Laos · 14 Days · 21 Moments · September 2016

Our Laos adventure!

7 October 2016

Islander life! Decided to move to the other side of Don Det island for a change of scenery and a new hammock.
Hammock love πŸ’—πŸ›

5 October 2016

Discovered this gem! While cycling we came across a swimming pool! Perfect way to cool off πŸ‘Œ
Rent a bike! We ventured over to the neighbouring island by bicycle today. Had so much fun exploring these islands, cycling over some very suspect bridges and getting covered in mud. Only complaint being that the sun was hot hot hot! β˜€οΈ πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸΌ

4 October 2016

Happy Pepsi
Don Det, 4000 islands Headed to the islands for a much needed chill out. Found a riverside bungalow for £3 a night and our very own veranda to chill out on. Hammock life makes for a happy Charlie ☺️

3 October 2016

Vientiane Stadium Not a lot to say about Vientiane. Not our favourite place so just used it as a stopover. Watched a film on the laptop with some sweet treats and that's about as exciting as it got! Oh and Jack found a precious football stadium to nose at. Next stop the South of Laos!

1 October 2016

Musical Tubes! Way too many shots and drinking games, all part of the tubing fun πŸ‘
TUBING!!! Vang Vieng We rounded up the troops from our hostel and went river tubing. Basically a drunken bar crawl, but instead of walking you tube between bars! When you get close the locals throw you a rope and pull you into the bar. A very drunken day with some great people. Ended the day by tubing back in the dark chorused by drunken songs before being dragged to safety by flashlight and a whistle.
Love love love!!! This is my favourite waterfall of the trip so far. Seeing bears en route just made it even more perfect! A picture tells a thousand words so check out this beautiful piece of nature for yourself πŸ‘Œ

29 September 2016

Rescue bears Was a lovely surprise to be greeted by these beautiful bears on the way to visit. a waterfall.

28 September 2016

Temple views The hike up hundreds of steps to visit a temple for sunset was well worth it when greeted with the views overlooking Luang Prabang! We may not have witnessed a picture perfect sunset but had a great time never the less. Loving Laos 😍

27 September 2016

Luang Prabang Goodbye jungle and hello Luang Probang. Amazing city full of French colonial style buildings, a peaceful waterfront and friendly people. Oh and I can buy a fresh fruit shake on every corner πŸ‘Œ

26 September 2016

Laos market food 😳 Weirdest market I have ever experienced! Dead cats, live toads, fried rats, dung beetles, fish in tanks, rotten animal carcasses, buffalo hide, squawking chickens. The smell was unbearable! Somehow I lost my appetite!
Lunch jungle style
Kayak time! We spent the full day kayaking and rafting through the jungle. Stopping off at a few local villages along the way was a highlight, amazing to see local life totally off the grid! Even got to taste the wild fruits and go for a swim to get carried by the current like a lazy river.
Kayak hijacked! The village kids were having a whale of a time in the water. They were so excited to jump aboard our kayak.
Jungle village life Stopped off at the side of the river to visit some local jungle villages. Simple way of life but I can't help thinking they have so many things right. Community and living off the land makes for a healthy and happy lifestyle.
River rafting! Today we signed up for a 2 day jungle trip! We trekked 6 hours into the jungle to find a small local village. Villagers cooked us tea and fed us Laos-Laos all night (some home made whisky) out of a handmade shot glass from bamboo. After a run in with some rats in the squat toilet it was time for bed in some wooden hut in their village. The night brought the craziest storm I have ever witnessed, all in all an adventurous day. The next day we woke up to raft down the river, met some great people and witnessed beautiful scenery!

24 September 2016

Jack's t-shirt tan is coming on a treat!
Overland crossing into Laos We successfully crossed the land border between Thailand and Laos. Then had a 5 hour wait before boarding the local bus, complete with a loud cockerel of course, for our not so comfortable journey to Luang Namtha.