Israel · 5 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Pamela's tour through Israel

8 May 2017

We are at Qumran. The Essenes were a sect that chose to live outside of Jerusalem. FYI in case someone doesn't know. This is where the Dead Sea Scolls were found. Very fascinating- very hot.
This is Johnny (Jonathan) . He is our bus driver. Very nice. Amazing driver. He is a Palestinian Roman Catholic.
At the River Jordan. The water level is very low. This land is experiencing a 12 year drought. This was a "hushed" site and all in our group could feel the Spirit here. It was poignant to say the least.

7 May 2017

Hello From Jericho at the Mt of Temptations where the Savior started His ministry. We were not there very long and we faced west into the sunset so pics are not great. This is at the end of our Sunday. More pictures of our day today later. Hard to find time really w these busy days. Jericho is the oldest city at 10, 000 years so says our guide, Victor. He's Palestinian and very very smart.
You'd better have some shekels or it's a no go in many of the bathrooms here. And sometimes it's exact change only. And... that does not guarantee you any T.P So... it's all an adventure!
This is the archeological site of a first century synagogue at Magdala. This is near the city of Tiberius. Go to a website and read about this excavation. Very exciting.

6 May 2017

At the top of The Golan Heights. Looking into Syria. Damascus is about 50 mikes from here and Mount Hermon is in the distance. A more likely place for the Mount of Transfiguration. Paul would have taken a road to Damascus in this area. Bunkers and gun turrets are from either the Six Day War in 1967 or Yom Kippur War in 1973. There is a U.N. observers there now. Soldiers also on lookout. Being here lends to a greater understanding of the reality of the unending conflicts that plague this area and their peoples.

5 May 2017

Mount Tabor. One of the possible sites of the Mount of Transfiguration.

4 May 2017

We are in Tel Aviv. Busy busy city. The Mediterranean Sea is to the immediate West. We walked to Joppa(Jaffa) - (remember the OT prophet Jonah) this afternoon and the pics are from some of the area. It's so lovely. An ancient city in the middle of an urban area. Wow.
We are here!!! Tel Aviv is huge!! And what a view from our room!!! We'll walk to Joppa tomorrow and see the sea. Pics tomorrow. Good night to all.