Australia · 89 Days · 132 Moments · April 2018

Oz in 100 Days

4 July 2018

Sitting here under the chandelier of the Milky Way, beside a hot artesian bore and campfire listening to my family’s guitar tunes on a winter’s night.... feeling a bit sad that this is the last night of our Oz adventure, tomorrow we head to familiar territory at Urunga with mum.Very much looking forward to being with her. Before too long we’ll all be back into the everyday routine of work and play, hard to picture it right now! But I’m truly thankful that we made a plan to do this trip with our kids.... the memories will last our lifetime. Australia truly is magnificent, full of surprises in the most unlikely places.

3 July 2018

Drive, drive, drive.....through familiar territory to home. Just over 22,000 km and even more beautiful and hilarious memories.

29 June 2018

On the 3,500 km trek home.... it’s all coming to an end😉 Over the last 3 days have travelled over the most sparse country- drought stricken land, not a tree to be seen for most of it. Farmers grazing stock on ‘the long paddock’ verge of the road. This stretch has seen road kill of unbelievable numbers! Every 20m or so...... mainly red kangaroos, grey kangaroos and goats with the occasional Emu. Also heaps of live ones to spot- particularly Emus and goats. The temps are freezing overnight..... happy to be camped by a hot artesian bore bath tonight to defrost. Head to mum’s tomorrow, for a few days, then home and see what eventuates.

28 June 2018

Woke up at our camp in the desert to a chilly -2 degrees. No cuppa due to water hose and tap being frozen solid and took a two handed squeeze on the toothpaste to get any out! A beaut campfire was very welcomed. On the way home now..... lots of km and little time left. Another flat!! Brand new tyre shredded! Call in to Kulgera Roadhouse to fix the extra spare- book in for new tyres at Coober Pedy- another few hundred km south. Nice camp and sunset on the way.

27 June 2018

A short half hour out to The Olga’s.... more big rocks! Not enough time to do a complete hike, but still awesome to see.

26 June 2018

Onto Uluru, another 300 plus km, past Mt Connor to the big rusty rock in the middle of Oz..... decide to be total Griswald’s and Segway tour the ten km base 😂
Awesome 6km hike up to Kings Canyon.... the Lost City, Garden of Eden, absolutely breathtaking sheer cliffs, so ancient there are water ripples on the stone from 35 million years ago.

25 June 2018

Took the short cut to Kings Canyon from Alice Springs (329 km) got another flat at Henbury Meteorite site, then came across two young foreign tourists who’d just rolled their car- poor buggers! Not a straight panel and all their gear strewn over the track- went to the next roadhouse to get help, lucky no serious injury at all.

24 June 2018

The West McDonald Ranges- loop road to Palm Valley ( some rocky 4wd access) a great hike to awesome palm grove and cycads amongst ancient rock formations. Onto Glen Helen Gorge for lunch then Ormiston Gorge for a look- a day is too short to see it all.

23 June 2018

Further south to Alice Springs, cooler temp- -1 to a top of 17. UFO capital of Australia on the way.Thanks to Gary, had a roof and real beds, hot showers - great to catch up again! Anna in hospital in the morning though- fixed her up with pain killers..

22 June 2018

A long drive south to The Devils Marbles, campground full so found our own!

21 June 2018

Just 15 km down the road is Mataranka Homestead. A great campground with bar, restaurant and entertainment. Watched Nathan Griggs world class whip cracking show last night- pretty talented bloke! The thermal springs at the campground have the man made touch with stone flagging around the edge, still beautiful crystal clear, sandy bottom with 30 million litres of naturally heated spring water pumping through daily to the river. Apparently has therapeutic healing qualities too- was lovely on this chilly morning.

