Australia · 37 Days · 28 Moments · September 2017

Olivia in Australia

11 October 2017


10 October 2017

Waterfalls and Tablelands day trip! Swam under waterfalls and the most beautiful lakes. The water was freeeeeezing, despite it being 30 degrees! We visited the waterfall where the Mysterious Girl video was filmed and the Herbal Essences advert! Great last day in Aus!

9 October 2017

Great Barrier Reef!! 🐠🐳🐟🐋🐡🐬🦐🐢
Great Barrier Reef snorkelling, one of the best experiences ever! Literally saw Nemo come to life, honestly incredible! Saw sharks, turtles and loads more, there even was a helipad right in the middle of the reef! LOVED it!

8 October 2017

Hiked up Mount Tyson today in 29 degree heat! Reaaaaaally sweaty walk, but well worth it for the amazing view of Tully from the top!

6 October 2017

Magnetic Island was beautiful! We are there two nights on the island, and hired 4X4 to drive around the island, which was tiny! It took as about 20 minutes to drive to the other side of the island!Lovely place, but not loads to do, the hostel was right on the beach so we had an amazing sea view from our dorm.

4 October 2017

Just did a SKY DIVE over Airlie Beach and it was incredible!!!! One of the best things I have ever done!!! Last day at Airlie Beach today, going to Magnetic Island at 4am tomorrow.

2 October 2017

Currently sat in a hammock on our boat the British Defender in the Whit Sunday Islands. It’s half past six here, and we’ve had a full day, we arrived yesterday where we snorkelled and anchored for the night. Today, we woke up at 7am had breakfast then went snorkelling where we basically saw Nemo come to life, and managed to swim really close to amazing coral and fish! Unfortunately I got stung by a jellyfish on my hand, which looked like a lot of nettle stings, not too painful but not ideal! After snorkelling, we went to White Haven Beach, which is the 8th most photographed beach in the world and it was reaaaaaaally beautiful, never seen anything like it before! We stayed there for two hours, then sailed for a few hours! Just relaxing before dinner, as we head back to Airlie tomorrow. It’s my final full week here :( plus the food on the boat is the best I’ve had in Australia so far!!!

29 September 2017

We arrived in Emu last night after a 6 hour train journey! When we arrived at the train station, it was very smokey in the air as there had just been a bush fire close to the station and the East Coast hasn’t had rain in four months so it’s very dry! The accommodation is amazing, we were upgraded to a hotel room, finally not a bunk bed! Emu is a very isolated area, not much to do here, but after the BBQ later we are headed to Airlie Beach on the overnight train.

22 September 2017

Noosa and Fraser Island! Last Friday I arrived in Noosa, even though the accommodation was not great it was a huge step up from Brisbane! We’ve added another member to our group, Jack, who’s so funny! We had a few relaxing days in Noosa then headed to Fraser Island... which was beautiful! Lake McKenzie had the most clear water with the whitest sand ever! We drove round in 4X4 during our time on the island, unfortunately I couldn’t drive as I’m not 21:( but driving on the beaches and over the sand dunes was incredible! Loved Fraser and Noosa, so glad I went there!

21 September 2017

Exploring Brisbane city today, went to an art gallery and the botanic gardens. Unfortunately the hostel is the worst so far... so we are all excited to move on tomorrow. Noosa in the morning! But Brisbane is a beautiful city, hugely different feeling to Sydeny - more welcoming and social! Loved it.

20 September 2017

Night out in Brisbane with the group! Had some Greek food and celebrated Dani and Bens engagement!
First day in Brisbane, arrived at 11am it was only an one and hour drive from surfers paradise. Did some wondering around when we got here and grab some lunch. Really nice place.

19 September 2017

Ellie, Mel and Savannah 💗
Everyone from the first week group!

