Switzerland, Norway · 12 Days · 54 Moments · July 2018

our adventure in Norway

24 July 2018

Tired but almost home...
Had a good last fly and now we just have to get home from zutic. 🛬
A last cardgame at the airport in Oslo
Always working & coffee if there's nothing else😂 We got to the airport in Kirkenes to take the first airplane to Oslo🛫. There we have to get out🛬 and take another airplane to Zuric🛫 and there the train to Basel. 🚅 It's the first time for me that I have to change the airplane😊✈

23 July 2018

Our last evening is here and the last "sunset" (even tough the sun doesnt go down) at the sea.
So this is Kirkenes. It's really small and there is one shoppingstreet and one shoppingcenter that's it. But it is really cute and they have some restaurants and coffees. There are a lot of bycicle in different colours as decoration.
After 7days in a small cabine and with small beds (we shared one so if you dont remember go and check the photos of the cabine) we finally got a big room and bed.
Arrived in Kirkenes. With the boat and really big lifejacket we went to the Russian boarder. It was really nice because our guide was happy and kindly. It was interesting but Roman and I hoped that we could get over the boarder but we couldn't. The guide told us if we'll put a finger 5cm too far the police will come and we would have to pay a penalty of 1000 swissfrancs. So it's better if you stay far away 😂

22 July 2018

After we played cards there was a waving competition between us and our sister ship. So a lot of people went on deck 5 to wave with flags, towels and hands. It was really cool because there was loud music and of course we won 😊
Dinner today 😋 They had a delicious polenta ratatouille And of course the dessert was amazing! The brown thing u see in the top was my favourite! It tasted like the chocolate inside a bar of Lindtchocolate.
Arrived at the Northcape!🌐 The globe symbolizes the northest point and we were there! Itwas amazing because the island was so special. There wasn't a tree and they told us a lot of things. For example that the weather we had today was soo special for this place, normally it's way colder and often you cant even see the sea. The next thing which was an amazing feeling was, that we were over the clouds. It wasn't just fog and we only were 307m over the sea! Also the lakes were really cute and I had a feeling I can't describe to be there see the sea and know this is THIS point and this island already counting to the Arctic.... so basically I was in the Artic!😲😍 Before we started the journi I told Roman that we have to build up a stonetower and today we did☺
Today we had a big programm. It's our second last day on the ship and today we did the most exciting trip to the northcape. Thats the point which is the northest in Europe. It's on a Island which is called Honningsvåg. First we had bad luck because when we wanted to buy the bus ticket they told us that they are sold out. So it was a big disappointment but then we had also good luck and we could drive with another bus. So on the way we got a surprise and saw a lot of rendeers and we made a stop to see a Sami family and a reindeer really near😊 Everytime I saw one I was like a child and I was soo happy because for me it's not normal at all to see reindeers😂

21 July 2018

In the evening after dinner we went on Deck 7 and luckily we saw a rainbow🌈
This afternoon we went to the Polaria this is an aquarium with seals, fish and so on. It was really cute the seals showed some tricks to us. And of course we had a coffee 😊☕
This afternoon we went to the Polaria this is an aquarium with seals, fish and so on. It was really cute the seals showed some tricks to us.
Today we ate breakfast late so my lunch wasn't that big bcs i wasn't hungry😂

20 July 2018

Now we have midnightsun. That means 24hours light! 😲☺
After dinner we drove into the Trollfjord. They said it's one of the most beautiful part... and it's true! It was amazing and the mountains were really special.
A short break in Lofoten.
A delicious pancake as an afternoon snack😍
After we crossed the polarcircle we ate breakfast. And because we stand up so early we slept again... but the problem was.. Roman and I almost overslept and today it would have been a problem because we went to a trip and we had to be on time. But we've done it and so we could go to the trip... If you asked which trip im going to tell you now haha We went to the world's stronges tidewater it's called Saltstraumen. On the way we got some informations about the city Bodø. I've made some pics and probably you alreadyrecognized that I love the typical houses and lighthouses...🙈😊 The tidewater today wasn't so strong like other days because of the good weather and i think because of the low tide When we came home there were two certificates at our door that we crossed the polarcircle. I found it a really cute idea😁☺
Here you can see a globe. And this is the symbole for the polarcircle. So we stand up really early today!! To see how we drive "over" the circle. It was really cool of course for some people it's nothing special but I mean how many people of you have already done this?

