Canada · 6 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Our trip to Canada

29 June 2017

For the grand finale, we took the gondola up to sulfur mountain. Stopped at The Eddie for the absolute best hamburgers and poutine. What a great find!!!now back to Calgary to prepare to go home.

28 June 2017

Went on a horseback ride thru the park today. Beautiful weather. Mucho mosquitos. Had a little dip in the hot springs, which surprisingly wasn't smelly at all. The water is quite clear and warm. Like a swimming pool hot tub. They even rent bathing suits--now doesn't that sound appealing?? Saw some grazing 🦌, and finished up the night with the most amazing dinner at Chucks--steak, bone marrow, escargot, oysters--tasty. Then retired back to the castle. A life fit for a king!

27 June 2017

What would you like for dinner? Fondue? Sounds good... We'll try the exotic platter. Ostrich, shark, bison, venison, kangaroo, frog legs, and gator. Sorry ma'am, we are out of rattlesnake. The fondue came at the end, chocolate and fruit. Tasty, adventurous and quite exotic.

26 June 2017

Headed to jasper on the Columbia ice field parkway. Interesting, and eventful. Saw black bears, goats, a mountain goat. Walked on the glacier which is massive and amazing. Stopped to enjoy a little poutine for a snack then headed back to Banff for dinner. That deserves a post all of its own...

25 June 2017

For the afternoon we set off on a couple hour hike that turned out to be straight uphill without switchbacks for almost 2 miles. The goal was lake Agnes tea house, and the destination was so worth it. A beautiful waterfall met us at the end, up a few stairs and there was the cutest little tea house. It was a perfect afternoon. Now off to Banff...
So we woke up a little late today and headed out to canoe on Lake Louise. The water is a couple degrees warmer (like maybe 3) than lake Moraine. It is a beautiful milky blue that doesn't even look real.

24 June 2017

Top of the Lake Louise ski area, North America's most scenic.
Back to the Fairmont to take part in afternoon tea with some bite sized sandwiches, caviar, and fresh scones. "Pardon me, ma'am, is this Osetra?" #hehasspoiledme
Started off an amazing day at Lake Moraine this morning canoeing around the lake. The water is a chilly 38 degrees but a beautiful aqua green color. The weather is perfect! The views are stunning and the pictures don't begin to do it justice. Tom did most of the paddling and I just enjoyed the views.