18 September 2017

Went surfing 🏄 this morning at Main Beach in Surfers Bay, and I managed to stand up! (Only for a few seconds, but still managed it) It was really fun, however it did feel like I was being beaten up by the waves and I'm sure I have plenty of bruises, but all worth it! Definitely something I'm glad a tried! We had a 2 hour lesson, and everyone gave it a really good go, most of us stood up which was good! After surfing we came back and relaxed, getting ready for the BBQ tonight.

17 September 2017

Arrived in Surfers Paradise today! When we first arrived I wasn't that impressed, we got dropped off early morning then headed out to find entertainment for the day, ended up at Sea World. Had a really nice timing seeing all the fish and attractions. We came back to check in to the hostel, and turns out it's the best hostel so far, so loving it now! Just made chicken corma for the group and we all ate together which was nice! Relaxing tonight, early night 😄

16 September 2017

LOVED Byron Bay favourite spot so far! Ellie and me had an amazing time and so really funny nights out, managed to walk up to the lighthouse which had amazing views. Definitely somewhere I'd go back to!! First day without Ellie today, it's been good cause I'm still with the group, but missing Ellie!

14 September 2017

Arrived in Byron Bay yesterday, before arriving we went to Spot X, where we stayed for one night. It was nice, we all made dinner together and then had a campfire, we only had a short time there so not much to report for Spot X! After we went to the River Retreat, when we arrived we went canoeing, where Ellie and me nearly fell out five times, but it was really funny! After canoeing we then made another group tea. After eating we all sat around the campfire and toasted marshmallows, and because there was no light pollution the view of the stars were incredible, we could also see the Milky Way! We stayed for one night, and it was the COLDEST sleep of my life, strangely it was colder in the cabin compared to outside! Once we checked out in the morning we set off for Byron! When we arrived in Byron I could immediately see why people love it, it's such a relaxed place. Then went for our first night out & celebrated Ellie getting a first in her in degree! Love it here! Set off again tomoz

12 September 2017

Started travelling the East Coast yesterday, on our way to our first destination we stopped in Hunter Valley - basically vineyard land! We went wine, vodka and cheese taste, and discovered that cheesy pesto is amazing! After our day of taste and lots of travelling, we arrived at Twisttop Retreat, located in Barrington Tops National Park. When we arrived we greeted by two woman and a man, all very friendly and working at the retreat as their farm work - they made us feel very welcomed! Once we dropped our bags off we went for a walk to see the sunset, and on return we went in the hottub, and got a great view of the stars! After we had homemade pizza and played some games to break the ice! In the morning we went tubing in the river next to the retreat, and went down grade three rapids and it was really fun, plus a bit of a workout! We checked out after the tubing and hit the road for the Koala hospital. I only saw one koala, but crazy to see in real life, they almost didn't look real!

10 September 2017

Like father like daughter, 30 years later ❤️
Today I walked from Coogee to Bondi beach! Coogee is an Australian word for bad smell apparently (even though the beach didn't smell), and the walk took us one and half hours. I wasn't that impressed by Coogee beach, but I LOVED Bondi! Everything from the atmosphere, to the food and the beach were incredible. Surrounding Bondi were many different food shops and bars with great places to sit and relax. When we arrived there was a Kite Festival happening, that was crazy to see SO many kites from huge to small ones all in the sky at once! There was a kite like the sting ray from Nemo. I also have never seen such a busy beach before, there were thousands and thousands of people everywhere, making a great atmosphere. After walking around we went to an authentic fish and chip shop for lunch, and I had cod and chips, which were the BEST fish and chips I have ever had - beat Diggle chip by a mile. All in all I loved Bondi and it lived up to the hype!