19 July 2018

Here you can see a pic before dinner... the weather was really nice and i love the lighthouses and the ship made the pic perfect😊 For dinner i had soup, for the maincourse chicken with vegetables and for the dessert sth like panna cotta🍮 After dinner of course we went outside to do some more sunset pictures😍🌅
In the afternoon we drove into a small "waterstreet" which was with 15m really narrow.
Lunch today😋
Today we made a stop in Trondheim. We walked through the city and got some free frappuccino from starbucks to try😋 i prefer the blueberry😁 And to finish the visit we went again to the espressohouse and i ttied a matcha latte. I thought it would be better 😂

18 July 2018

This was my dinner... Durin dinner im almost vegetarian. Some times I'll get chicken. Bcs i told them that there are too many types of meat i don't eat and its too complicaded and I don't eat fish so yes...🙈 But i liked my menu and the dessert is always the best😍🍨🍰
Today we went to the famous Geirangerfjord. It was really beatiful but on the way back it started raining... so for me time to do some stuff for the school.
I totally forgot to tell about our game... Thomas and I won😄 it was my first game and we won with 400points more 😄
Here you can see how beautiful the sunset was
At two o'clock in the morning the first alarm went off. We put it on to see the place we made our first stop. It was dark😲 This morning we left the ship for the first time after yesterday evening for 20min 😁

17 July 2018

Welcome on board! See our small but cute room😊 Its fantastic here we have a fitnessroom which will be my trainingsplace, a wirlpool, a sauna, coffeeshops and so on. In the evening when the sun went down it was sooo beautiful! This pictures can't show how it really was. At the end the su was really red and I could directly look into the sun.
To be sure: a good coffee before we leave the land and go on sea. And... finally I've learned the swiss game which is called: Jasse😂. And i really like it😊
Afterwards we went again to the little rain coffeshop. I took some new cookies and a freddo cappuccino☕😄🍪 Then we went to the UNESCO world heritage. It was really nice bcs there is the famous houses but u never think that behind them is a small village with more similar houses.
After a great breakfast again (muffins, honey and so on..)😋 we went to a viewing pont on the top of Bergen. There Roman and I went canoeing on a little lake. It was quite funny😂

16 July 2018

In the evening Roman and I went to the fitnessroom for almost 1.5h and then we went out for running 🏃 so 2h workout.💪 it was beautiful bcs the sun went down😀
Found this little coffeeshop it's so lovely and I absolutelly love it! And it's soo good😊☕
Explore the city 😊
Arrived in Bergen. That's our hotelroom fro this night. A bit small but perfect for getting ready for the boatcabine:)
Of course during 6.5h trip I'm also working... 😂 But its way better to work with such a view than home📚
Pictures out of the train. The nature is so nice here!
I would say.. I've got the best place😊
We're ready for our 6.5h long traintravel! Got some coffee at the espresso house (probably for the last time) and then took our seats. I can't wait to see the ship we'll travel with😊

15 July 2018

After swimming in the sea we went again to the espressohouse and i bought a new cup 😊 The sea was so nice it wasn't that cold and not really salty haha And the time flew by in Oslo and tomorrow will go to Bergen. I think Oslo is a really beautiful city but I think three days are enough to stay there.:)
In the morning we went with a boat to another island to see the Folkemuseum. It was really interesting they built up a whole village with old building from different periods of times (for exaple buildings from the 60ties)
Today we had again a great breakfast to start in the day😁

14 July 2018

Of course we're watching football... Let's go England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Roman and I did some shopping and I bought a new tshirt.😊 And... finally we found an Espresso House. Two years ago I went the first time to a Espresso House in Finnland and when I was at the airport in zuric I already checked if they have this here too. It was great it's like Starbucks but better I really live it😂😊
I really liked this glas on the table🙈😁 On the way back home we went to the gravestone of Eduard Munch.
After a great breakfast we walked next to a river to the market. There it wasn't so interesting but the way was quite nice 😊

13 July 2018

After the dinner we walked back to the hotel. On the way we saw this opera house which has a really interessting architecture, and you can walk up to the roof and there you have a nice view. Some minutes later we arrived home. Its fantastic to see how the darkness won't come☺
After our arrival we went to the city and visited some things like the palace. Oslo is a really nice city and they have a lot of green places. We stopped at the seaside for eating dinner. We went to a Jamie's Italian restaurant.
In the airplane we had big luck bcs Roman and I sat next to the exit so we had more space for our legs😄 It was a really good flight and we also got some coffee and tea🙊 After we took the train we had to walk to our hotel which is really close to the trainstation.
Before we're going to go to Oslo with the airplane we have some coffee and a croissant at the airport. Of course i'm having a cappuccino☺