Brazil · 20 Days · 14 Moments · August 2016

Ola's adventure in Brazil

18 September 2016

No more words needed - I love Rio 😍 I don't want to be leaving tomorrow but actually, no worries.. one day I'll be back!

15 September 2016

I don't believe how lucky I am! I'm watching Paralympics, I just saw a victory ceremony with a silver medal for Poland and a Polish long jumper is in the lead! I'm loving my life so so much! I'll cry in a second..

14 September 2016

So spontaneous, so rushed and with so many things that can go wrong.. But here I am, excited and boarding the plane to RIO DE JANEIRO! One of the must-see and must-experience cities, at least so I've been told. And I'm doing it all by myself! I really have a feeling it's gonna be a trip I'll never forget! ✈🌎🎉

12 September 2016

A day of souvenir shopping. I could literally spend hours in Mercado Modelo looking for presents for friends and family... Okay, for myself too haha 😂 so far so good 😊

11 September 2016

Absolutely cute Sunday, couldn't have asked for more 😍😘 Hidden gems of Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia!

9 September 2016

Cool reunion with a Kili friend, beautiful Praia do Forte and cute turtles all around!

6 September 2016

To treasure every day - that's what I'm learning here in Brazil with every step and every moment. Life consists of small little things and it's these things that I'm discovering give me the most happiness. A friendly smile by a passer by, great street food, times at the beach with friends where we swim and drink coconut water.. it's these moments that make me realize what kind of amazing life I really have. As cheesy as it is, I just listened to Enrique Iglesias and the line 'From the coast of Ipanema...' literally put tears in my eyes - if everything goes as planned, I'll be there in just few days! Unbelievable! Loving my life ❤
This boy is so so cute! He not only made some sweets for me to try but also gave me a surprise present! The most lovely little neighbour I've ever had 😊

4 September 2016

So, first day of partying survived, yaay! Anyway, Cachoeira is such a cute little place!

3 September 2016

On the way to Cachoeira for a weekend full of fun and parties 😉 so excited to see yet another part of Bahia!

2 September 2016

PS. I wanted to go to the gym just opposite my place today. I didn't even touch sporting equipment and yet, it was the best gym session I can remember. How comes, you wonder? I made friends with local kids, they are all so cute! Yes, it's fair to admit: I was quite an attraction for them. A Polish girl who doesn't speak Portuguese, suffers from evident lack of suntan, could beat the Guinness World Record in number of mosquito bites on her body and, on top of that, knows how snow looks and feels like... Their curiosity and friendliness made me feel really at home here. Thank you, my little new friends! ❤
Living far away from all the parties can suck sometimes but who would be complaining having such paradise beaches just around the corner? 😁🌴👙

1 September 2016

Beach time! Spontaneous and with not so beach like weather but an amazing day at Barra.. After submitting my 20 pages long essay last night, I deserved it! 😎🌊👙 PS. I made my first ever tapioca today! It was so delicious I'm gonna treat to it everyone back home 😊 No pictures but I promise, the food post is coming 😋

29 August 2016

So.. Just came back from an amazing get away to Chapada Diamantina 😍 but for meeting many great people from all over the world, I also got to know this travel app. Let the adventure continue, let's journi!