United Kingdom · 23 Days · 6 Moments · February 2018

Ola & Ala's adventures in Cuba

21 March 2018

Leaving is tough.. I miss Luukie and my family a lot, it will be good to be back home for some 1.5 weeks before a new adventure. But the sound of the outbound stamp being added to my passport made me cry. I wanted to tell the immigration officer to wait, that I need one more minute but obviously I didn't. Home it is then. I'll come back soon to revisit my favourite Cuban places and show them to my loved ones 😘

16 March 2018

9 March 2018

Hi from Vinales! We're safe, sound and most importantly very happy here. Yesterday we were getting tons of wishes because of the women's day and managed to see some major sights in Havana. But for me the essence of travelling is talking to locals and Cuba is not disappointing me in this matter. Last night we had a very interesting conversation with the father of our host about the reality of Cuban life, we ate dinner at the casa and were even given some cigars as a gift. And today, we talked to Andy, our host in Vinales who even helped me get my very own coconut down from the tree so that we could have cocos locos 😍 I'm already loving this little town and am super excited about horse riding tomorrow!

6 March 2018

#Havana uh nah nah.. We're here and we're loving it. The Old Havana is absolutely stunning, people are helpful and it feels safe too. As expected there isn't a lot of WiFi - as our host told us yesterday, if not everybody can afford it, in line with socialist thought, nobody should have it. Which means that WiFi is only available in some public places, paid for per hour. But that's fine, we have too much amazing stuff to do and places to explore to be wasting our time on Internet hihi 😀 Pictures will follow after the trip but this one made us particularly happy last night 😂

5 March 2018

No matter how much I love traveling, every time the peradventure stress makes me question everything. Yesterday - crying, today in the morning - tummy ache and all of that. I kept on feeling that I don't want to go anywhere and hated saying 'see you soon' to the people I love. Also my way of travelling with having no set expectations and letting myself be surprised by my destination may be a great idea but it clearly clashes with trying to be sensible and plan the trip quite precisely. And I'm still learning how to strike a balance between these two... I'm on my way to the airport with a very familiar type of tummy butterflies - the travel ones. Was it hard in the morning to say goodbye for over 2 weeks after just a couple of weeks we had together again? Very. Am I scared of the new and unknown? Quite a bit. The last question remaining: Why am I going then? The answer is simple - Because I just know that, in the end, I'll have the time of my life and love every single second in Cuba!

27 February 2018

Making first attempts at packing my backpack can mean only one thing - Cuba trip is almost here! I've been dreaming about this place since I can only remember and it was my desire to go there that has started my incurable wanderlust. Now, with less than a week to go, there are still so many things I have to buy, prepare or organise that more and more I feel like it's all going to fall apart. But then I remind myself that, putting the messy impressions to the side, it's a trip I'm better prepared for than any before! After all, you're probably as impressed as me that I'm almost packed a week in advance - it simply doesn't happen in my case :p But here we are, I'm getting super excited for it and I know for sure that it will be an experience I'll never forget!