United States of America · 2 Days · 11 Moments · May 2015

Overnight kayak trip on the MO River

3 May 2015

Finally finished. We are all exhausted from fighting the wind almost the entire time. I felt accomplished as well. I took away a few tips for the next adventure in South Dakota as well as a bad sunburn.
Our attempt at a hammock sail. It worked when the wind was at our backs (almost never). We had to steer a lot because the current and wind never cooperated with the direction of the kayaks.
Beached barge
The scenery was really amazing. I never knew the sun could make your surroundings interesting other than during sunrise and sunset. On the river when the sun was at its highest point it glared off of the different currents and whirl pools.
The best sand bar during the entire trip happened to be almost exactly at the half way point. We got there about 40 minutes before dusk. Too close. It started raining overnight, so it was a scramble to get the tarps over our hammocks in the dark. I got about 3 hours of sleep because I packed a terribly thin sleeping bag.
I was able to catch some sunlight while Carl and Lucas slept. It got about ten percent per hour with the sun at a low angle.

2 May 2015

A quick pit stop before we set up camp
My paddle broke! I felt a terrible snap as I attempted to turn into the current. This happened about 5 miles in to the trip. Luckily Lucas had a roll of duct tape. Luckily Carl is an expert paddle repairman.
Two pictures of the same U.S. Coast Guard barge. We saw it when dropping at Rulo Nebraska and passed it 35 miles/ 24 hours later. Notice the different directions they are facing.
Go time! 12 noon.
9:30AM. Packed and ready to go. Each bag serves its own purpose. One for food, one for camping gear, and one for toiletries.