Portugal · 3 Days · 4 Moments · September 2016

On the Hunt for Ronaldo

10 September 2016

Day 1: France (2/3) We drove for 15 hours, through empty landscapes that got more yellow and dry as we went further south. We spotted signposts on the sides of the roads illustrating the various national castles and monuments that you could visit. What a great idea - shame Uk doesn't do this. There was this unusual futuristic theme park in the middle of nowhere called Futuroscope.
Day 1: France We had an early morning start: 4am is not the time of day you want to be woken up by your phone alarm. Luckily Saad and I didn't have to do any driving so we managed to get a few more hours sleep in the car. We drove through the dark and empty streets of South London and made it to Folkestone nice and early. I kept meaning to visit the coastline town but never had the chance (or never made the time). I was amazed at how beautiful it was. The cliffs peeking out from behind the Eurotunnel terminal were insane! We took coco to a dog park called "Walkies" but it was embarrassing when every dog that came up to Coco to say hello, was greeted with an aggressive bark. I think he things he's a human... We had breakfast and were called to the train for 8:50 where we queued at the top of a ramp and drove through a wide train door, filling up the train. It was amazing and so clever how they managed to fit so many people in!

8 September 2016

Day 0: Driving to London Lucky Little Coco. He's about to venture on yet another road trip with the Dossary's. But it'll be my first road trip through Europe with my family. Destination: Portugal Let's hope we don't kill each other on the way there.