Nicaragua · 20 Days · 8 Moments · April 2016

Odisea de Tim en Nicaragua

6 May 2016

CASA ROSA, SJDS After 4 nights at Casa de Olas we headed to an AirBnB on the outskirts of SJDS for much needed R&R from Sunday Funday. Had three nice bedrooms with aircon, although the limited incl. power meant we could only use it a few hrs a day, but better than nothing ay. Me and Ash also finally got to host Nick in our room which was good. Relatively uneventful time here, although Mustafa came round for an awesome grouo cooked meal, we were given a day at a hotel pool cos the AirBnB pool was outta action, we had bug armageddon every night with a million beetles flocking to our lights, Rosie luckily avoided a sizeable scorpion in her electronics bag, and Nick experienced first hand how police in Nicaragua and more than happy to fill out a police report...if you bribe them $30US. As the con facilitating the transaction understandingly remarked: 'This is Nicaragua'. Oh, and Ash discovered her bed bugs bites (from Casa de Olas) tend to take 3 days to show.

30 April 2016

CASA DE OLAS, SJDS The next stop after Ometepe was the very touristy and super Australian/American location of San Juan Del Sur (SJDS). This is a key spot on the central american gringo trail primarily for its Sunday Funday event - every sunday the hostels throw a pool party that moved to 3 or 4 different hostels for the day. We stayed at Casa de Olas for this event, run by an elderly Australian couple, Fred and Carla, and almost entirely aussies and americans, also plenty of bed bugs. Anywho Sunday Funday itself has been capitalised on, costs USD30 for 'entry' and a singlet, but the day is sick even if a little too spring break. I wouldnt go drinking the pool water at these gigs. The highlight of the event was the 3rd venue 'lock in', where, even though we weren't interested in going to the 4th venue, and we were literally next door to our hostel, security surrounded the hostel and prevented anyone from leaving for hrs. Civil liberties were impinged 😋

27 April 2016

OMETEPE Long time since a journi update! Been a hectic few weeks 😳 Anywho, after Popoyo Beach on the Nicaraguan coast we made our way in a pick up to the volcano island of in the middle of Ometepe lake. It was a short visit, only 4 nights. Me ash marcus and rose stayed at an eco-hostel called Zopilote, which was a cool set up and awesome pizza night but farrkin hot this time of year especially, and without a fan (no electricity in the cabins) or much breeze the humidity was almost too much to bear...i leaned heavily on sleeping pills 😉 great that Sunny Moussy joined us again, and we had an eventful day hiring scooters. Worth a visit for sure, but as far as picturesque and comfortable volcano lakes go, i have to say Lago Atitlan wins by a mile. Had an awwwesome lightning storm while we were there though, srsly close lightning got everyone real up and about!

24 April 2016

POPOYO Y MAGNIFIC ROCK More sunsetting. This place was incredible, every night had the best sunsets, without fail

21 April 2016

SUNSET POPOYO had an amazing sunset last night so here are a few snaps. In fact so far there have been nothing but good sunsets here. Looking forward to this evening.

20 April 2016

POPOYO, NICARAGUA After 2 nights in Laguna de Popoyo, Ash, Dave Kathie and I decided to head to a beach spot called Popoyo on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. Took about 3 hrs in a taxi, which wasn't cold, but got here and me and Ash found our accommodation The Melting Elefante, which wasn't hard to miss really with the strange architecture. The town here called Guasacate is a little weird - super small, heaps of half built houses/shacks on plots of land intermingled with hostels. Not very touristy but then whatever is here is tourist oriented - only 2 small stores to buy groceries and a handful of places to eat. Feels very rural, but its a good surf beach and popular with surfers. We buy our fruit and veg from pickups driving through the streets calling out on a loudspeaker. Very relaxed vibe here and nice beach spot so definitely scratching that itch and saving a few $ living simply and no partying. And finally back into the books practicing spanish and exercising again.
LAGUNA DE APOYO After Leon we went on to Laguna de Apoyo which a friend recommended to us from her trip last year. We stayed at Paradiso Hostel and it was quite a nice set up. The location im pretty sure is a lake that has formed in a volcano crater, or at least a crater formed by a volcano. It was a really dry and hot time of year during our visit so the surrounding hills were pretty arid, but a nice place to visit. Only 2 nights we stayed here then me ash dave and kaffs went to popoyo beach while the others went to granada. Laguna is also where we met Mustafa, the best and craziest older travel we've ever met. He's 68 and has been travelling around for 8 years now, completely care free and relaxed and his most common sentences are 'what the fuck?!' and 'of course, why not?' In response to any suggestion of doing something. Can drink us all under the table. He's still with us a week and a half later after granada, ometepe and now again in san juan del sur.

16 April 2016

VOLCANO BOARDING, LEON, NICARAGUA First stop in Nicaragua after our 10 days in Honduras was Leon, where the main activity is Volcano Boarding. Me, Nick and Dave hit the slopes with Quetzaltrekkers, a non-profit outfit, for $30US. The volcano is called Volcan Cerro Negro, and took us about 45 mins to climb up and from there we enjoyed the views from the too before sliding down in about 30 seconds. Other groups hav a speed gun and ppl can get up to 80/90 km/h going down, but there's some technique involved and a slip along the way easily results in serious grazes even through the thick suits. Plenty of ppl in Leon walking round with bandages and even broken limbs, so i definitely did not push the limits on this one and pussy'd my way down at probably half that speed. Still felt hairy at times. Great views from the top, and awesome sunset (unfortunately no pics) but not a must-do actvity for mine.