United States of America · 66 Days · 52 Moments · March 2018

Orchestra Spring Trip 2018

5 May 2018

We went to Whataburger the way back for breakfast
In the hotel, it was so cold but we still went to the pool, the pool was cold so we went to the jacuzzi, and Kerr bought me and him Monster. I TRIED MONSTER FOR THE FIRST TIME. The first few sips were nice but the rest was like gasoline

17 April 2018

....open. While we were deciding where to go next in France, I saw Aurora and I gasped loudly and they all looked at me like I was having a heart attack and asked me if I was okay and then I pointed to Aurora and the gang was like “you can go, we can wait here” (again they are the best)

28 March 2018

I’m so mad at myself b/c I forgot my autograph book for Hollywood Studios and Epcot so I had to tape Aurora’s autograph.

24 March 2018

The macaroons were meh. Story time! So the picture that looks like ice cream is what I had ordered so when I ordered it they asked for my ID and the tribe was like “yeah-no” and I was like “what you mean no, what’s wrong?” b/c I was confused...fast forward, I learned that it had rum sooo then I was like, “yeah, I’m not gonna have that”

13 March 2018

Our plan of Epcot. Since China and Japan didn’t open till 11 we had time to take pictures. And obviously the tribe didn’t follow the line, but it’s fine.
Okay so the guys ate lunch at Germany but I didn’t eat lunch b/c I buying popcorn and a glass for Mami and then they ate again at Japan while I was buying stuff which I also didn’t eat there. So for dinner, we had to choose somewhere cheap and where we can eat (as in no alcohol, not just snacks, no meat for me) . I wanted to go to a place in Norway, Andrew wanted to go to France, and Avery, Jalen, and Jackson wanted to eat in China. So first, the restaurants in France had one with wine and bread and cheese, one was too expensive, and the other one had a long line so we went to Italy.... Italy was too expensive so we went to China..... China had a medium line but had a limited menu (Teriyaki chicken, tofu, and another type of chicken) so we went back my original plan which was Norway,but the restaurant was CLOSED (it had food that would fill us, that I could eat, and it was cheap) so then we were like “forget it, let’s just go to Mexico” which happened to be one of the few restaurant

12 March 2018

Just pictures of the globe since we were always the first ones to meet at the front of the parks. It was weird because I was actually tired and wanted to go home and I was super pumped to show/tell everyone how the trip was during the ride back home. It was so hard to unpack b/c of all the bittersweet memories 🙂😔 Me and Nat were talking with each other about our saltiness for a solid 3 hours
Epcot food part 2 😉👍🏻 I give the Mexican food ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ the hot chocolate was great (just how I like it) b/c since it was dark, it was cold (not as cold as Magic Kingdom). The guacamole was surprisingly good, although my taste in guacamole is with lime
Our beautiful pictures 😊😊😊😊
Japan was amazing. The only thing I bought were the big 🎞 which were $5 each while Ashitaka’s deer cost $40! I bought 4 🎞 I had to call Mami b/c I had no idea what to buy and what not to buy, though most of it was clear with the drastic prices
Pictures in France at around 8 AM which was perfect b/c there were barely any people and the shops were just starting to open, though most of them were closed. We also passed by band geeks a lot and yelled at “OMG, is that TMHS Band?!” Or “OMG, is that TMHS Roaring Blue?!”