20 June 2018

Bitter Springs, Elsey National Park. Wow! I think we’ve found heaven on earth... unbelievable, nature at its best. A 300 km drive from Kakadu, pretty flat, scrubby and very dry landscape. A short drive off the highway and we find a rainforest.... at the beginning of Elsey National Park. An easy walk down the path to Bitter Springs.... a stream about 4m wide, 250m long- white sandy bottom, 2m deep turquoise water from thermal spring- a constant 34 degrees- palm trees, water lillies and blue dragonfly lining the edges.... float down the length of the stream, walk back and repeat, repeat ,repeat. An absolute piece of paradise.
A steep hike up to Gunlom Falls to find the natural Infinity pool. Awesome views over campsite and Kakadu, water temp perfect! Great start for the day. Plunge pool at the bottom to cool off on returning... great stuff👌

19 June 2018

Barramundi Falls, Kakadu. Another little hike to an oasis- awesome jump rocks, crystal clear water- perfect temp for a swim and explore- another Rockpool up the top of the water fall- this is the dry season, have to wonder what it would be like in the Wet season. Beautiful spot with good campground.

18 June 2018

Kakadu National Park- red dirt, lush wetlands and crocs everywhere. Some quality Aboriginal art up at the border of Arnhem Land, again lots of wetlands with Jabiru and Little Rock wallabies. Need special permission to enter Arnhem Land via river crossing at Alligator Creek- by the looks of the cars being totalled in croc infested water I’m not keen to give it a go. Beautiful landscape wherever you look.

17 June 2018

Still a stinking hot 34 degrees in Darwin. Managed to get all the cars serviced and spare tyres replaced.... cool air conditioned art gallery and museum for those few hours. Headed an hour south to the beautiful Litchfield National Park chasing waterfalls and found some stunners! Camped at Florence Falls, which is beautiful and right near camp, the Shady Creek walk is well worth it- lots of little creek crossings and shaded. Also cooled off at Wangi Falls ( very popular) and Buley Pools and checked out Tolmer Falls too but it was closed for swimming (Crocs). All in all, a little waterlogged but we did beat the heat.👍

14 June 2018

Darwin- a humid, hot and steamy 34 degrees! A comfy camp with a beaut pool. Fed a few crocs today- absolutely huge dinosaurs- they move quickly, banging into the boat as they jump out of the murky water for a lump of meat, amazing to watch! Back to civilisation for the afternoon at the Mindil Beach markets, watched the sunset with every other tourist in town, then gorged on street food. Another cracker of a day😎

13 June 2018

Goodbye WA, Hello NT😀Last stop in WA was Lake Argyle for a couple of nights. Beaut campground with awesome views.

11 June 2018

Just a day of hanging around the pool, ice creams and a beaut boat cruise spotting short eared wallabies and crocs- spectacular scenery and champagne to see the sun set.

10 June 2018

An adventurous drive back to the Gibb River Road.Only 25km to Zebedee Springs- another surprise on this red dusty landscape- Artesian spring water flowing through a mini rainforest in the middle of the desert..... water temp is a constant 28-30 degrees 24 hrs a day. A few river crossings to ElQuestro Station, welcome greetings from the gate donkey. A short drive to Emma Gorge and an hour hike over rocks and boulders to the spectacular rock pool- stunning rock faces, crystal clear water again. Return hike then 70 km to Kununurra Pub.... all smooth going on the bitumen.Another 70 km to Lake Argyle camp ground and more swims at the Infinity Pool- beautiful scenery again....34 degrees on a clear Winter’s day. What a cracker of a day!

9 June 2018

Ango’s Sawfish- another catch and release.Another beautiful sunset, watching the crocs cruise by.
Just a bit of lounging around in camp chairs, drinking beer to beat the heat and pulling in a few Barramundi, Jewfish, Sawfish and the odd Catfish- everyone caught something decent. A picturesque location with Jabiroo flying by, crocs cruising and the occasional whirlygirly whizzing by. Really hot day, only chance of a cool down is a bucket of water attached to a long rope for a shower, good stuff!

