Australia and Oceania, Asia · 9 Days · 23 Moments · September 2017

7 October 2017

Wat Arum, the river, and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Oh and the thunderstorm and RAAAAAIN.
Traffic in Bangkok. Cars, trucks, tuk-tuks and bikes, you name it, Bangkok has it.
Back in Bangkok We flew back to Bangkok on Sunday afternoon (don't even mention how the car trip from Chiang Mai to the airport went..). To Rain. Rain. And a bit more rain. It turns out that we were there for a really wet and horrible patch of weather that was passing over the city for a couple of days. When it rains in Southeast Asia it well and truly pours. It is amazing how wet you can get in so little time.
Massage time! This was a good part - looking at a menu of treatments!
Insect Musem! Eva was far too excited for this. It was quite interesting, with nearly everything in there collected by one very talented lady who had devoted her life to studying mosquitos. Thousands of insects, stones and pieces of wood. She was definitely devoted!

6 October 2017

The Elephant Sanctuary Nowadays the tourism has shifted from elephant rides to washing and caring. I can see why, this was an amazing experience! The best part was taking the elephants into the nearby river amd bathing with them. Our favourite was the little baby called Sunday. He was a very naughty little guy who was only arou 9 months old. He was always running around and playing with things and getting very excited with people. At three years old he will be sent to elephant school where he will get some much needed training. For now though, he is a ball of fun as we found out!
Catmosphere. A cafe with cats. Interesting idea taken from Japan, and it totally gives a new vibe to the ordinary cafe experience.
Just a quick side-note - the Tigers WON THE GRAND FINAL! Even the Old Boy got around them! YELLOW AND BLACK!
The ladies frocked up for a seafood dinner! Sadly no photos exist of the actual dinner as it was demolished far too quickly bit there was some delicious fried fish, curried crab and Tom Yum soup on the menu. Freshly caught and cooked up all for less than $20 Aud!
Eva driving on the left. Doing okay, but giving the wipers a workout.
The summit of Doi Inthanon Lovely lush rainforests with some little critters wandering around

1 October 2017

Doi Inthanon This is the tallest mountain in Thailand at 2500 meters. It is all covered in lush forest right up to the summit and had a whole bunch of waterfalls to stop off and visit. This particular cascade was notable only because Eva marched us to the top of the falls. This proved to be a mistake as there was no view at all of the top of the waterfall. It was a long way down again so we took the road option On our way down, Miriam fell over in the mud! Poor Miriam!
We hired a car! I was a bit apprehensive about driving in Thailand but I needn't have worried, it proved to be really quite easy. The car was a little beast, it almost got up a mountain...
Thai supermarket time!! They have a Tesco in Chiang Mai! Some of the more novel features were oversized ladies' items, crab donuts and lots and lots of meat.
Eva's Boat Soup looked good, and I was keen to try it. Turns out it was the spiciest thing I've eaten in quite some time!
Our first taste of Chiang Mai While we were waiting for Eva's plane to in, Miriam and I decided to go for a little walk around town. We visited Wat Phra Singh and walked south. We wound up getting lost trying to find a night market but stumbled upon a buddhist ceremony. Miriam was, once again, famished so we bought little packages of noodles and rice, wrapped in banana leaf. We then walked back up a road with hundereds of little kerosene lanterns on it (kind of novel but not all that pleasant given the smoke) and found our way back to an actual market. At the actual night market we indulged a little more. Miriam's crepe was chocolate, with nutella and banana and more chocolate sauce!
There is also a resident Flamingo at our hotel...

28 September 2017

Lunch. I'm not at all apologetic if this journi becomes a food diary. Read and be envious. This was a gorgeous little food stall near our accommodation in Chiang Mai. It's run by a Thai/Chinese chef who knows how to stirfry his noodles. I had a kale*and crispy pork stirfry and Miriam had Pad Thai. It was great and for around $6 Aussie, was even cheaper than Bangkok. The best part of the experience though was the coffee to go. I wondered what planet the barrista was on when he was pouring it into a plastic bag, but hey - I am more than happy to be proved wrong by a master-craftsman. *The green was definitely not kale...
Vamos a Chiang Mai! And another free seat in the middle, if you don't mind!
Breakfast! Where to eat, what to do? We finally settled on a lottle stall which did take-away pad thai and iced coffees by the street. The cost of food is amazing - close to $8 for everything. Mine had a touch too much chilli than I believe is necessary for breakfast but I couldnt complain at all. Miriam also enjoyed hers, she even got some pork and rice with her pepper!
Eva's Apartment Arriving into Bangkok's Don Mamuaeng Airport has me a touch concerned. Ancient, barely illuminated and totally deserted our air asia plane pulled up beside an disused 747 at the far end of the runway. At this point I was having several harmless thoughts such as: that this is probably what it would be like for a prisoner arriving for exile, and maybe this is the part right before they start harvesting a plane load of tourists' organs. These were most likely influence by my listening to over 5 hours of podcasts on Genghis Khan on the flights here. Anyway, once we got through the dump of an airport (its decrepit status very close to leaving a sour first impression of Thailand), we were brought back onside by purchasing a cheap sim card for internet and a great taxi ride into town. Eva's apartment is immense. Part of a corporate neighborhood in Bangkok, its towers reach into the sky. Her place is lavishly decorated and very spacious, and it was great to see her again!
Sushi Burrito! If this is food fusion in Singapore then I'm game. The inclusion of spiced capsicum into the roll was an interesting move and it really made this Samurai Chicken Special different. Earing it became a bit of a mess though
And we are away! Jetstar are really hitting their stride in the Asian market - lovely new plane, spare seats (lucky) and an obliging cabin crew who took this pic for us. Cheesy, hey?