Malaysia · 1 Days · 1 Moment · August 2018

Our Little Journey

12 August 2018

A Little Journey Ranau - Kota Kinabalu - Tambunan A short journey can be a very special journey with some mean so much to you. Sometime we fight, sometime we laugh and most most of the time, we sing together. Enjoying the best moment of us. Just as usual mini traveling we had.The three of us having a moment to remember. Well, nothing special.But still, it is something to remember. The relaxing moment get better when we arrive at my FIL house, so all room in the house is not available. Adam, my husband brother andnhis wife is here.So,It's time for us to try camping (on balcony). Well, it feels so good, with fresh air, cricket sound, insect sound, car sound from the road just a head of our house, a cold breezing wind.It funny, how this cold night feels alot more warm in this camp tonight. Now it is a very special day for us. Time goes really fast, Aisyah is already sleeping, my eyes is getting smaller and the clock is already 00.30 am, so I guess it time for me to sleep thight...