8 June 2018

On the road again towards the Pentecost River (270 km). More corrugated red dusty road, a few on coming road trains, wouldn’t want to be overtaking one on this track. a flat in Sarah and Jaycob’s car.Fuelled up at Gibb River store, but no tyre available.Stopped into Home Valley Station, no tyres today.Some cool Aboriginal art near Gibb River crossing. Crossed the Pentecost River, no dramas- only knee high depth today.An adventure through narrow track on eastern bank of the river to find ‘secret’ Barra spot. Another beautiful sunset, then spotting huge salt water crocs with torch light on the western bank, and a few sharks off our bank. It’s so hot here, but swimming is a no-go😬
An early start for 21/2 km hike into Manning Gorge,well worth the 6am getup- it’s a hot walk, not much shade and we had the place to ourselves.Starts with a ride across the river in a tinny, then an easy walk through scrub with some scrambling over rocks. Well worth it! Huge gorge... beaut waterfall we stood under, huge rock jumps, crystal clear water and stunning rock faces. Perfectly refreshing start to the day.😜 (had a flat battery, more pics to come).

7 June 2018

More dust and corrugations on the way to camp at Manning Gorge campground. Huge boabs and swimming hole with crystal clear water and Pandanus palms all around.Stunning!
The amazing thing about The Kimberley is that it’s dry, rocky and dusty- you’d never expect to find an oasis like this just 1 km walk in off the road- Galvin’n Gorge, beautiful surprise, deep swimming hole too. Would be even more majestic in the wet season. Was great we had it all to ourselves for most of it!
Camped the night on the banks of the Lennard River, and headed 130 km to find a new tyre on the way to Manning Gorge. More dusty corrugated gnarly road, but Nev from Over The Range Tyres was a nice bloke and fixed us up with a new one. He told us about Galvin Gorge just 12 km up the road- we’re glad he did.

6 June 2018

About another 30 km on to Windjama Gorge. Stunning rock faces, 125 million year old reef - a few fossils and more crocs than you can count. Awesome place!
Onto the Kimberley and a top adventure through Tunnel Creek. A cave that runs through the mountain range for 775m... water up to thighs only, lots of side passages and squeezes to explore. A few bats and water life including some freshwater crocs who were hiding under the waterfall, great fun! An aboriginal outlaw, Jandamrra, hid here from the law for years... amazing place! Then a bite to eat and a change of tyre.

5 June 2018

So we’ve kissed goodbye to the beautiful West Coast until next time. Headed East to new adventures on the last frontier... the Kimberley. Have a beaut camp by Lake Ellendale,trying to spot the Freshwater croc. Heaps of cattle, mad bird life and a feral cat so far. Ango made a didgeridoo and is mastering the art! The stars are a beautiful chandelier! Probably no phone reception for a few days.
A quick look at Cable Beach, top up water and grog supplies at Broome before new adventures through the Kimberley wilderness. Goodbye west coast😉

4 June 2018

A mammoth 808km of Highway to Broome. The colours always changing, road trains with 4 long trailers (62 tyres) to overtake. Big piles of mining product- iron ore country. Trains over one kilometre long moving the stuff, makeshift communities of miners- really remote workplace!

3 June 2018

Sarah’s Birthday.Karratha for a night at Cleaverville Beach Camp and a go at fishing in the muddy mangroves at Wickham.... eaten alive by mozzies and sandflies, but managed to get a few prized Mangrove Jack and mud to our knees- no showers 🙄

2 June 2018

Cape Range National Park- more superb drift snorkels at Turquoise Bay. Second day of winter, a mild 30 degrees.

29 May 2018

And we eat.... lots of beer battered fresh seafood delights.

28 May 2018

Ningaloo Reef at the doorstep..... 5 full days - snorkeling, swimming, fishing , eating, sunsets and good company. No wifi or Tv for 55 days, no reception most days. A difficult place to leave, but ran out of beverage supplies 😉
We eat... beer battered tasty morsels from the sea.

