Chile · 34 Days · 12 Moments · August 2014

Olivia's adventure in Chile

25 September 2014

22 September 2014

Sky dive Andes magic

20 September 2014

This place is absolute magic. Skydive Andes

19 September 2014

I had planned to spend the day in the mountains but headed up late and the entrance was closed. So I read and nada candle lit tea with my family. Enjoy the journey.

18 September 2014

A day at Yerba loca reserve. It's crazy that is only an hour away from home. Venturing deep into the mountain next week with a full day trek to the glacier del Plomo. Made some awesome friends on the way.

15 September 2014

Office life. Sometimes you just know the people you need to be around. Thankful to the people at Sky Dive Andes for welcoming me.

14 September 2014

Hike up manquéhue! Locals believe this is an inactive volcano because of it's it off tip. Went solo on this journey

12 September 2014

Sunsets and sunrises.
Random trip to Cajon del Maipo with new friends.
Santiago streets.

6 September 2014

Skydiving over the Andes. Also the best thing I've ever done.

23 August 2014

Skiing in Chillian