United States of America · 13 Days · 13 Moments · June 2018

Our Epic Cycling Adventure ... SF or Bust!

30 June 2018

Drove through the Avenue of the Giants and saw the truly spectacular redwoods. There was hardly any traffic and so peaceful! When we left the forest we climbed through Humbolt and Mendocino counties. The heat on the road was at least 100 degrees, so we stopped early and found our campsite and took a good nap. Tomorrow it’s back to the coast. 😀

29 June 2018

Headed inland today so we can spend tomorrow I. The big trees. Not a particularly hard ride but we had a few hikes through gravel and some roads that were paved I think by asphalt falling off the back of the truck. Got to see the Loleta cheese factory and say hello to Leslie. Tonight we are sleeping in a hobbit-ish treehouse! Super fun and a read bed - WooHoo!

28 June 2018

Day 8 was a rest day and really what we did was, well, rest. We walked on the beach and laid around woo Hoo...! We were back on the road today, day 9, from Brookings OR, to the National Redwood Park in CA. I am always in awe of these giant trees, and these aren’t even the really big ones. 70 miles today and 2 big “Welcome back to California” hills to climb. The wind was NOT our friend today. Bikes are working great and everyone feels pretty good. We are sharing our campsite with a small herd of large Elk! I guess that’s why they call the “Elk Prairie Campground” - go figure. 😘

26 June 2018

Day 7 was lovely! After breakfast with Dad we left Bandon with a terrific tail wind. We climbed about 4500 feet but at the top of each climb was a beautiful ocean view. Ended the day in Brookings OR and tomorrow is our rest day😁. Marisa took some fantastic photos, and I took some less than stellar video - but you might get a kick out of it. We found the hotel hot tub tonight and will relax and rest tomorrow.
Day 6 was hard. We woke up to drizzle that turned to rain as we rolled up our tent, and packed the car. A mutual decision to find coffee first took us to Reedsport and the Sugar Shack - which lived up to its name in pastries and morning deliciousness. We finally got on the mostly dry road about 10:30 which cut our day to 53 miles. I should have known that we were in for a good climb when the street name was “The 7 Devils” but it didn’t look too bad on Strava... it was a suffer fest. What got me through the day was knowing that my dad was waiting for me. Life is like that some days, just unexpectedly hard, and what makes all the difference, what keeps us going is that our Dad is rooting for us, and waiting for us, and has dinner on.... thanks Dad!

24 June 2018

Just another day in paradise. It was a beautiful but windy day- thankfully not much of a direct headwind. 80 miles of curvy coastal roads. Lots of up and down cliffs but the views were all worth it.

23 June 2018

Spent Day 4 along the Oregon coast. This morning we has some typical Oregon drizzle, that really was more like rain. Then ice cream for lunch at the Tillamook factory store, and detoured over to the coast for some amazing views. Susan did a little beach hopping and bike support while Marisa and I rode about 80 miles. Only one flat so far and no bike trouble - thanks Andrew!!

22 June 2018

Today we made it to Oregon - stopped in Cannon Beach and put our toes water. Then headed back to Austoria and met up with a couple APU alum that Marisa knew who are also cycling the coast. We all had dinner at a brew pub. Clearly the main trucking industry here is lumber- LOTS of trucks. Highlights were the 5 mile bridge into Austoria and the cool rocks at Cannon Beach. 70 miles today. Took about 5 1/2 hours.

21 June 2018

Olympia to Bruceport WA today! Great cycling weather - overcast and cool. Some construction slowed us down but overall a great day! Susan found a great burger place for lunch and we had an adventure setting up the tent. Tomorrow it’s down the coast!

20 June 2018

Day 1 in the books! Seattle area is BEAutiful. A bit busy downtown but once we were on the peninsula by the beach it was lovely. Vashon Island, while a bit hilly was fantastic. The last 35 flew by. No bike issues, a few stops to check the GPS, one car a bit out of his lane, but we have arrived safely at our destination!

19 June 2018

Beautiful and easy flight in - bike in one piece but evidently TSA wanted to look in the box?? A little shopping and some down time before we start tomorrow morning.

18 June 2018

Packed and ready to go! Sam thinks she is coming with - silly dog. Departure time 5am. Yikes!!

17 June 2018

Seriously- we head to Seattle on Tuesday for a 2 week tour of the West coast from Seattle - staring at the space needle - and ending on the 4th of July in San Francisco! My plan is to keep the journal updated daily to record where we are and what’s happening along the way! We appreciate any comments, encouragement and prayer as we ride our bikes about 1000 miles!