27 May 2018

So maybe I’ve died and gone to heaven! Today we took the highway only 30km north then a turnoff of 60km gravel road to Ningaloo Homestead., then 15 km sandy track to a perfect beach camp. Walk off beach to the best snorkeling so far and caught dinner, think we’ll be staying a while here😀

26 May 2018

So .... Coral Bay is a really nice spot, only place to stay is the People’s Caravan Park. Loved doing ‘the drift ‘.. you just walk off the beach at the south end and the current takes you across Ningaloo Reef ... wow, wow , wow!!!!Extraordinary snoggelling!! Teaming with life! Big , small , colourful everything😜Fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins- this place has it all. Can’t capture it on my iPhone .. have it in memory bank! The sunsets were awesome too .

25 May 2018

A ten minute 4wd adventure to Five Fingers Reef.... a spot of lunch, awesome snorkeling..... turtles, Wrasse, parrot Fish and all those beautiful little multicoloured varieties... straight off the beach in the first 10 mins! Dolphins came within 3 m of us on a feeding frenzy and the boys got lucky with the fishing👌
Got to Coral Bay and booked into a caravan park to deferalize.... hot showers!!!! Love the way Ningaloo Reef has massive surf breaking on it and the waters here are so calm and protected, can’t wait to snorkel!!!
A top day driving from Red Bluff to Coral Bay.... hundreds of termite nests on the way, must be bloody big termites!

24 May 2018

A top spot! Red kangaroos around camp, caves to explore, fossils everywhere.... unfortunately we had an onshore wind so snorkeling was out of the question, fishing is usually awesome but was a bit crap for us. Water temp was perfect, sunsets awesome! No showers here it a cool little kiosk- great mango smoothies- and a pay phone because there’s no reception here at all. Unique loo with a view😀 Flies extremely friendly 🤑

23 May 2018

Over 60km of corrugated gravel road ,through really flat desolate country, we come to this spectacular surprise.... Red Bluff. World famous surf break,and nature at its rawest! We’ll spend a couple of nights here.
Head north a few hundred km over flat desert to Point Quobba and the blowholes. A new type of coastline- really rugged, really blue ocean.water temperature must be around 25, outside a hot and dry 30+.... good beer drinking conditions.😀

22 May 2018

Brilliant bush shower at Gladstone Campsite- runs continually on bore water, piping hot from 9am to 5:30pm after running through 60m of black poly pipe to heat it. Perfect to wash off the build up of salt- the seawater is extra salty up here! A good campsite with open fires, a ‘historic ‘ jetty, stunning sunsets over the ocean and a chandelier of stars! BYO Firewood.

21 May 2018

Okay.... so someone needs a dentist, nearest clinic is 400 km away...bloody Oz and it’s wide open spaces! We have an appointment.... so we leave this little paradise ( not all rainbows and butterflies though, there was a family of bats living down the drop loo- lucky to escape without a bite on the arse and Hendra virus!) and head 400km to dentist.

20 May 2018

It’s aptly named Shark Bay- this 2 1/2 meter Tiger Shark took an interest in me having a dip, was literally 15m away😬 We spotted heaps of them- so did a quick scan before jumping in, water so clear you see them coming anyway. Also saw Eagle Rays and turtles and ate a huge feed of fresh caught fish. The colours on this coast are gob smacking beautiful!

19 May 2018

Where the desert meets the sea- stunningly beautiful colours....and the flies are horrendous!!!
Campsite was invaded by goats- ate our rubbish!

18 May 2018

Shell Beach- 120 km beach, 10m deep of cockle shells..... beautiful!

17 May 2018

Nature’s Window - stunning gorges, great hiking👌
Kalbarri- nice inlet, reef and harbour.
Red Bluff was very red.
The White Cliffs were somewhat White.
Pink Lake was very Pink!

16 May 2018

Little Bay, Horrocks..... you’ve served us well. Great feed of fish, awesome snorkeling and rock pool swims. Sand dunes are cool, with a rope to re climb. Many thanks to the stunt pilots who put on a show for us at brekky time. Eagle rays off the rocks, awesome assortment of fish for dinner. Will be back here!

15 May 2018

Another perfect day at Little Bay, Horrocks.

14 May 2018

I’m loving this lifestyle.

