Israel · 2 Days · 8 Moments · November 2015

Ong's trip to Israel

26 November 2015

Wonderful salad for lunch!
Visit to the Byzantine Empire Building where Emperor Constantine built in 3-4th century.
This is Turkey's breakfast. Oooo nice!
So nicer view while in bus!
Coffee NERO at Istanbul airport for a rest. Go out for breakfast. Find out what it is!
Istanbul's pass.
Safety - Arrived Istanbul Airport at 5.32am (SG Clock: 11.32am). Singapore to Istanbul (stopover) -11 hours. Weather: Rain, 17 C degree Dear Abba Father, thank you for the safety trip on us all. Next flight from Ist to Ammn - continue to protect us safety again! In the name of Jesus, Amen!

25 November 2015

Afrer seeing my mum off to Japan at Changi Airport, Terminal 3, i am having a Starbuck time at Changi Airport, Terminal 1. Waiting for my COOS Group at 8.15pm.