United States of America · 29 Days · 79 Moments · April 2016

Odyssey through California...

23 May 2016

2 hours so far waiting in traffic on the shoulder watching the stars!

22 May 2016

17 May 2016

16 May 2016

Hiked Adobe Jack to Coyote to Crusty. Nice easy 2 mile hike with beautiful rock views!

15 May 2016

Those clouds look so fake

13 May 2016

11 May 2016

Joshua Tree National Park

8 May 2016

7 May 2016

6 May 2016

This town has sand all over driveways, porches, decks, up against the house....very natural
When it's warmer need to bike this path and visit this island
Refugio State Beach

5 May 2016

These purple flowers smell wonderful
Guy was shoveling, filling a whole trash cart of pine cones?!
The only place in CA where you can drive on the beach

4 May 2016

Pismo Beach
Everywhere we go we see Vanagons in CA
Avila Sea Caves
At Gowesty
Shine Cafe

3 May 2016

Sand Dollar Beach off HWY 1
On the way back down Fergusson road to HWY 1

2 May 2016

Free camping
More of HWY 1
Beautiful drive!
Moss Landing State Park
Got a chance to stop by Van Cafe and test a battery
So beautiful but right now it is cold
At Brighton State Beach cleaning a spill.

1 May 2016

Walking around Seacliff state park
Leaving Syncrofest

30 April 2016

Fun time at Syncrofest

29 April 2016

At Syncrofest

28 April 2016

Eating at Syncrofest
Made it to Syncrofest
Stayed at Walmart last night now heading to Hollister State Park. Love the rolling hills

27 April 2016

Love all sunsets
Just learned what a runaway truck ramp was and saw rest stops for brake checks.
Cold windy and rainy my favorite
National Forest drive
Love these rolling hills
They like their windmills here and no joke it is WINDY! We can only go 48MPH.
What happen to the palm trees? Too dry?
How to drive a van
Plenty of room in the van but they choose to sit on each other?
Feels at home already with the palm trees!
Entering California
At the rest stop

26 April 2016

Went from Corpus to Phoenix 1,125 miles! Used less than 2 gallons of diesel fuel. Stopping at gas stations and paying for fuel will motivate us to convert the van to vegetable oil ASAP.
Ate at loving hut and left the truck in Phoenix RV Super Storage. They have 640 RV's stored there so the truck is right at home.
Now we are seeing more giant cactus
Saw the first large cactus
Watching the dust storms
Went through some dust storms crossing into Arizona with Eric Church. This stretch of highway has warning signs everywhere that we had never seen before...use extreme caution, visibility could be zero, do not stop in travel lanes, lane changing prohibited. I guess Corpus Christi isn't the windiest place on earth.

25 April 2016

We are so close to Mexico you can see their town lights! Our phone says we are in Mexico.
All you need is peas!
Went a few miles to check the transmission and the oven mitt Sonny picked up on the ground from last trip was put to use. Who picks up those things?
We are hoping it was all leaking out the dip stick tube so we will keep driving and find out. Already oily and we only went 300 miles. Lol
So we moved down the road to a Napa parts store to check it out.
Checking a leak, looks to be transmission fluid...
Finally woke at 11:40AM to a very bright sun outside the van door. There is definitely not much room for 2 people and 2 dogs sole ring in a van.
3:24 AM and finally getting to bed at the rest stop
That's a lot of miles on I-10
After midnight (goofy tired) and trying to make it to the other side of San Antonio to sleep. Since it was dark I had no idea Sonny made this face until I looked at pic. Haha
From RV to van one concern is having no private bathroom.

24 April 2016

How to fix a bad ground on your trailer lights
At rest stop addressing a leak. This time it wasn't the truck but an extra jug of coolant that got punctured.
Traveling California in the van. First time staying in the van for an extended time. Taking the truck halfway so we use the FREE vegetable fuel.