13 May 2018

Headed north from Perth- more wide open spaces. Indian Ocean on the left, huge white sand hills on the right. Amazing landscape at The Pinnacles, they go on for miles! 100 km north to Freshwater Beach campsite. It’s so good to be out of the big smoke again!

12 May 2018

A short ferry ride to Rottnest Island - awesome day riding bikes around to all the beautiful beaches, absolutely mad snorkelling - like a huge aquarium! Even held hands with a Quokka! I could live here quite easily😜

10 May 2018

Mandurah- felt like I was in Venice.... too much of a concrete jungle.

8 May 2018

Busselton- awesome jetty, over 1.8 km long. Great watching the sunset with a few drinks.

7 May 2018

The famous Margaret River Beach- Surf Classic contest cancelled due to shark sightings- over a hundred a day.
Leeuwin National Park
Granny Pool, Augusta.
Georgiana Park, Augusta.

6 May 2018

So today was the tree change..... we sawed them and moved them, climbed 65metres up them, drove a scenic drive of them and then burned them.

5 May 2018

Crystal Springs bush camp.
Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk
Elephant Rocks Beach
Elephant Rocks, Denmark.
Greens Pools-Denmark
Denmark- Shadforth Lookout
Ahh! The perfect start to a beautiful day. A dip in the Great Southern Ocean with Sammy the Seal , a swim in the freshwater creek to rinse off the salt, then hit the road to Denmark. Shelley Beach is the bomb!!👌

4 May 2018

Salmon for dinner by the looks....
Our surfing seal was having a hoot. Shelley Beach, WA.
Good morning from Shelley Beach, WA.

3 May 2018

Bremer Bay to Albany .... a few great sights along the way. The Gap, Natural Bridge, Blowholes and a great drive to Shelley Beach campsite- top spot with sheltered little beach, fresh water creek, rabbits and kangaroos at Cape Howe National Park.Had a heap of fun at the blow holes, about a 1.5 k hike in, The Gap was incredible- so much water kabooming in!!!! Checked out the Whaling Station too. Loving this campsite- might stay a little longer. 😀

2 May 2018

Top stay at Bremer Bay Resort Park for a couple of nights.Great host Lina and helpful Dave who set us up with a fire tin and local knowledge! Great little hike to Back Beach, some tennis and a beaut Pub meal and a few pints. Would love to head back here in Spring sometime and watch the Orca’s do their thing!

1 May 2018

Great munchies at the Hopetoun Bakery for breakfast, pub looks good too. Drove through Fitzgerald River National Park- Lake Hemersley is the pick of spots there- nice campsite and heaps of crabs and prawns to catch. Roads are excellent until the dirt starts- 70 km of shitty corrugated dirt- then onto Bremer Bay Tourist Park for a couple of nights, and hot showers 😜

30 April 2018

Drove along the beach for 20km to Lucky Bay, Whistling Rock, Thistle Cove, Frenchman’s Peak and Hellfire Bay. Love this area, will be back again some time for sure 💕 Headed to Hopetoun and found a camp by the lake just out of town, thousands of swans and a beaut sunset.

29 April 2018

Another day in paradise. Followed an emu track up the beach, swimming, surfing, fishing, exploring rock pools, eating fresh caught blackfish, herring and salmon.... and taking a few pano shots.😋 Was pretty awesome watching a seal body surf a wave right in front of camp while cooking camp oven dinner!

28 April 2018

Spent the morning checking out a few bays, had a couple of close calls with kangaroos and a fox on the road, then settled on Rossiter Beach, Cape Le Grande National Park, for the night- spent most of the day on the beach taking in the beaut scenery and catching a feed of fish. Awesome spot! Absolute magic! Another free camp 😜

27 April 2018

Drove back along beach, had a fish at the rocks at Thomas River- camped at Belinup campground.
A beaut beach, white talc sand. Good fishing- Trevally and herring for lunch. Didn’t see much wildlife but heaps of camel and kangaroo tracks.

