Singapore, China · 1 Days · 6 Moments · May 2018

Off to the Land of 山和水

7 May 2018

Last part of my long journey to Xiapu: taking the train from Hangzhou East Railway Station to Xiapu Railway Station! Super tired now...
Went to one of the restaurant to stay for the night cos it seems one of the safest... So I bought 香菇青菜面 to eat and watch Drag Me to Hell hahahaha. Managed to pass time till around 3AM... (still got 4 hours to my train ride oh man...) So I decided to nap a bit.. suddenly at 4AM, I heard some sounds and I woke up, only to see a young lady and a guy supporting a young lady who seemed drunk, into the restaurant. Turn out she was crying because she broke up with her boyfriend HAIS. I couldn’t really get back to sleep and so I kind of wrote this crude passage of reflection, titled 情: 三更半夜 一个人到车站 取了车票,等着时间慢慢的过去 走着走着 在车站的个小店落了脚 吃碗热腾腾的香菇青菜面 一边吃,一边看电影 凌晨三点半 电影播放完 眼看还剩四小时 弯着身子,闭上眼,打个盹儿 忽然间,焦急的声音,惊醒了我 眼睛一睁开 却看到一位女生醉醺醺地被朋友扶进店里 哭的稀里哗啦,无法自拔 原来这位女生是为情而哭,为情而饮酒, 为情而醉 朋友不但不嫌弃, 依然坚持守护着她 对她不离不弃 这让我思索:情为何物? 让人痛苦痛哭 让身边的人伤心难过 让自己变得脆弱 但想想, 人生如无情,那又有何意义呢?

6 May 2018

Quanzhou, then Hangzhou! And finally I reached Hangzhou! Got a bit worried when the flight got delayed at Quanzhou airport due to “flow control” (not really sure what that means...) but thank goodness it was only around 30mins delay... and stupid me actually forgot to download VPN so I can’t use all the apps and the Starhub DataTravel that I bought didn’t work also... Luckily there’s airport wifi for me to use... But anyway, I was relieved that I managed to reach Hangzhou Airport at around 12AM, which means I still can make it for the shuttle bus to Hangzhou East Railway Station (that was what I thought when I first reached...) When I went to the self-ticketing machine to buy the airport shuttle bus ticket, THERE’S NO TICKETS! I really panicked! I went to queue at the ticketing counter, and luckily they sell... LOL. LUCKILY... and so I was on my way to Hangzhou East Railway Station!
The star that accompanies my flight ⭐️
And so I was trying to sleep in the plane and I smelled something weird... I looked around and then tada! I saw this! A PERSON’S FEET 😱
Off to Hangzhou yay!! Feeling excited cos I think this first part of the trip is going to be quite unpredictable: sleeping at the Hangzhou East Railway Station for the first night cos my friend says it’s safer than to walk to the accoms (even if it’s super nearby), unknown driver at Xiapu, unknown person going to join me for the 包车. Feeling kind of scared but excited at the same time cos I don’t really know what’s in store for me!! CHINA HERE I COME!!