Austria · 1 Days · 15 Moments · June 2015

Our day in Austria

16 June 2015

Getting some ice cream for dessert. Banana, lemon, cherry-cream, and kiwi.
So our only meal in Austria (we haven't had a meal today, just snacks) and we choose subway haha. Also, my happy flirt smoothie was really good!
The back of the Belvedere Palace. Super pretty back here.
Cactus garden and bamboo in the botanical gardens. We stumbled upon this place by accident though we had thought about going there. We just hadn't mapped it yet so it just happened.
A fountain. I'm not sure where this is. We just stumbled upon this as well. And stopped to sit down for a bit. It's pretty though.
Just the view down the streets and some miscellaneous buildings.
Also not sure what this is. We were just walking and saw it
I saw another ambulance. This one is Austrian. So I have Czech and Austria.
So we also went to Prater Park. Expensive but super fun! I went on a tall swing thing, a backwards roller coaster, Tornado, and Volare. My mom and I also went on another one but I don't know the name of it.
There was a total of 254 globes in this museum. Cassandra, I think you better step up your game ;) you're falling behind. They ranged in age too. I'm not sure what the oldest globe was, but it wasn't exactly new!
I only got pictures from the one room but there were two rooms that had only 2 globes in them, making them the rooms with the least amount of globes.
This room was third in amount of globes at 57 total globes. It also contained the smallest globe at just 2.5 cm (0.98 in).
This room had the most as well as the biggest. 84 in this room. And the largest globe was 118 cm (46.5 in).
By the way I counted the globes. Room by room. There was a total of 7 rooms.
Globe Museum. Way cool and not touristy!