Czech Republic · 4 Days · 3 Moments · August 2016

Pardeep Gianchandani

Pardeep's trip to Warsaw Poland

28 August 2016

At morning i woke up and saw my cell was off because of battery. Then i took charger and put it on and call malik to wake up and be ready to to go out. Whole day i was not feeling well, i was very hungry in morning and eat the apple which tastes very sour/bitter. Then we went out and malik said he is very hungry to need to do breakfast or luch i said after one or two hour we will now we eat bananas he agrees then after few minutes he again said we eat now i ok do now I will do later and then we went to old famous restaurant i only drink lemon juice as i was not feeling well and might had vomit if eat anything. On that day I never eat anything but just water and few peanuts. And started tour whole the day went to planetarium and many other attractions. ... Next day went to Prague by bus( ecocline) ...

27 August 2016

Pub crawl experience Three pubs 1. Two drinks vodka woth cock and shapen with sprite 2. Welcome vodka short, absent short with fire on it, beer, pure vodka short, 3. One short , one beer 4. Club one short drink, 1 beer, Met three Netherland guys Met on indian guy Met one american guy who visited tomorrow land Came very late Almost lost my sense, also vomit, then security ordered me to go out, i went out stay their for a while, then open the map direction and start walking, then after certain time again stopped and also vomited, what i remember two persons at different time came to me and asked are you ok i said yes i am ok. Then again I walked towards hostel named dream and asked from some in middle when i was almost near to Hostel and finally I reached there I don't at what time i reached but reception guy was sitting out with his gf. I showed him as normal i went to up to my room and then instantly slept on my bed. I woke up earlier near about 9.30 my head was so paining.

24 August 2016

These are few clicks from pub crawl tour,