11 March 2018

How Ale spent the trip. 😂 Look at her face when she met Kylo Ren! How much admiration is shown in her face
For lunch, I didn’t feel like giving them my real name so I just said ‘Mimi’ the pizza came with a Caesar salad...does this look like a Caesar salad to you. Then we went to Rock n’ Rollercoaster again at night. Oh I forgot to state this but Morgan entered our group again 😒 don’t get me started on how he ditched us (I’m very salty about it) I accidentally sliced my hand so I tied two napkins together and voila! I sliced it during lunch and it started bleeding but when we reached the spot to meet up with the orchestra there was a water stand that had ice in it so I got some and was just pressing it on the cut. Everyone thought I cut my hair or something b/c since it was so hot I put my whole hair in my hat. After that we had our Workshop and I knew all the songs when he asked *hair flip* 😏
DAY FIVE: HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS This was the first day which was hot. We first went to Rock n’ Rollercoaster then we walked and passed through some shops and then we ate lunch.
Why do all the restrooms in Disney not have mirrors?
......the only thing I know is that he’s from Kansas. Right when I find the guy who has met my standards he just has to live far away ☹️☹️😫😫😫😫😫😫😢😢 but I know that if we were meant to know each other, we will meet again...someday. Eh, well after the trip I kind of was just like ‘meh’ about him
At the dance party I met the guy of my dreams. While the tribe was watching over my precious milkshake I was dancing and me and him were the only two who knew how to dance to the Cupid Shuffle and when I saw him dance it was like 🕊ALLELUIA ALLELUIA🕊 then he took a break while I tried to dance to the song that goes “whabababy whabbaby whabbaby split” or something like that and I failed miserably and I think he might have seen me 😬😬😬🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😣😖😵😵. I was star struck 🤩 I mean 😍👌🏻 he was the only guy i’ve met that meets my expectations: he can dance, good hygiene/well groomed, good sense of style (as in clothing), is super nice, good with kids (he was playing and even dancing with them 😆 how cute is that!). He has met the adequate amount of standards for a guy I saw/talked with for like 10 minutes. He looked like either a senior in HS or a freshman in college... maybe a junior in HS. I was so bummed out b/c I didn’t catch his name or phone number.....

10 March 2018

Next we went to Seuss Landing and I really wanted to go to the Green Eggs and Ham restaurant hoping that it would have real green eggs and ham but it was closed 😞...but when I was checking around the restaurant if t was open I found BLUE MULCH! Then we went back to universal and went to the Simpsons section and got the famous donut which was HUMONGOUS. We finished it all debt the six of us but man is the icing sugary
We could finally go the the Chocolate Factory Emporium b/c on the first day of Universal I saw people walking with Madison jars and a half finished milkshake with a straw and I was like, “Where are they getting that from?!” Soooo after dinner, which was in a quiet cafe near the entrance of universal, we went to the Emporium and I ordered the brownie milkshake and it was soooooo good! Then we went to a dance party in Islands of Adventure while most of the orchestra was at the Mardi Gras festival in Universal
Whenever Andrew takes pictures of me he takes up all my space with 50 pictures, “at least one of them has to be good”. He took so many for my pose with the dinosaur. For the water rides I had my swimsuit underneath my clothes so I just took off my shirt, shorts, and socks and was just in my bathing suit, raincoat, and keenes. Me, Jacky, Josh, and Jalen were the only ones who went to the white water rafting but the Ripsaw falls was like a triple Splash Mt. and we all went. After that we continued to Jurassic Park...the tribe didn’t want to get wet again so we didn’t go on the River Adventure 😔 Ale and Avery told me that the Kong Skull Island wasn’t worth it at all but it looked SO COOL on the outside!
Next we went to Harry Potter and we saw the castle and everything. The tribe drank more bitter beer while I drank the fishy ale drink that had tapioca in it and some more pumpkin juice.
Second day of Universal was all about Island of Adventures, I reminded the tribe to wear their swimsuits underneath their clothes b/c this was the day when we’re going to get soaking wet! Jackson forgot his universal card so he had to go back to the hotel with Mr. Eckhart so while we waited for him we went on the Incredible Hulk ride which was awesome but it took a long time since we chose to go to the front row seating line. Then when Jacky came back we went to Doctor Doom’s Fearfall which was not worth, the fearfall in Kima is way better, I also took a nap while waiting in line, 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know something about the atmosphere made me sleepy. After that we went to Captain America Diner but I wasn’t hungry so the rest of the tribe ate, in the middle of eating, Ale’s group entered the diner too! Such a coincidence!
Instead of starting up or in a straight line then falling, we did the climaxing part but then in the middle of it, we went zooming, we went upside and everything. We did it again at night since Jackson really wanted to go on it. During the day time it’s scarier going upside down b/c you can see the water in the river