9 September 2017

Finally, today I tried kangaroo meat! One of my to do things in Australia done! I got recommended this kangaroo burger by Paul our guide, and it was the BEST burger I've ever had! Kangaroo meat is 98% protein and it had beetroot, caramelised onions, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on! The bun is what's called a 'charcoal bun', its black because when the baker is making it, the process of turning it black removes all the impurities - doesn't look that appetising, but it was amazing!
Woke up at 6am, and set off for our hike which took us one and half to get there. We met our Aussie guide, Paul, outside of WakeUp. We began by seeing some kangaroos, managing to get really close to a family of roos! They are very unusual and nothing like I expected in person - however amazing to see in real life! Next, we went to grab a snack and coffee before, and travelled to an authentic Australian village, which had the most incredible fruit and veg shops! When arriving at Blue Mountains we started by walking down to see the waterfalls, and the water looked like fairy dust it was magnificent! We then began our hike up the mountain, which was approx 700ft tall, with the steepest stairs I have ever seen, I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared for a moment! The hike in total was about 21km long with a very steep gradient and took us three hours to do. Once at the top, the views were worth all the sweat! One of the best experiences I've EVER had!

7 September 2017

The last day at beach camp - and it's been one of the highlights of the first week! Conquered my fear of holding snakes, but might still be scared if I see a wild one! And FINALLY got up to see a sunrise, and on One Mile Beach it was spectacular. Before we travelled back to Sydeny the next day, we went dolphin spotting, however we didn't get to see any unfortunately, hoping I have another chance to see them during my time in Aus! After our unsuccessful search for 🐬 we had a lunch, then headed back to Sydeny - about a three and half hour journey. After the travel we arrived back at WakeUp, then had our first night out in Sydeny. We went to Kings Cross, for a few drinks and I have never seen gay bars quite like the ones there! Everyone in lavish costumes and transvestites wearing wildest makeup looks! After a few drinks the group of ten of us headed back to the hostel as Ellie and myself were up early for the Blue Mountains tour.
Second day at beach camp, and its been one of the best days so far! We started the day at 7am by going to the sand dunes to do sand surfing. Initially I was scared to attempt it as the drop seemed daunting, however it was one of the best things I have ever done! We were travelling in 4X4 across the sand, giving us the full affect of driving through the dunes with the open windows. The sea was right next to the dunes, where we went on a search for Pipies (I have a video of them), never seen anything like them before! Getting out of the city, makes it finally feel like I'm in Aus! We came back for some 'smoko', which is a cup of tea and fruit! After our rest we set off in the 4X4s to the hike up Shoal Bay, it was about a twenty five minute walk, and the views were incredible! A panoramic view of the sea and beautiful beaches. We rested at the top of the peak for a while, then set off back to the beach camp. When we arrived back we napped on Mile Beach, and we're having a BBQ tonight!

5 September 2017

Started the day off with a talk about travelling in Australia, found out more about Looka and the experience I will have after this week which has gotten me excited for what's to come! Taking every moment at a time and trying not to be too hard on myself every time I get upset, because it's going to take some getting used to! After the talk, we went on a catamaran boat around Sydeny Harbour, past the Opera House and the bridge, which was incredible to see so close up! After passing the tourist attractions, we went to a secluded beach, where I jumped of the boat into the COLDEST water ever!! (+ it was shark invested!) Despite it being freezing, it was well worth it was can now say I swam in the Sydeny Harbour! We were on the boat for about 4 hours and it was a great way to see more of Sydney. After the boat, myself, Celine and Becky all went to shopping to get some things for base camp and I made it back to the hostel by myself which was my first time alone navigating Sydeny!

4 September 2017

Began the week with a city walk with the Ultimate Oz crew today, we all met in the lobby of the WakeUp! hostel - everyone including the crew are really friendly! I've made some new friends, and luckily my room has nice people in who are all doing the same package as me (apart from random dan, who's working!) In my room is, Melanie (from Canada), Savannah and Brad (from Hull), Dan (from London) and Joe (but no one knows where he's from as he only arrived this morning!) Walking round the city was great, being able to finally get my bearings has relaxed me little. Seeing the Opera House was very surreal - made it real that I'm actually in Australia. I think I will feel like I'm a bubble for this next week, as Ultimate Oz will be taking care of us - the real 'travelling' will start next Monday, making it all feel more real as I will be very independent making my own decisions as to where's next :)