Thailand · 28 Days · 122 Moments · October 2014

Our Honeymoon in Thailand

28 November 2014

Futuristic city of Bangkok

26 November 2014

Siam paragon ocean world.
Siam paragon mall delights..

25 November 2014

Siam Paragon mall and santa contest.
The grand palace.
Upgraded our room to a suite!

24 November 2014

Mandarin hotel in Bangkok.
Samui airport

23 November 2014

22 November 2014

Manicure and massage.. And then a Russian restaurant :)

21 November 2014

Sushi and beach party!
Our new room and escapology game.

20 November 2014

A friend came to visit...
Can't beat a 2$ foot massage...
Central festival mall. Finally some civilized shopping!
Walking down the Chewang beach.
Our hotel in Koh Samui.

19 November 2014

The chinese temple.
Koh phangan waterfall.

18 November 2014

A morning walk alongside the haad rin beach in Koh Phangan.

17 November 2014

Late first night in Phangan.
Leaving Phi phi to go to koh phangan by 2 long tail boats, / taxis, 2 ferries and 1 airplane.

16 November 2014

First stop - Maya Bay.
We hired a private speed boat to explore Phi phi lee island bays, by foot and by snorkeling.

15 November 2014

Breakfast and a morning walk on the beach.

14 November 2014

We arrive st Outrigger Resort. It looks like heaven on earth!
Bye bye Railay, hello Phi phi don! We got a long boat and then a ferry to the island.

13 November 2014

Animals everywhere around in Railay.
Snorkeling in the andaman sea.

12 November 2014

Evening in Railay and a special dish of rice served in a pineapple :)
A boat trip to ao nang beach and back.
Leshik did another kayak trip, exploring caves and cliffs.
We climbed a very steep climb to a rock that has a beautiful viewpoint on Railay beach - both east and west.

11 November 2014

10 November 2014

Our hotel room - railay bay resort.
The ride to railay beach - with a long boat that arrives at the hotel. You slip into the water, put your luggage on your head and go :)
We wait for a long time for our check in, till then we explore the two sides of the beach.
On the boat
On our way to Krabi - then railay beach

9 November 2014

Dinner in Japanese style in Shabushi. Choose ingredients from moving plates and boil your soup!
After a long taxi drive, we arrived at 3D art in paradise museum. It was better than we expected!
We could not leave Chiang Mai without visiting our favorite attraction - catmosphere caffe.
Late breakfast at a small french garden in Chiang Mai- Nakara Jardin. We got a mini cakes, mini sandwiches, mini creme brule and awesome tea.

8 November 2014

Flight of the gibbon begins!
On our way to fly through the jungle with the gibbons
Just a short walk out of the hotel, on the other side of the river.

7 November 2014

The highest mountain in Thailand. 2500 meters high. Its cold and wet in the rain forest.
Its lunch time and drive into the top of the mountain. Fog and mist.
The Second waterfall and the local market up in the mountains.
Second stop- the white karen village, here, Burmese refugees make silk for a living. The village is so small that the best attraction for us was the little puppies.
We are off to a day trip in Doi Inthanon national park. first stop - watchirathan waterfall.

6 November 2014

Loy karthong festival down the ping river.
Our driver nicely suggested us to eat lunch at the orchid house. We were not really impressed but the hunger was bigger than our expectations:)
We become real life trekkers, hiking the mountain to see the mae sa waterfall!
Although its raining, we drive to Mae sa valley, to visit the queens royal botanical gardens.

5 November 2014

Lighting our lanterns by the river.
Loy karthong 2014 parade. Despite of the rain, thai people walk in costumes through the city.

4 November 2014

Elephant nature park

3 November 2014

Dinner time at Dash restaurant :)
Tiger kingdom - petting baby tigers!
Wat phra Doi suthep - ancient temple on top of the mountain. You walk around covered, get blessings from buddhist monks and get drown in the peaceful environment..
Going to the Doi Suthep national park. Found a nice English speaking driver, to drive us around all day in a comfy airconditioned van.

2 November 2014

Old city temples and a lunch - dim sums with potato and meat freed balls :)
We walk into the old city for the sunday market walking street and some temple sightseeing.
Catmosphere caffe! We slept through our breakfast, and decided to go visit some kitties. We took two cabs and had to be guided by the host to find it, it was worth it!

1 November 2014

First of many...
Took a drive on a tuktuk from the night market to the hotel, feeling like in an action movie. Those drivers are crazy, I'm not even sure they know right from left! A wild ride it was!
Saturday night market. Lots of smells, tastes, crowd of adventurous people who are not afraid to try.. We tried: Squid, vegtable egroll, potato meat egroll, banan rotti, sticky rice with mango and coconut water from a real coconut!
Early evening, first time by foot in Chiang Mai. Things learned so far: crossing roads is suicide, Thai people don't really speak English, they just Smile, and Tuktuk drivers are Mad!
Arrived at our hotel - chiang mai plaza. Large room with a bath! Very asian view :)
Arrived at Bangkok airport. Waiting for the final destination for today - Chiang mai! We already tried some weird looking desserts of banana and coconut- and then marched straight to burger king!
We landed in Chiang Mai. Now the real 'resting' begins :)

31 October 2014

Arriving to Bangkok..
Air france lounge.. From now on, this is how I want to wait for my flights!!
Laduree on our stop to Thailand! 2 macaroons for each! Quick delights that end too fast!
On the flight from tel aviv to paris.
Air France is definitely not el-al. Real fork and knife, glass cups, China plates. Premium economy no.1 is already worth it
At the new Apple Store :)
And let the honeymoon begin...