Thailand · 5 Days · 36 Moments · September 2016

Pamelyn's adventure in Thailand

12 September 2016

Ben - the resort manager was very kind and passionate about his job. We are so happy to have chatted with him.
Driving to the airport - taxi B500
Breakfast on the last day and relaxing at the sofa near reception waiting for our taxi to the airport.

11 September 2016

Dinner at Zaika Restaurant - average ratings for me
Sunset at Ao Nang beach
Sitting at the sitting area around the lagoon at the resort. Simply relaxing
Walking around the town in Ao Nang
Morning breakfast
Breakfast time - day 4

10 September 2016

On the way to the fourth island - looks like a storm is brewing. Hope not -so we can be back safely
Chicken Island
Chicken Island
We were going to the 4th island and the storm started. As we were going back to land, I couldn't watch the waves and was sick. When we landed I was gasping for air. I wanted to go back to the resort and forget the choppy ride. It wasn't a nice feeling - the nauseating feeling, the fingers going numb and breathing was difficult. No more long tail boat rides on a stormy weather
Tup Island - beautiful fishes
Beautiful island
More photos of the beautiful island
Tup Island - beautiful
Poda Island
Long tail boats
Waiting to go on our island hopping trip on long tail boat

9 September 2016

We booked a trip to 4 island (1 day) and to Emerald Pool, Tiger Cave and jungle trekking ( 1 day) totaling B 3500 for 3 of us. However, we will have to pay B400 each for park fee for island hopping. An average of B1200 pax. Not bad at all
I hope tomorrow we will be able to go on our island hopping trip to the 4 islands on the long tail boat.
Watching the rain at the beach bar. Awesome feeling
Raining - here goes the sunny day and blue skies. Thankful for half a day of good weather to enjoy
Day 2: breakfast buffet. Just heavenly. Thank God for sunshine. Hopefully we can go on island hopping tomorrow
Sunshine today - thank you.

8 September 2016

Selfie time with the beautiful beach
Sights from the evening stroll
More photos from the beachfront
At the beachfront
Dinner time
Coffee time - complimentary
The grounds of our accommodation
Stroll along Ao Nang street for a look see and food
Peace Laguna Resort checked in
Rainy and cloudy day