North America, Europe · 10 Days · 36 Moments · November 2017

Owen's adventure in Netherlands

10 November 2017

Sunset over Washington, DC. Last leg of the trip.
Ubered to the airport, and then the start of the long trek back to the States.

9 November 2017

Last supper at Teng Jennson. Excellent food.
On to Rijksmuseum. Impressive museum. Well worth the visit.
Lunch at Cafe Wildschutt.
Cuddle time in the apartment.

8 November 2017

Dinner at Ferilli’s Cafe. Excellent authentic Italian.
On to the Van Gogh museum and drinks at the Small House Eating House.

7 November 2017

Drinks & snack at Jachtveldan then back to Amsterdam Zuid station by train.
On to The Hague and The Mauritshuis museum. Excellent museum with Rembrandt, Vermeer, etc. Well worth the trip.
Beestenmarkt Square and lunch at Moeken. (Great cheese soup sandwiches.
Vermeer museum just off market square in Delft. No original paintings, but nice background on Vermeer and specifics on his life paintings and techniques.
Various.buildings around Delft. New church, old town hall, butcher shop, location where first Dutch bible printed.

6 November 2017

Beestn Market Sq and afternoon snack at Belvedere Cafe.
Various sights around Market Square before Pizza at Little Italy.
Royal Delph earthenware factory.
Market Square and Stads Koffy Huus for lunch.
On to Delph and the hotel De Emauspoort for two day visit.

5 November 2017

Center district of Amsterdam.
Snacks and drinks at Cafe ‘t Smalle.
Canal scenes.
Hidden door leading to the Frank family hiding place.
Outside of Anne Franks’ hideout.
Cookie with Will.

4 November 2017

Kingfish deli for lunch.
Canal near the apartment.

3 November 2017

Wynand Fockink distillery bar.
Royal Palace and national monument on Dam Square.
Bikes along Damrack
English Reformed Church - 1607 Where the pilgrims met just before their voyage to the new world. Bible from 1770.
Lunch in Spui in the canal district of Amsterdam with Lynne, Drew, & Will. (Adam & Siam)
Kathy (Cookie) with Will.

2 November 2017

Dinner with Drew at Fidelio.
Drew and Will at the new apartment. In the process of moving in.
Drew, Lynne, & Will’s new place in Amsterdam.

1 November 2017

Waiting for flight to Amsterdam in Newark Airport. Very nice gate area. Kathy found an absolute cosmo, that I could afford (barely).