United States of America · 8 Days · 31 Moments · September 2015

Off to photograph Colorado's Fall Colors

7 October 2015

That's a wrap... I'm back home in Columbia, SC and all that's left is to go through all the photos I shot while in Colorado. Don't go away just yet... I'll post some of the photos from this trip (that I haven't already posted) over the next week or two.
Traveling back home to (waterlogged) Columbia, SC. So long Denver... Until next time!

6 October 2015

Last iPhone photo from the workshop. This was taken yesterday as we started our trek from Crested Butte to Denver. Eventually she let us pass. :-)
This morning was OMG beautiful!!!! When we left the hotel it was rainy and miserable, but by the time we got to our sunrise spot... OH MY..!!!!!

5 October 2015

Last night we went just outside of Crested Butte to do a little sunset shooting. While the actual sunset was a little "flat", we were treated with a beautiful rainbow just as we arrived in the area overlooking a valley.
Today has been a bit of a take it easy (physically) day due to in-climate weather. We've spent the morning and early afternoon brushing up on our post processing skills.

4 October 2015

Well... I've obviously fallen behind on posting for this trip! Alas, here is an update... Yesterday we started the day at East Beckwith Mountain, then we went to shoot more Aspens in Kebler Pass. Then we took a mid-day break and took in the offerings of Crested Butte. For the evening we went and shot an old farm at the base of Mt. Crested Butte. Last, after an Asian dinner we went to an overlook and shot some night sky photos over Crested Butte. Yes, another awesome day..!!!

3 October 2015

I'm SOOOooooo ready for some good pizza! According to a trusted source the pizza is really good here. Personally I'm a little concerned about eating at a places called "Secret STASH" in a state where pot is legal. Just sayin'!
What another wonderful day of photographing some of the most beautiful scenery ever! Here are just a few (more) from today...
First stop of the day at the Colorado Fall Colors Workshop was at Ashcroft Ghost Town.
It's been fun here in the Snowmass area... Crested Butte here we come!
Off we go for the second full day of the workshop. Hopefully we will have more cell service today so I can post more photos.

2 October 2015

Hope to have some more photos to post once we get back to the hotel and I have some time to look through the day's results. We've had very little cell service most of the day...
Woody Creek Tavern for dinner after another great day of photography. Now this is an interesting place. Very eclectic.
Here are a few from this morning at Maroon Bells.
I'm up even earlier than I need to be for our 4:15 am departure time to go shoot the Maroon Bells. It seems that the time difference between home (east coast) and here in the mountains is having an impact on my ability to sleep! Anyhow, I'm too excited to sleep.
This was taken at Independence Pass on the Continental Divide at sunset last night. (No cell service for several hours yesterday is the reason for delay in posting the photo)

1 October 2015

Short "stretch the legs" break on the road to Aspen.
It's been slow getting started today while waiting for all the flights to come in, but the last one arrives in a few minutes and then the real fun begins..!!!! :-)
Here's one from last night... Nighttime photography in the Rockies (near Winter Park).

30 September 2015

Finally made it out to the mountains to get a small preview of what this week has to offer.
Hello Denver..!!!!!
On our decent into Denver. We will be landing in about 15 minutes...
See ya later ATL... DEN bound!
1st leg of the trip is done. Now I've got @ 30 minutes to go from one terminal to another before they start boarding the plane to DEN. Should have worn track shoes!
On the plane... Off we go..!!!
Through security and (impatiently) waiting for the flight to board. Gotta love regional airports... It took only 20 minutes to get from the car and completely through security, and that's including a short wait for the op-out pat down. Yeah, I still don't trust the "completely safe" microwave body scanners. :-)