France · 2 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Pam's adventure in France

28 August 2017

Sunday 27 August 2017 Up early and went for walk through Honfleur. Lovely chocolate shop/bought some kuellingoin, almond biscuits and toffee brittle. Amazing old buildings. Visited oldest wooden church in France - American jeeps - some sort of resistance commemoration maybe? Lovely old man with medals on. On to Boudin museum - some Monet and lots of beach paintings. Walked back to apartment and set off for Etretat - took road to Fecamp and got horribly lost after another wrong turn. Finally arrived to throngs of people and no parking. Went into parking lot on side of hill and had to reverse out 200m - v stressful. Finally got park and took little train up to chapel and Gardens of Etretat- amazing views and v mild. Walked along cliffs to get more photos and thru Gardens - beautiful. Went down onto stony beach - people swimming - gorgeous scene. Drove back on more direct road to Le Havre and over Pont Normandie. Had wine and nibbles. Walked in t

27 August 2017

Garden d'Etretat

26 August 2017

Arrived at Paris CDG about 7.30 am and went to Europcar to get car. Audrey v unhelpful - huge scratch on car, went back and then when leaving had not been given card to get out and got stuck between 2 barriers! Liz had to go find man and get card to get us out! Then managed to get v lost around airport and industrial areas. All v stressful! Finally made it to Les Anderlys - went to wee market and got apricots and heart shaped cheese and then up to Chateau Gaillard. Gorge view. Off to La Bouille - cute wee town on Seine - had sorbet in coupe! Back on autoroute to Villequier - just past Caudebec-en-Caux - gorge villages. Drove to Honfleur over Pont de Normandie (5E) and met Muriel who let us into apartment. Quick walk to waterfront for drink, then Casino supermarket. Bread, cheese, jambon, tapenade, grapes and abricots! In bed by 9pm!