here we come!
Omg we’re taking a 6 pack of these ... Matin Léger Cafe au Lait ( iced coffee ) mmm 😜
Found our yummy refreshments at Gare du Nord
Sitting down in the terminal enjoying a café & French cigarette 😜
Both tired 💤. Hardly any sleep on the flight from Australia. Quick coffee... then raced to gate A3 for our flight QR039 to Paris !!! Maybe we’ll get some sleep.
Onboard Qatar looking a bit weary both with headaches. But, knowing after this 7hr flight we will be in Paris .! 😃
Just landed from Adelaide... (5.00am Doha time & 37c) Shuttled by buses to the terminal.

17 June 2018

Mmm... Crap coffee at Adelaide Airport 😖 Too hot and not good 😖
Quick visit before checking in our luggage 🤪
About to check in for our first flight. The long one 😩. We were collected by a chauffeured driven car which was good.