Brazil · 3 Days · 5 Moments · January 2017

Ooooh Rio with the Christo ❤️

4 January 2017

So back to the Christo 🙏😅 Just look at the pictures ❤️ We finally understand Rio and all it's places and we maybe love this cidade maravilhosa. It was such a long day. But it's never the end 🙄. Back in the Hostel there is no water 💦 #nãoagua #noshower #nodrinking In Botafogo and Copacabana is a water-working-thing. #nice😌 #hungry #thirsty So we buy something... We book the bus for tomorrow and the homepage said at the end of booking something like: not possible, try it again. But i got a mail with the "online ticket" 🙄😬😅 So we book one night in a hostel in Florianopolis hoping for the best 🙏. At five a clock in the morning #waterisavailable 🎉🎉🎉
We did a little crap for the way to the Cosmo Velho. I checked the route with the App Moovit: bus right in front of the restaurant and one kilometer walk to Cosmo Velho... At the bus was written Corcovado (thats the Christo). 🙏 #itwasashiddybus🚜🏎 🚵🏾‍♀️ The Moovit App was right, but on top of a Favela walking through the woods is a bad idea 😬😬😬. So a lot of vans to the Corcovado were driving through but we got the tickets for the train 🚂🙏. #45minutesleft We stand there a little bit on top of the favela waiting for the next bus which brings us to a place we know. Jumping into another bus to Cosmo Velho and got there at the right time 🚂. At the evening a french guy in the hostel told us that he is gone that day with a guy which he met on the street in a favela. Buying something to smoke 🚬 get ask by a guy with a machine guy if he is a policeman👮🏽. He told me that he want to go into another Favela tomorrow by himself. #youjusthavetotaketherightstreets 🙄 #internetpictu
The Christoday ❤️ #finally 😬 #lastdayinRio 💕 With an ice cold mate from Rui do Mate we drive to the point 'Cosmo Velho' where we can buy the train tickets 🚂 to the Christo. At 17:40 we can get the train, so 6 hours time for some stuff to do in Rio. (recommendations from Carlos (Aribnb) Up to the steps from St.Theresa there is a short walk to the Parc das Ruinas with a beautiful view. 🏙 From there we go to a restaurant with a view to the other side of the city 🌃 #expensive 💸 #tapiocabeju 🍙 #capirinhawithcoldbrewcoffee 🍸 #brazilnuticecream 🍨 St.Teresa is like a mixed living with favela and highclass people. At the steps you see which streets you really don't go! 🙄

3 January 2017

We were very broken at that day and only relax in the hostel. #getmoney 💰 #buyfood 🌮 #gototheBotafogobeach 🌤 #day3of2017 ✅

2 January 2017

Lapa & Santa Teresa 📍 There are some steps 📈 in Santa Teresa and we walk through Lapa to get there after taking a meal by Bob's burgers 🍔😄. It got late though and we got home after the steps and the Arça de Lapa.