India, United Kingdom · 4 Days · 27 Moments · January 2017

Parimal and Harit's adventure in UK

26 January 2017

Cuisine adventure continues with Mexican burrito 🌯 at viva burrito 🌯 Raval is worries about all the mendo he is eating This one was very raw and has got stuck all over his face
Another absolute chilly day starts with our travel to bett Bett fills you with new energy and zeal

25 January 2017

After the super enthralling experience at lock'd we came home watched Sherlock and relaxed 😎. Then we made some hot Maggie and soup. Ate piping hot dinner and went to sleep. P.s. iPhone battery is acting strange it switches off from 50% if we take it out in cold weather outdoors. Needs to be checked. Anyways Tomorrow is a hectic working day. Will keep u updated. Good night then.
Ok so unravelling the mystery now We went to play live escape room game at lock'd But before that let me tell you about today's weather. It was atrocious. Something you can't explain but just can experience. It was freaking cold. Colder then what you can imagine. We had to walk almost a quarter of a mile to reach lock'd from Bermondsey station. After reaching there we found out we were a bit early so we went for a walk and found a costa express at nearby gas station. That cafe mocha really lifted our spirits. It worked as a fuel to our body engine. We were locked in a room with a set of instructions and lots of puzzles to solve. Me and Harit took some time I getting going but quickly came into our stride and solved all the puzzles to reach from one room to another to the third one where we completed our objectives and got out of the room. It was exhilarating, enthralling and extremely stimulating experience. We had to only use 2 of our 3 free clues. Must do if you visit London
Mediterranean cuisine One of the cuisines we wanted to try It was delicious As usual we are exhausted and can barely walk But one of the highlights of the tour coming up. Very excited for that Check out our next moment 😍
Beginning of the day, with breakfast 😊

24 January 2017

We were extremely tired at the end of the day. All mobile batteries were exhausted After returning to apartment we had to go fur glops and groceries shopping. Did all the shopping and came back and prepared pizza and cheese garlic bread. Slight miscalculation by me and food hot totally burnt. We have to throw away garlic bread and pizza πŸ• was hardly eatable. In addition to all this smoke alarm went off because of all the burning in oven. It was a bit scary moment, we quickly opened all the windows and switched on chimney. Things were controlled eventually. And then we enjoyed our burned pizzas which had all the possible tastesπŸ˜€ sweet sour hot etc
The ice bar London experience Must visit once if you are in London -5 degrees controlled atmosphere Good drinks 🍹 Coat and gloves provided Situated right mere Piccadilly Circus Then went to Piccadilly square. We were highly disappointed as all the screens were under repairing and it didn't have that magical effect
Selfridges shopping done Wow factor : automatic scanning of items in the bag at nespresso counter 😳 Great new technology seen at technology section. Walked all the way from oxford street to regent street to hamleys
Sherlock museum Let the game begin.
Regent park stroll with Italian coffee and crisps
Walk in the park
Adventure begins
Good morning and getting ready Planning today to Conquer London zoo and Piccadilly Circus Haji ravalbhai chai β˜•οΈ banavse, pise, khakhra khase pachi adventure chalu thase Observations of the day Very badly designed bathroom ( if you want to take shower you have to literally stand on the water outlet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) And look at place. Just about fits in me . Very cheap furniture

23 January 2017

And finally to Nando's. First meal has to be a Nando's burger. We were so so hungry And our hunger was duly satisfied. Bhukka kadhi nakhel che Raval Saheb eni dish puri na kari shakya zindgi ma peli var Point to be noted milord Pidha pachi angreji nikde Pidha pachi angreji nikde ane Full pet jaima pachi aapdi kathiyawdi
Checked into Liverpool Street residences. Nice cozy apartment with two beds 😻 Salik checked us in First impression very nice apartment situated in the heart of the city. Cutlery is not so clean. But the best part is it is opposite Nando's πŸ€€πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Given luggage to jayesh Bhai and taking Piccadilly line to Holborn and then central line to Liverpool Street station where our apartment is
Chalu Thai gayasi cheers 🍻
Boring wait before plane is repaired πŸ‘»
✈️ plane bagdi gayasi Runway par thi vapas aavyasi
We are very busy πŸ€”πŸ˜€πŸ€‘πŸ€“
Boarded the right plane ✈️😎
Chillaxing at airport lounge
At csia immigration and shopping and relaxing 😎
The North Indian breakfast
Discussing Business and looking at shades outside πŸ€”πŸ•Ί
All ready for take off Thank you Nilesh and Amit for dropping us off😍