United Kingdom, Vietnam · 13 Days · 14 Moments · September 2017

Oli and Iona's tour through Vietnam

15 September 2017

Day 13 - We woke up to the sound of typhoon Noksuri crashing into the bay. Today is stormy and luckily we flew when we did because all flights have been cancelled. However, it does mean there'll be no kayaking or beaching as planned ☹️. All boats off the island have been postponed and fingers crossed there'll be some running tomorrow. We took the bikes out again to see another stormy beach, then to the national park where iona decided to debut her poncho. Biking back in the storm was an interesting experience, but luckily we made it back alive! The storm won't stop!

14 September 2017

Day 12 - The ticket actually worked - what is this place ! Cat Ba bound 🤗. So we made it and this place is insane. Took a bike around the island and the views are too much.

13 September 2017

Day 11 - final day in Hoi An! Flying to Hanoi this evening - ready to embrace the rain. Lost faith in Iona's photography and have resorted to selfies. I hope our ticket to Cat Ba is legit- I'm not convinced!

12 September 2017

Day 10 - What da phuc! We finally got my suit and Iona's dress. I could also pretend we went for a midnight dip at An Bang beach, but not sure I can pull that off like rio Ferdinand, was more like 5:30.

11 September 2017

Day 9 - My Son, pronounced "mee son" was awesome. A collection of temples built up in the mountains surrounding Hoi An, in the 10th century. Our tour guide Tín, pronounced "teen" also spoke minimal English, iona and I both struggling to understand what's going on. Fortunately Iona made a new friend Rao Pantulu from India who gave her his business card for when iona comes to stay. (Might need to watch out). The tour then lead us to a Buddhist performance where a monk blew through a horn for what couldn't have been less than 3 minutes in one breath. #sendshlomotonam. After the show, we took a boat to one of Hoi An's islands, home to 100 people. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a bar for a nice alcoholic beverage. Or in other words, an old mans garage, who poured us some "happy water" out of what seemed to be a petrol can. It was not our favourite drink of the holiday! We arrived back at our palace to say good bye and headed to the less glamorous, sunflower hostel!

10 September 2017

Day 8 - We may have taken someone else's bus to the cooking trip, this all became clear an hour later when an angry couple gave a phone call to our chef asking why they hadn't been picked up. Luckily they haven't filed a court case for identity theft. We were instantly ushered away by what could have been the secret police and visited the market with our actual tour. This lead into a boat trip through the palm tree covered river and then into a cooking lesson. Solid day

9 September 2017

Day 7 - Martial spotted in Nam! Does Jose know? I guess bin bandits don't need training, especially when 5 hrs later he makes it back and does this. https://twitter.com/KingMartiaI/status/906583793322086402 Today was filled with more indecisiveness from Iona who eventually resorted to drawing her dream dress on a napkin! (Risky move there) but the tailor seemed happy and so did Iona. We collected some of our other tailor made clothes (this sounds ridiculous, but it's literally cheaper than going to top man). Check out our new garms and my make shift cufflinks. And since we weren't spoilt enough we got picked up in the only black BMW in Vietnam to be chauffeured to the spa for a Vietnamese style massage. After sharing some overly intimate moments with my friendly masseuse we literally were too relaxed to talk, and spent dinner slurring our words ready to hit the hay!

8 September 2017

Day 6 - 19hrs later we arrived in Hoi An. We checked in to our hotel, and oh my, it is insane!! All we want to do is stay by the pool. However, our room wasn't ready so we once again hit the town, destined to the tailors. 20 tailor shops later we settled down to get our measurements, all will be revealed tomorrow! We spent the rest of the day as planned, by the pool, eating and a visit to Hoi An's night market! Pretty hard to beat!

7 September 2017

Day 5 - a sad goodbye to our new family! Really didn't want to leave, but time could not be paused. Today has been very unexciting and consisted of 18 hrs worth of travelling. A few cool snaps from the bus of Vietnamese traffic, a cheeky midnight drugs smuggle and my beard progress! Hoi An is next!

6 September 2017

Day 4 - our Jack Johnson's this morning were top notch. Still slightly hungover, myself, iona and Korean YouTuber Alex, headed down for some canyoning. Abseiling, tomb stoning and water rapids were exhilarating and despite us all bashing our backs half way down the rapids and whacking the floor on our 36ft jumps, or if you're iona that's 30ft, we made it back alive. Mama's hugs and guava dipped in chilli were the perfect start to a great evening. Another obscene meal 🍜, some pool and a trip into town. We did a bit of haggling in the night market, caught a drink with happy and then went to maze bar. Perhaps best described as a 9 story, boozey tree house 🏡. Check out my wavey garms-it's just a shame iona is yet to take a photo of me in focus.

5 September 2017

Da Lat - day 3 - after an early 4:30 arrival, we caught 4 hours sleep in what I can only describe as the murder room. The red splattered stains behind everyone's bed could have no other explanation! Nonetheless, we woke up only to be hugged and kissed by "Crazy", "Happy" and "Mama". Home made tea and banana pancakes followed! Either they're part of the Vietnamese SAS, or we were overly paranoid! We spent the day walking down to the lake, destined to try "weasel coffee" or more simply put "weasel poo coffee" at Pinni's coffee house. Pinni took a liking to the smiley brits and invited us to join him for lunch! An actual feast of lake caught fish, lady fingers and Vietnamese soup. We then realised we weren't just making small talk with Pinni and his family, but with a Vietnamese celebrity, Trương Lê Sơn. The rain kicked in and we caught a bike back to enjoy the storm from inside.

4 September 2017

Day 2 - going well enough not to throw Iona in a Vietcong trap! Cuchi tunnels with a tour guide who's english accent could certainly be improved; bewildering sentences like: "rubba tea drank by Jamie Cord" actually meaning "rubber trees damaged by chemicals ". This was followed by more pho, a cheesy cocktail and a 7hr night bus to Da Lat. (Should have popped a Xanax , instead, I fear the next few hours could be my last).

3 September 2017

HCMC-First day-pushing through the jet lag after a 5am start. Got ripped off twice by a taxi driver and a coconut salesman making the current score line Vietnam 2-0 Oli+Iona. Luckily we have two weeks to go. I also managed to cross roads like a fucking legend!

2 September 2017

Very excited!! Off we go!