Czech Republic · 8 Days · 110 Moments · June 2015

Our voyage in (and to) Czech Republic

14 June 2015

There was a really awesome storm last night. We had been waiting for it. After the storm I had a chance to play nertz with Katlynn, Greg, and my mom. Although we had to deal with some...interesting cards, the game was still enjoyable and it made for a really awesome way to end our trip with them! Even if Katia did have to leave early, we still enjoyed being a part of this trip so thank you for making this happen! Love you all!
This awesome lady right here was amazing during the duration of our trip in Czech Republic. Though she wasn't the best translator, she was a better translator than all of the rest of us could've been! And if it weren't for her we wouldn't have been in the Czech Republic! Plus, she had some pretty cool family while we were there that we were able to visit. She made it that much better and was more than willing to make the trip as good as it could have possibly been. Love you Katia! We will miss you! Enjoy Arkansas and we will see you when we can! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Thanks for allowing us to invade a week of your trip as well!
5 round game of nertz with my mom. I won 87-67. It was a close game. Round 1: Alisha 18-mom 4 Round 2: Alisha 51-mom 34 Round 3: Alisha 49-mom 50 Round 4: Alisha 67-mom 73 Round 5: Alisha 87-mom 67 Was super fun! Now onto lunch!

12 June 2015

Some more from the second church.
Another church we went to. This was one of my favorites. Also can't remember the name of it. It was in Kutná Hora as well. We got to visit a fair amount of if and it looked amazing
I'm not sure the name of this church we went to but it wasn't in Prague. We went out to Kutná Hora. Interesting fact: this is a very holy church because of the bones of saints and people buried there and dirt from christ's tomb.
This was on the train on the way to the castle. I get pretty tired during the day.
These are some more pictures from the karlstejn castle. We were sitting on the bench in the second picture and my mom informed me that there was a giant spider above my head. Indeed there was so I stood up to take some pictures. I don't have any on my phone but when I get some i'll post them up as well.
Interesting facts: in Czech, some don't believe in showering every day or deodorant. Most of them smoke. A lot. Everywhere. And I like looking at some guys beautiful faces. Until they start smoking. Then they are no longer attractive to me... They don't shower here. Literally. They have a tub. With a shower nozzle you can rinse off with. But no curtain. And the nozzle isn't mounted. It's weird. But it works. There's only rules for left and right sides of the road on main roads. Other than that it's fend for yourself and watch for other cars, bicycles, people, etc. Also, in town, there's cars everywhere. So watch out.
Today we also got to see a street performance of a fire show. It was really cool. I uploaded videos to Facebook since Journi doesn't do videos.

11 June 2015

Prague at night! So beautiful!
So I got my feet eated today. Katlynn and i decided to try this fish tank thing. They eat your dead skin. At first it was rediculous. I'm not ticklish but I do have sensitive feet. Eventually we got used to it though and it became very relaxing. We paid for 25 minutes but they didn't tell us it was time to go for 55 minutes. Not complaining. It was amazing and my legs and feet are so soft! I love them!
My dessert today. It was amazing. I also had soft serve ice cream earlier which was amazing. Way better than american ice cream
This building is in mission impossible 1
What my mom did to my hair today
So today my mom, Katlynn, Gevin, and I decided we wanted to try and find our way to the train station alone since my mom and I will be on our own in just a few short days. It's exciting but I'm slightly nervous so we got some practice in. We made it so that's good news
Antique shop shopping
More at the castle
An awesome shirt/saying! Hahaha
A place we found near the castle that burnt down
Dung beetle and snail we found on our hike down from the castle.
The castle we went and saw today. Karlstejn castle.
Horse carriage we took up. It was awesome! We became famous. Everyone was stopping to take pictures of us! Ok they were stopping to take pictures of the horses but still!
This is the bus we take every morning from Babička Kubikova's house.
I gotta get to bed, but just thought I would catch up a bit for the day. Will update the rest tomorrow.
It's now 12:20am but hey life is good
Hedgehog friend
I got a crystal globe!!!

10 June 2015

Part 2
Boat ride part 1
Part 2
Mirror maze, crazy mirrors, and kaleidoscope affects part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The mock Eiffel Tower and view and the cable cars to get up and down
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
International train station
Arriving in Prague by train this morning after missing the first bus to the train 😅 we always miss the first trains we try to catch
I'm a bit obsessed. Missing my calls but loving my trip! 🚑
Lunch. Had pizza

