Honduras · 1 Days · 1 Moment · April 2016

Tim Kovess

Odisea de Tim en Honduras

13 April 2016

UTILA, HONDURAS 2 weeks before here we thought we would be going through El Salvador on our way to Nicaragua. Then Me Ash Marcus and Rosie decided we'd go here and get our Open Water scuba licence after being recommended by friends. We arrived at Paradise Divers Utila after about 8 hrs transit from Livingston and then the ferry across. The hostel itself wasn't much to look at, a real laid back surf vibe, everything a little weathered and worn (ppl included), but a great view of the ocean, crystal clear water right off the pier, and amazing place for sunsets. We only planned on staying 5 nights but in the end were there for 10 we enjoyed it so much. The course cost $235US which included accom, and 10 dives, and i did an extra 4 after that. We had great conditions for our course and saw heaps of awesome stuff like eagle rays, sting rays, nurse sharks, viper eels, dolphins (just when we were on the boat) and more. So glad we came and did it. Hopefully see a whale shark next time too!