Netherlands · 3 Days · 5 Moments · October 2016

The start: Amsterdam

6 October 2016

Part two: Be a tourist So on the second day I switched my plan up. I wanted to visit some tourist attractions. Just like a normal tourist ;). So I got up in the morning headed out of my dorm room that now over night suddenly inhabited 6 people.. How the hell did I not realize that there were four more people coming in, packing out their things and going to sleep? Well that's another story. So I left the room, headed to my everyday bakery and ate. After that I planned my flight and what I wanted to see. Obviously I wanted to check out the Body world in Amsterdam. Since I started to work in the field of Biology I started to love it to bits. It was very impressive. To everyone who wants to learn about nervous stimulation, "happyness" and generally the human body, go check it out! After that I headed straight out for (1/x)

5 October 2016

I definitely have not visited everything worth a visit here in Amsterdam. It was a nice stay and I will gladly come back! Thank you Amsterdam. I had a blast! ❤
Part two: Be a tourist After that I headed straight out for Amsterdam's exhibition center. Where I attended Banksy's art exhibition. The exhibition was very interesting. It showed some details about Banksy's art first appearing in Public places and the hype he caused. They presented some of Banksy's testprints. After the tour you got the possibility to "spray" your own image. For that they provided an interactive whiteboard that was about 4 by two meters. They manipulated a small spray-can so you could "realistically" spray your Art. Obviously not too realistic, yet very funny to do! :) The fotos I post only show a small part of the exhibition, go check it out for yourself! :) After that I also visited the famous Sex museum of Amsterdam. It was a fun experience. For obvious reasons I could not make any picture's or share them here 😉. But I would also recommend visiting it! (2/3)

4 October 2016

Part One: get lost On my first day in Amsterdam I had one plan. I decided to just walk until I was lost and from there, walk on. I discovered many places, some so Iconic they were on Postcards, some undiscovered by the general eye, since it only was a back alley one does not usually visit. I loved the fact that I was able to just continue walking. It was totally worth it and I'll most probably go and do it all again in the next city I visit.

3 October 2016

So today I got up. Pretty nervous. I had it all packed, but needed to do paperwork beforehand. Also I didn't have a flight ticket.. The only thing I had was my goal. So I got up, found a hostel and went to the Airport. Now I'm here. Ready to go. Yet not ready to leave.