United States of America · 10 Days · 60 Moments · October 2016

Pam's trip to United States of America

10 October 2016

Soup's on. Are you soup worthy? Best tomato soup on earth.
The bridge where the first shot was fired starting the Revolutionary war. Surrounding park. The grave of a "colored person". The only grave stones not facing the same direction as the rest of the grave markers. Very small. No last names and no personal info. Sad. The house in one of the pics is The Emerson house as in Ralph Waldo Emerson and also belonged to Nathaniel Hawthorne. From this house, they could watch the red coats coming down the street and see them fire the first shot at the minutemen
Walden Pond Camden MA

9 October 2016

A rainy day in Salem The house of the seven Gables The witches brew for lunch Getting warm at Casa Amabile/Kramer in Wayland.

8 October 2016

Then on to the town of Boothbay Harbor, ME
Harbor cruise continued
Boothbay Harbor cruise
Vibing with the touches at this Inn. Mid century modern and ultra cool. Last pic is a cute little guy who I'm pretty sure also digs this place.
Our day begins in the Stars Hollow type town if Bath, ME

7 October 2016

Stroll on Marginal Way.
Scenes from Kennebunkport from Pam's phone
Zealously overeating on this vacation. But enjoying it. Our little breakfast spot at the Inn.

6 October 2016

Maine. Our Inn and surrounds.
North Conway NH

5 October 2016

New farm, new friends.
Now high enough that there's magic all around us. In awe.
Scenes from Fall
Scenic drive.
Scenic drive
Farm life and covered bridges
Slivers of cooperation. Nice and cool here in NH. Maybe more colors await in the White Mtns.
Farm time Not without its risks
Real New England Popovers by guest request. Heavenly.
Breakfast at the farm. Poached pear with edible flower and mint. Farm grown pumpkin donuts and apple French toast from fresh eggs and apples from Alysons Orchard. David holding court with the other guests. Antique roosters. About to go see the real roosters.
Farm life
Farm life

4 October 2016

Walpole, NH
Our Inn and Alyson's Apple Orchard views. Trees are not cooperating with their color changing routine!
Quaint little towns.
bridge of flowers
Shelbourne, MA. Scenes near the Bridge of Flowers, a converted trolley bridge.

3 October 2016

Jamestown sunset
Opulent boar. Opulent ram. And a wicked Satyr
The Elms and Marble House are the other 2 mansions. Amazing tours.
Statue porn.
More adventures on the island
Jamestown in fall Newport street lamp
Scenes of historical Newport
Adventures in Jamestown.
More at Snug Harbor, what Greg calls their beautiful home in Jamestown, RI -- a little island about 7 miles long.
My new best friend Pappy. A diner David really wanted to try! Oreo cows in Jamestown
Greg and Michael took us to dinner in Newport and a night tour. The next night they made us lobster bisque and risotto with sea scallops and wilted spinach. Also quohogs! Never had them before. Lastly...a bit of their cool Newport artwork by local artists

2 October 2016

My mansions are out of order but the images speak for themselves.
More mansion
The Breakers. First of 3 mansions we saw.
Next stop Rhode Island. Our gracious hosts prepared a suite with fresh flowers and crisp linens, treats and then pampered us like royalty.
A blustery day in Eastham MA

1 October 2016

Falmouth continued. Reminded us of Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls
Strange things grow in yards around these parts. Other pics are peering over the hedges and some pics of very old bldgs. and a church that's actually a private home. And it's for sale, in case you're interested. The red house from the 1600s is for sale too. Possibly a fixer upper.
Falmouth, MA
Breakfast in Sandwich, MA
And...the cemetery has wild turkeys. Why not?
I'm so confused! What is this?
And we're off!