United States of America · 8 Days · 10 Moments · November 2016

Olivia's voyage in Seattle, WA, United Sta...

10 November 2016

The last day of my trip was spent driving around Hollywood. I even got to shop at a little plaza near the Hollywood sign. For lunch I ate the famous In-N-Out burger and my whole total was only $3.45 ! After the delicious meal I said farewell to the west coast and flew out of LAX. The next morning whenever I was home there was something a little bit more special about those country roads...

8 November 2016

On election day i drowned out all politics and went to Disneyland! It was an extremely magical day. My favorite ride was Space Mountain! My babysitter and I met up with or of her friends who was actually in the Disneyland college program. Being able to talk with her actually opened up my mind to taking a semester there which would be a different route for my education! We concluded our night with watching the Wonderful World of Color show in California Adventures!

7 November 2016

On the 7th I woke up super early and headed to SEATAC. My flight to LAX was the best out of all of them! On Alaskan airlines there are charging ports for your devices so I got to listen to all the music I wanted! The airline also serves STARBUCKS COFFEE! After landing we headed over to Venice beach. We walked and walked across the beach for a few hours and took a ton of pictures! To finish the day I went to a little Italian restaurant in Hollywood that had singing waitresses! The restaurant also had signed wine bottles hanging from the ceiling ... interesting way to finish off the night!

6 November 2016

My final day in Washington was definitely spent well! My cousin and I ventured out to the shore to see my uncle. It was amazing meeting my little cousins but, they were all a little crazy! My uncles house was only 5 minutes from the beach! This beach was unlike any other beach I had been to because there I had to wear a big puffy jacket! On the shore it was extremely windy. I spent my afternoon finding crabs with my cousins. At the beach there was a guy balancing rocks which I thought was pretty cool! It was definitely a good last day in Seattle.

5 November 2016

The 5th was probably the busiest of the whole trip. We started off the morning with going to breakfast at a small café. At Beth's café I drank 4 cups of coffee… It was delicious! After fueling up there, we headed over to Capitol Hill which was a very diverse place although we only got to drive through it. Then we made our way to Seattle Pacific University, a liberal arts private college. My cousin does not go there but she showed me around and told me about some of the good program there that her friends were in. SPU has a very good education and medicine program. Seattle Pacific University also only has about 6000 students which sounds a little small. We then traveled to University of Washington, U-Dub. UW is an extremely large school nearly polar opposite from SPU. It is a public research college with an amazing science and engineering program. While we drove around campus we saw a new life sciences building being made which definitely interested me. For dinner we ate sushi again!

4 November 2016

On the 4th I ventured out to Everett, Washington to visit my cousin. While I was with her we grabbed dinner , coffee, and then went to her boyfriends football game. During dinner we talked about her college in Northern Washington. She currently studies bio medications which seems pretty interesting.

3 November 2016

Inside the city we visited the market and ate at stealhead diner. For lunch I had clam chowder which was pretty authentic being that Seattle has great seafood! To finish the night we ate at a sushi restaurant where they served the food on conveyor belts so you can just grab whatever you want to eat.
After five long hours... we made it! The view on the plane was astonishing and the lighting was too perfect to not snap a picture!
Before our 5 hour flight out of Charlotte we fueled up at a little diner in the airport. We had this awesome view and could see a perfect day ahead of us.
The flight into NC was awesome! Flying gives me such a buzz. Here's me at the airport in Charlotte hauling all my stuff around!