9 March 2018

My outfit for Universal
We have arrived to Universal!!! 😱😀🤗
For the first day of Universal, the whole orchestra had to eat at Hard Rock Cafe (of course like in Magic Kingdom my group was the first waiting at the globe, I even napped on the fake grass) which didn’t have a variety of food but the music was AWESOME! Bohemian rhapsody, death of a bachelor, A game, you give love a bad name, etc. Plus the stuff there were super cool!
Since the boys didn’t want to head to start doing stuff at Islands of Adventure after the Mummy ride, we just walked around seeing what there is, in the end we went to Transformers and then we stopped by a gift shop ($40 for a Thing 1 and 2 sweater!) then we headed to the Universal Globe. During the mummy ride I saw the warning sign and the first part got me thinking, the next time somebody asks me out I’ll just show them this picture
Harry Potter and Diagon Alley was amazing. The Wands have changed since the last time I had been there in 2015 because my wand isn’t an interactive one. Oh also the water statue sprayed water on me so that was fun. I like the butter war but after some time the aftertaste is bitter.
Totally forgot it was Friday and Lent so I accidentally ate chicken. No wonder Andrew and Jackson picked to eat fish and chips
Now I know what GL HF DD means: Good Luck Have Fun Don’t Die
We waited two hours to ride Space Mountain because there weren’t any fast passes left for space mt. While waiting the gang and I played Never-Have-Ever, talked, etc.
The boys are so sweet!! They chose to see Princess Tiana and Rapunzel for me plus the line was 50 minutes. They even agreed on taking a picture with them. They are the best 👌🏻
We did a really bad decision in choosing to do Splash Mountain FastPass at 7:00. You might be jealous that we’re in Disney but are you jealous of us walking out of Splash Mountain soaked in 53 degree.

8 March 2018

What happened during the FastPass wait line for The Haunted Mansion
Lunch at Tomorrowland
I was distracted in making bubbles that I almost walked into the boys restroom with the guys until they turned around and said “hey viv?...I don’t think you can go through to the boys bathroom”
What we did while waiting for Buzz Lightyear. Mickey ears with graduation hats in the middle how cute! I was bored so I became a tattoo artist. During the ride my finger was hurting from shooting so many times
After riding the monorail and doing our finger identification we tried to find the kiosk to choose our Fastpasses: Splash Mt, Tomorrowland Speedway, and Haunted Mansion
🎶I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.🎶 While waiting to get off of bus we sang ‘In the Jungle’ and ‘All Star’
It’s so hard to get dressed in the restroom on the bus. My contacts case almost fell off the counter twice! I’ve banged against the one that I’m surprised I don’t have any bruises. The struggle is real 😩☹️
🤭I just realized I forgot to say goodbye to Neko. Please forgive me 😭😿
Just learned that Iowa is pronounced Ioway
😳😾😾😾Right when I was about to drift off to sleep they just had to turn on the lights to change drivers. 🙋🏻‍♀️✨This girl needs her beauty sleep✨👑😎😴 especially since i’m meeting Ariel, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, etc. tomorrow.....or should I say today?
We unexpectedly stopped in Alabama for gas....at 12 in the MORNING...I slept for at least two hours. 😯Look at all the cool worthless stuff I want to buy. The only actual thing I was going to buy was lip balm b/c I finished mine but they only have cheap lip balm ☹️ guess I’m not buying anything here then

7 March 2018

Eating dinner at Chick-fil-A in Lafayette Louisiana. I can’t believe they don’t have Mac n’ cheese as a side! “LAFAYETTE! I’m taking this horse by the reins makin red coats redder with blood stains LAFAYETTE! And I’m never gonna stop.....”
I was bored. Have already watched TV, played games, conversed. After taking pics of sunset I took a nap
First hour of driving was watching The Princess Bride

6 March 2018

So I lost my chapstick in school before we had to go to the orchestra room so my lips were chapped since the third and fourth day in which Andy let me use his chapstick and then I bought Vaseline chapstick from the hotel and it took about two days for my lips to heal. You have no idea the struggle I had in the magic Kingdom. My lips were red, that’s how chapped they were.

1 March 2018

This is what I thought my suitcase would look like when I packed for Disney