Europe, North America · 24 Days · 65 Moments · April 2017

US West Coast 2017

7 May 2017

Delta 34... ✈️ on our way back home. 600Km or 58 minutes to go...

5 May 2017

Welcome to Seattle!
WSF Clinton -> Mukilteo Leaving Whidbey Island back to the mainland and down to Seattle... final stop!

4 May 2017

Progress update... to date 😊😉😎
The Inn at Langley on Whidbey Island 😊

3 May 2017

Washington State Ferries - On the Kennewick heading to Coupeville on Whidbey Island. Didn't spot any whales 🐳 😏
Lake Crescent

2 May 2017

Marymede Falls - a short hike from Lake Crescent Lodge... spectacular

1 May 2017

Shi Shi Beach - blissful tranquility (and a very cold swim in the Pacific 😳😊
Shi Shi trail through a rain forest water 💦 🌳

30 April 2017

Ruby Beach
Kalaloch Beach No.2
Great name! LoL... 😂
Good bye Klipsan Hideaway! 😎😊

29 April 2017

Kite festival at Long Beach... the world's longest beach!

28 April 2017

Klipsan Hideaway... home for the next two nights 😊
Welcome to Washington State!!
Lunch at Tiki's on 51st Streetbin Lincoln City - Clam Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl 🍜 not to mention the foot long hotdog!
Yachats State Park... heading north along the Oregon coast today... miles and miles of sandy beaches covered in driftwood
Good morning Driftwood Shores!

27 April 2017

End of Day 15 and just arrived in Florence, Oregon! Progress so far on the map ;-)
Oregan Dunes
Visit the canopy of these majestic trees at
The drive through tree.... Rocco (our SUV) fit through perfectly. 😱😊
Over 110m tall trees... some up to 2000+ years old... trunks that are wider than cars... just amazing.
Elk Meadow Cabins in Orick, CA right in the heart of the Redwood National Park

26 April 2017

Damage after a landslide on Route 299. Amazing job shifting rubble with a huge number of trucks.
Weaverville - delightful little town in the middle of the mountains!
Whiskeytown Lake recreational area... massive manmade lake. Now heading back west to the coast! 3 hour detour to avoid the 101 road closures around Leggett!
I-5 N just 361Km to go to Orick ;-)
Back in California's Central Valley (called Sacramento Valley up here... as opposed to San Joaquin Valley down south where we crossed it first at Bakersfield

25 April 2017

View over the Bay from Tiburon

24 April 2017

Pier 39 - Alcatraz, sunset over Golden Gate Bridge, seals and hot licks... ...not to mention the clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl (which was devoured so quickly I didn't get a photo 😃)
This vibrant and cosmopolitan city has a very special feel to it...

23 April 2017

Zuni Café - a San Francisco institution!! Bustling Market Street bistro serving famous roast chicken & other wood-fired eats.
The Stanford Hotel - on Nob Hill!! Right across from the Fairmont - with great views of downtown SF. A funky little (after the Bellagio) hotel with friendly staff and original decor.
San Francisco!! Golden Gate Bridge - and wandering around Sausalito!
Portola Valley - a spot of paradise! Staying with friends enjoying a local special: Fred's Steak and stargazing from the hot tub!

20 April 2017

MJ Live - Michael Jackson Tribute concert at Stratosphere! 🕺🏻
And more of Las Vegas!!

19 April 2017

Viva Las Vegas!
Hoover Dam! What an amazing feat of engineering!!
Loading up on carbs after the excitement of the Grand Canyon Heli this morning!!
Finally a Joshua tree up close and personal!
Grand Canyon to Kingman. Passing the legendary Route 66
One of the best - if not THE best - way to see the Grand Canyon!!! Thank you Mike! You were the best! (Great choice of music too. )
Ready for take off !
Oak Creek to Grand Canyon airport (Tuyasan)

18 April 2017

All this natural beauty and fresh air leaves one famished... Mexican feast (ok but not great)..

17 April 2017

Bell Rock trail heading north
Good morning from Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek... what a magical homestead tucked away between lush forest, the creek and towering rocks!

16 April 2017

Welcome to Sedona, AZ! Stunning rock formations in the sunset!!
Passing through a forest of Saguaro cacti 🌵
Stocking up for three days at our cabin at Trader Joe's in Surprise,AZ 🛒 in all of six minutes - as they close early on Easter 🐣 Sunday 😮😊
Welcome to Arizona! Crossing the Colorado River brought, saw us crossing the border of California into Arizona!
Up Ship Creek (without a paddle)... This stunning desert landscape is partly strewn with Solar panels, partly à way overfilled prison (156% occupancy) and partly just unspoilt Desert landscape!
After a mere 1h35 to Palm Springs (record time without speeding 😎) making new connectons over a fantastic Easter brunch 🐰 🐣 at Jake's! Greed and hunger mean no photos until dessert! 🤣

15 April 2017

Spago! Wolfgang Puck's Spago (since 1982) is vibrant and modern. So far from home, what else but Wienerschnitzel and Kaiserschmarren?! 😜 As a born Wiener I would say the Schnitzel was good - the Kaiserschmarren a bit too much like a soufflé... but then that's just me being critical. Beautiful evening and excellent food!! The softshell crabs and the tuna in mini cones were divine. ☺️ NB: Puck will receive a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in April... ⭐️ We missed it by a few days!
If you want a cheesy (seriously melted, fake, extra double cheesy) experience, and you're into cinema, TV, music - go on the Ultimate Hollywood Tour!! OMG! Soooo worth it. Alex our guide was funny, interesting, knowledgable! The whole thing was perfect to get an overview of the different parts of the city.... plus the relative "pecking order" of stars just judging by the house sizes & location (and number of houses each star owns)! @Patrick Stewart: I love your house! Oh - and that last pic: that's the shop where Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) was snubbed in Pretty Woman... and she walks back in laden with parcels saying: "mistake, big mistake" 😂

14 April 2017

Santa Monika Pier! Fun for an hour - if only to see the freaked faces riding on the roller coaster 😱🤣
Santa Monika beach - worth a couple of hours of strolling, sitting, watching people, feet in the sand and the freezing Pacific Ocean (ok it's not quite as cold as the Atlantic in the Hamptons in June last year!) Seeing the glass half full: it was much warmer than Wolfgangsee!
Urth Café! Breakfast here is just delish!! Fresh, organic, natural, spicy 🌶 avocado 🥑 aplenty all over gorgeous eggs 🍳

13 April 2017

Welcome the Petit Ermitage! What a glorious little hotel - boho chic meets lounge chillax! Finally off to bed 24 hours after the alarm went off at home this morning. 😴
In & Out Burger! The only way to start a stay in LA!! 🍔😜
CDG to LAX started with brunch at CDG T2E after just 2.5 hrs sleep... and fighting through the Easter-crowds at customs & security... luckily we had emergency exit seats on the A380.. great for legroom - not so great on having a view (no window)... however the cool cameras of the A380 showed the ice plates in the attic beautifully!