Australia · 18 Days · 12 Moments · December 2015

Our Honeymoon ✈️

22 December 2015

Ok so I completely missed out a stop!!!! 1770 and Agnes Waters - we stopped off her prior to going to Hervey Bay! This is area that Captain Cook first discovered in.... You guessed it 1770. I have to say we didn't do all that much here, the weather didn't help - the majority of the time we were there it was pretty rainy and dull. However it broke up our huge journey and is also a pretty cool place to say we've been! We stayed at the captain cook campsite and I can highly recommend the chicken schnitzel with chips and salad! Made for one happy Christie.

20 December 2015

Hervey Bay
Next stop was Hervey Bay - the camp sites are slowly starting to get more expensive and a lot busier the further south we go! Hervey Bay is another gorgeous seaside town, but a lot more going on! We spent our first day down by the beach which was never ending and we could actually go in the sea at there were no stingers (jelly fish) or sharks.... So she told me - not that I believed her for a second! Anyway we went in! Sam spent most of the afternoon floating around on his new "Aussie" ball and I dipped in and out and sunbathed for the majority of the day. We found an incredible restaurant called Coast - all sharing meats and seafood, incredible! We definitely want to come back and spend a bit more time here! On the second night we stayed we found a tapas bar to eat out at which was really chilled and just what we needed as we had an early start to make on way down to Surfers Paradise (we've slightly changed our plans in order to coordinate with meeting up with different friends!)

10 December 2015

So we arrived in Airlie Beach - now this really is something. It's a gorgeous sea side town with loads of stuff to do, full of the hustle and bustle of people on holidays and backpackers. I can tell already we are going to love it here. We got up pretty early this morning and went on an extremely sweaty run down to the center to explore. They have a huge lagoon right by the beach which I'm pretty sure is where we plan on spending our day today... Tanning!!!!

9 December 2015

Our second stop was Mission Beach. We just stayed the one night here - Mission Beach was a lot smaller than Port Douglas, the beach was equally as beautiful but just not quite as much to do! Anyway we went out for a lovely lunch and then headed back to camp in order to rest before the long 6 hour journey ahead of us to Airlie Beach the next day!

8 December 2015

So we decided to stay another night in Port Douglas as we absolutely love it here :) had a lovely meal out last night and then came back to our hotel room and crashed out by 10:30 and then didn't wake up until 10:00 this morning... Bliss!! We spent an hour or so on the beach before we gave into the heat and went for some lunch. Tonight we have checked into the camp site and so far I'm pleasantly surprised - the air con in our van works brilliantly and we've set up our bed in the back. The camp site has a pool, tennis courts and all the laundry facilities which is great! After a little while by the pool - we set out our chairs and table outside and had a beer :) We took a trip to the supermarket earlier to stock up with supplies for this evening as we are planning to cook dinner in the camper and watch home and away! Sounds pretty similar to our evenings at home!

7 December 2015

Port Douglas. Just wow - this place is absolutely beautiful. Mostly full of real life Australians enjoying their holidays rather than backpackers, it's seriously chilled out and the beach is gorgeous. We're staying one night at the Regal Port Douglas and then we are going to test out the campsite tomorrow! After a run around the place to check out the sites Sam has rewarded us with some Pure Blond Beers and for me... Prosseco!
Arrived in Cairns to pick up our camper van! Quick stop at the shopping centre to grab some new trainer, some gym gear from Lorna Jane and some serious amounts of water!!! We than headed straight up north to a gorgeous seaside town called Port Douglas. Dropped off out bags and we're heading out for a run to explore the beach!!! (Not sure how we're going to cope in this heat!!!!)

6 December 2015

Early morning start with a trip back to the airport in Sydney! Set a great example of a true Brit abroad by dragging my bag too quickly onto the escalator, only for it to the hit the step in front and topple back down again of course taking me with it! However, a plus point, Sam managed not to spill his coffee! #winning Sham about my ribs though! Anyway we are now checked in and sat enjoying breakfast in the Qantas lounge! Off to Cairns we go!

5 December 2015

So we arrived in the beautifully hot Sydney sunshine... This really could be one of the best places on earth. Checked into our hotel and then go out and about exploring! We took a boat trip to Watsons Bay for lunch and then headed over to Bondi Beach. Simply gorgeous!! Back to the airport tomorrow morning for our flight up to Cairns where the adventure begins, but I have to say I already cannot wait to get back to Sydney!!!!!
One leg down... One to go! Just about to board at Singapore airport. We managed to get about 7 hours sleep on the first flight so we are ready to go.

4 December 2015

Pre flight dinner at The Gorgeous Kitchen :) starting as we mean to go on!!