9 June 2015

Today was pretty good. A few things not in pictures. Katlynn and I had a really good catch up day. There's a lot of places you can't take pictures here. I got those dungeon keys from the blacksmith for only 300 crowns! Not bad. And they're super cool I finished off our chocolate. The shower downstairs has no light so no shower tonight I like food from here. Especially Babička Kubikova's. We also had ice cream today. I bought a few people there gifts and still looking for others. I'm pretty used to the time change already. I get pretty tired right before a meal but feel really energized right after a meal. Maybe low blood sugar? Prague is awesome and so is my family! I am loving the trip! I'm off to bed. It's 11:30 and I have to be out the door by 8 tomorrow morning to catch the bus! Goodnight!
On top of the Prague astronomical clock. The oldest working clock in Prague dating back to the 14th century or so. Pretty cool.
In the large tower of Charles Bridge.
The unfortunate accident I had with my water at Babička Kubikova's house this evening. I may or may not have hit the cup against my leg while being a little over animated in my heated discussion with Katlynn and spilled it on myself lol. Oops.
11 years ago today I was looking out my front door outside before my last day of first grade. Today I was looking out a window of the larger tower on Charles Bridge in Česká, Praha (Prague, Czech) after having graduated my senior year just 3 days ago. Never would've thought I'd be in Prague, let alone Europe at this time 11 years later.
Lunch and the stairs to get downstairs to the dungeon bathrooms. My mom and I got tortellinis and a grilled chicken sandwich and split it. Tortellinis were amazing. Sandwich was good. Raspberry lemonade...Ehhh it was different. Good place to go though. Not sure the name of the place...
Katlynn and I developed a game. In Prague there are multi colored stone and cobble stone everywhere....everywhere. So Katlynn and I had to play a game similar to don't step on the cracks/don't touch the lava. What we did was start on a color. If we happened to accidentally step on another color or unlink arms we died. The gray cobble stones and pavement was kind of like a base and causes us to change colors (for example if we were on red and went to base, we weren't allowed to go back to red until another base). The only time we were allowed to change without dying of using base was if we ran out of that color. It was quite fun, but we died quite a few times. We also skipped across the Charles Bridge together. It was awesome!
Cool things handmade by a local Blacksmith in the main part of Prague.
Kylar, Andruw, Emily, Marissa, Rachel. Except I didn't get it for any of you. But I did get you this picture of this lousy T-shirt for you 😜
I took a picture of Katlynn and Gevin with the famous Krtek.
One of the three "lucky statues" on the bridge.
Overlooking Prague selfie just outside the castle
The dungeon...that was a fun place lol
Shot a crossbow today! It was only like $2 to shoot! It was super cool! And I made a bullseye
Just a random spot in the castle...not sure what it is or the purpose of it. Still cool though.
Torture chamber 😜😨
Old castle bathroom (not useable by public)
I'm in love with door knobs, handles, knockers, styles, keys, and everything about doors here!
This completes that area of the temple
Surprisingly this is only one area of the castle.
Still more
And more
More prague castle
We also visited the Prague Castle today! That was pretty cool. Dumb because there's so many doors to places we will never know about though! I wanna go somewhere with full exploratory rights! Lol
We had a bit of rain today!
Infinite mirror with less bed head...and more people
And infinity mirrors...don't mind the bed head...I just got up! And it's like 7:45...
They also believe in sky lights....super cool! We need some! They have really cool windows too!
One thing about lock every door, inside or outside, bathroom, front, and any, with a key (usually a skeleton key of some sort) which is really cool!
Woke up day one with rain. Rained all night. I'm enjoying the rain. Glad I have boots and an umbrella! Off on a new adventure today!

8 June 2015

The cement statue of an angel belonging to Babička Kubikova!
First time using the European converter. Works great!
Czech version of ramen. Yum yum!
First time on a train! With the whole crew heading back from downtown Prague and the main square. Saw lots of cool things while there. Crystal/crystal related items, food, clothes, and a czech ambulance.
Getting bread stuff with sugary cinnamon stuff on it. It was delicious!
First food in czech. Interesting bathroom. Interesting atmosphere. Good food but the dumplings filled me up quickly! I
A door just my size!
Arrived at the airport. Katia had chocolate for us! Almost lost my baggage getting onto the bus. My arm was literally closed in the door with the baggage outside. Went to your the city a bit.
Landed in Prague!
Take off pictures. Sky scrapers and golf courses
Flight is delayed 30 minutes due to high tailwind on one runway closing it. The other is jammed because everyone is using it now.
Got my first ever stamp in my passport! ✅
In Frankfurt Germany! At the airport now. 40 mins til connecting flight
Getting ready to land in Frankfurt Germany
Midnight:07 at home. Just "waking up" and getting ready for breakfast now because where we are headed it is 9 am. I am not the best sleeper on an airplane. And do not enjoy the turbulence once I realize we are a giant metal thing 37,000 feet in the air and the wind is disturbing our patterns....other than that it's fine. Officially the longest flight I have ever been on though. Still an hour and a half to go til our layover in Germany and then onto Prague!

7 June 2015

Our path and time frame! Super cool!
I can totally add my own music from a list here! It doesn't have all of my favorites but I don't have to use my phone for music! Goodnight!
Tmi post: first time ever walking around on an airplane (to the wash room). Experience 1--bedtime means lots of movies going on. 2--walking on an airplane makes you feel weightless. Sort of. 3--airplane toilets are 5 times louder than the loud, automatic ones on the ground...
Apparently they make it night! It's bedtime (or so they say). 😴✈️🌃
10:45 pm where we are at and its still light as day....does it ever get dark? 😂
So after I finished my dinner, the German guy sitting next to us gave me his Apple cake thing. With permission from my mom I took it and it was delicious! 6 1/2 hours left on the flight
Dinner time!
Watching the new Annie next.
I've got me some orange juice. I'm happy enough
Watching the new Cinderella movie!
Snowy mountains. Altitude: 16,000 feet
Altitude: 5,000 feet
Flight distance: 5,945 miles
Taking off now
Boarding now!
We are 8 minutes from boarding!
Also calling with the family back home!
Plane is here. 1 more hour!
Made it through security. Now just getting some lunch before heading towards our gate. Boarding time in 2 hours.
Flight 1 has departed. Flight 3 is boarding. We are flight 16. And it changed right after I took this picture, so we are now flight 15!