United Kingdom · 1 Days · 5 Moments · June 2014

Beautiful Oxford

18 June 2014

We went to Christ Church College where the dining room was the inspiration for the Harry Potter dining room set! It was a lot smaller than what you imagine Harry's world to be like but my it's still amazing! The entire college makes you feel like you are walking on historic grounds and it is an amazing experience! Student actually still eat here even though tourists seem to walk around all day! I was so happy to tick another film set off my list. It was a fantastic experience and definitely one of the prettiest colleges I've seen at Oxford.
Sheldonian Theater and the Bodlian library! Superb buildings with wonderful architecture! Can't believe Oxford students actually study in here and get to have events! This university is amazing and has such a fantastic tradition

17 June 2014

Went for a meal at an old pub here. Was a horrible burger but apparently the pub has tradition! We also had a coffee at one of the best places here called the missing bean! Headed back home to get ready, take some selfies and head out the house to some bars at the college followed by a club that was probably equivalent to jesters and was apparently the best they do here ahaha! Anyways was a fun drunk night and had more gin when we came home! I am also taking full advantage of cheat day :D
We went punting!!! Haha it was awesome! Max took me around the river of the colleges and I tried it too! It's a lot harder than it looks!!
Had some really nice walks around Oxford and enjoyed the old colleges! What a fantastic city with such a beautiful uni! No wonder master minds go here!!