26 April 2018

Finished the Nullarbor, drove through Norseman and headed south to Esperance. Lots of changes in scenery, with salt lakes and fresh water lakes closer to Esperance. A beautiful whaling town, we bought our National Parks Passes, stocked up on supplies and headed to Cape Arid National Park. Headed east for 120km to Thomas river, then drove along the beach for about 10km to free camp.

25 April 2018

So today we are 100 km short of finishing the Nullarbor. We headed to Esperance... word has it there’s a good camp at Cape Arid National Park...a hundtred k then a spot for the night ... ahhh!! Well.... it was almost a tragedy! Tide coming in and bogged on the beach..... just out on the nick of time ! Found a spot with firewood and weird bird sounds.. Formula 1 birds!
The rest of the Nullarbor- 620 km stint to free camp at 10 Mile Rock camp.

24 April 2018

The Great Australian Bight to Eucla.The views from tracks off the highway are absolutely breathtaking!
Driving the Nullarbor plain- flat, straight and about 1286 kms. Including one stint that is Australia’s longest stretch of straight road- 144km without even a kink.🤨

23 April 2018

Sunrise from my pillow 😍Then another adventure to find a camp...

22 April 2018

Great campsite- fresh fish both nights Lots of exploration but the flies arrived on the second day.... hundreds of little sticky ones and heaps of March flies which actually drew blood .... argh!
Pano of Mexican Hat Bay- from camp site
Driving into Fowlers Bay- sand dunes for miles and miles!
Windmill museum at Penong- a 2 minute visit, not that much into windmills

21 April 2018

Perlubie Beach Campsite
An easy drive up the beach...Heaps of campsites, huge sand dunes that go on forever.
Marylou’s home pub...had a big cold one there.🍺
Almost as breathtaking as the 12 Apostles....Phenomenal beach and coastline. Loch Well Beach 😍
More of Lincoln National Park- the sea dogs are so playful! Could watch them for hours. Josh caught more than expected on his fishing rod too.
Sunrise from September Beach Camp

20 April 2018

Great camp at September Beach camp, site 5. Nice sandy beach between two rocky points. Big grey Kangaroo hopping around the campsite. Spent a couple of days watching pods of dolphins pass by, spotting seals on the rocky island off the beach and within metres of fishing for snook and drummer. Great swimming, a bit of spear fishing too. Ango got some great footage of the seals with his drone. Went for a beaut hike around Donington Point- an easy 6.2 km.Josh and Anna cooked up a great fish feed, went down well with a cold beer.

19 April 2018

Port Lincoln foreshore
Calamari topper for our bbq steak tonight
Port Neill Jetty..... every town on the Eyre Peninsula has one of these, a great foreshore Park and a pub!
Lots of sheep..... every day
Arno Bay Jetty- so many jetties!

17 April 2018

Great spot Cowell.... about 100 km south of Whyalla. Spent two days hanging out on the pier catching our feast of blue swimmer crabs, snook, herring and a few stingrays! View from my pillow this morning.

16 April 2018

Spectacular drive up the Spencer Gulf to Port Augusta- blue water on the left, mountains on the right, Emus on roadside. Took the Lincoln Hwy to Whyalla for supplies then onto the Eyre Peninsula. Took gravel road to Point Lowly free camp. Beaut spot, pods of dolphins within metres of camp..... even a baby who smiled for the camera!
A drive through really rugged, parched land to Farrell Flat Hotel- great steaks and schnitzels, welcoming hosts Chef & Cheryl. We camped out the back and named the camp ‘dog shit gully”, but good hot showers and laundry. Fireplace, cold beer and lots of memorabilia. Served up a great steak and good, cold beer. It was nice of them to shout us a bottle of wine and more drinks after dinner!

