Saudi Arabia, Egypt · 7 Days · 69 Moments · November 2017

Pamelyn's tour through Egypt

3 December 2017

Edfu - land of victory

2 December 2017

On our way to Abu Simbel. Pretty sunrise and big wide Dessert scenes
A new day, a new happy thought for the day. Grateful to be able to experience the Sahara Dessert and appreciate Nature and the beauty of the wonder that God has made for us to enjoy

1 December 2017

River Nile - affects their life, culture. Have many God. God Haby - man, ( long beard) and lady ( bare breast) Coby - crocodile. Hnum - Ram. 1960 - 1970 build the dam. Begin with Naser and open by Sadat. Aswan - old and new dam Granite stones 111 meters height , 4 km - like a pyramid shape ( Aswan - 17x bigger than the pyramid ) Man make Lake - Lake naser 350 km in Egypt 12 x 200 meter 12 turbines 48% electricity

30 November 2017

Train from Cairo to Aswan
Just random shots looking out the van
We had buffet lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Sphinx.
The pretty sky
We had photo shots taken by Zainab. She was around 20 years old. She told us how to pose and we have this incredible shots. She told us we can give her any amount for tip: we gave her 10 dollars each.
The great Sphinx
Random shots from the van driving to the Sphinx
Abdul was chatty and he told us Susan’s camel is named Michael Jackson and 7 years old while mine was called Charlie Brown and 9 years old.
Camel ride for 100 Egyptian dollars. Abdul the boy who took us for the 10 minutes ride and took these amazing shots with the iconic pyramids. Worth the money paid. He wanted a tip and we gave him 15 dollars.
Some poses with the pyramid. Failed jump shots
The bustling activities and people around the pyramids. There were loads of people visiting this place. Lots of school students and they are friendly and ever ready to want to take photos of you.
Inside the great pyramids
The great pyramids
The stone is about 5 tans . 2 million stone to build the pyramids. The entrance to go inside the pyramids
The pyramids : just arrived but loads of cars here. It’s a holiday here today.
Le Memphis - lunch after the visit to the Egyptian Museum

29 November 2017

While waiting in the jam going back to the hotel, I took these amazing sunsets
Lunch on a boat. Good chicken
Photo opportunity at the upper deck of the ship before lunch is ready
The utensils are made of alabaster
More displays of the Kings and history
Some displays in the Egyptian Museum
At the Egyptian Museum

28 November 2017

The highlight of our first night in Cairo is a dinner on a ship, a beautiful view from the deck and pretty belly dancing.
Dinner on the ship and the musicians that played for the belly dancer.
The night lights from the deck of the ship
At the Nile Cruise, waiting for a wonderful cruise and belly dancing.
The original niche. There is the name of the prophet Muhammad and the name of God.
Niche - a place where the Iman calls for prayer. It echoes his voice.
There are 4 sides to the mosque. The biggest portion faced the Makkah. Look at the moon at the sky. Isn’t it pretty?
Amr ibn Al Aas Mosque. The oldest mosque in Africa and Cairo.
Lunch was standard Egyptian buffet. The types are similar -vegetables salads , pickled, chicken, fish, beef and cakes
Lunch at this restaurant. The chicken was good.
saladin citadel
The hotel we are staying for the next 3 days. Don’t set your expectations high when it comes to accommodation in Cairo. A three starred hotel means purely basic amenities - Little soap bars, 2 sachets of silk Shampoos, no shower gels, no hooks for hanging clothes, broken shower curtains, sometimes slow heated water. Towels are dirty looking and thin. Some tattered ends if you unlucky. Seems like a rant here. When you have 24 hours of wake time and arriving at such deplorable place is not funny. Well, sleep in, breath and hope that things can get better after a good night’s rest.
Street scene.
Good morning from Cairo. Breakfast and a walkabout around the hotel area. The hotel is 3 starred and the cleanliness is much to be desired. Room is spacious but really nothing to shout about. The bathroom is always wet and there is no bath mat and slippery. Had to be extra careful whilst using it.

27 November 2017

The Jeddah Airport
More shots descending from the sky to Jeddah Airport. Flat land and dusty looking area.
Descending in Jeddah before the next flight to Cairo.
Flying over the desert. We have another hour plus to reach Jeddah. The flight is average as the entertain is not first class. Old films and TV shows. We had to entertain ourselves with some word games. The seats are average. Good thing we have friends to chat to chase the blues away.
2nd meal of the day on the plane.
From the heaven’s above , pretty skies
On the plane - lunch : beef with rice.
Holiday mood on. Time for another fun trip with friends. Here we come Egypt.