15 April 2018

Murray Bridge-A beaut sausage sizzle lunch. Great park with all amenities, pub and restaurant. A lovely town with heaps of beautiful stone cottages, Emus on roadside and a Bunyip in the Park.Loved watching the old paddle steamers go by.👀

14 April 2018

Coorong National Park looks awesome, pity the wind and rain stopped us from camping on the beach there. Limestone lakes look beautiful too, even with bad conditions. A must stop... next time. This is where Mr Percival and Storm Boy were filmed.
A cold, wet and rainy night. Wind chill factor meant getting out the Ugh Boots and jackets. Saw a Bambi deer on our way out. Drove via Casterton, birthplace of the Kelpie, Mount Gambier, The Blue Lake on top of the volcano is pretty impressive! Passed the massive Wind Farm at Millicent and millions of sheep plus lots of wallabies.Arrived at Robe with it’s classic stone buildings and fishing harbour.Forecast for the next few days much the same, 80 knot winds and rain. Wimped out of beach camping and took shelter in cabin at Lakeside Caravan Park.

13 April 2018

Drove 60km to start of Grampians National Park. Awesome rock formations for miles and miles! Called into the Cultural Centre, really worth a look. Hiked to The Pinnacle, a few sheer drops to watch out for but stunning views from the peak. Headed to Smiths Mill campground, shared it with the Emus. A good camp with bucket on a pulley for shower, loo and fires. Very friendly Emus.

12 April 2018

Headed off from Blanket Bay along the Great Ocean Road. Called into Cape Otway Lighthouse and the best Butter Chicken Pies and coffee at YatZies. Absolutely spectacular stops along the road, The Great Ocean Road is awesome-quite surreal- including 80 knot winds-Twelve Apostles, Mutton Bird Island, The Grotto and more.Travelled north from Warrnambool to a great little free camp at Hawkesdale Apex Park- showers, fire and loos. A bit of a party night with tourists from Canada & The Netherlands.

11 April 2018

The boys caught a feed of Snapper and Wrasse which Graham cooked up in the camp oven for lunch. We took the Telegraph Walking track and spotted a few Koalas and an Echidna. Sarah and I got back to camp to find three Koalas in the trees at camp. Cook up of steak and veges on our new hot plate.

10 April 2018

Through Ballarat, Anakie to Bell’s Beach and the Great Ocean Road. Lunch at Anglesea, Point Road ight Beach. A quick shop at Lorne then onto Otway National Park for our camp at Blanket Bay.The boys caught some Snapper and Wrasse for lunch. Anna, Josh and Sam looked for underwater life- freezing temp!

9 April 2018

Excellent free camp at The Oakes, near Harcourt, Victoria. Fireplace and toilets, bike tracks for Ango. Oak tree walking trail. Beautiful. Great entertainment with Rach’s doof glow balls, it’s propelling into the oak tree and the rescue mission.... a fall backwards out of the tree onto a 1 metre rock.😂

8 April 2018

From Coolamon to Echuca via Wagga Wagga, Lockhart, Urana, Berrigan, Nathalia then lunch at Moama Beach, NSW looking up the Murray River to Echuca. A visit to the Port of Echuca and a tasting of some lovely tawny port!
Onto Parkes, lunch at the Park and a visit to The Dish. A quick shop in Temora then onto Rachel’s Dad’s house at Coolamon. A spit roast dinner and drinks with the family: Phil,Sharon, Maddy, Cooper, Bryce and Mitchell.

7 April 2018

A quick shop at Coonabarabran then 30 km to free camp at Hickey Falls. The Falls weren’t falling , haven’t had rain out this way for 7 years. The farmers are grazing cattle on the roadside. Enjoyed a beaut camp oven dinner, fire and guitar tunes.
Lunch by the River at Tamworth.KFC forgot our order... have decided to do our own picnic lunches from now on. Angus spotted a Red Belly Black snake in the river and Finn dropped a nugget in the river.
A beautiful view from the Skywalk.
Heading off from Urunga on my Birthday. ... two days after Dad’s funeral. Saying goodbyes to Mum was tough, but I know she’s in great hands with Kerrie and Jeff- we’re all in this for the long haul ( looking after Mum) and I know both Mum and Dad would never want me to miss out on this trip- I’ll be back in 100 days. 💋