Costa Rica · 6 Days · 4 Moments · May 2016

Odisea de Tim en Costa Rica

14 May 2016

MONTEVERDE, COSTA RICA The post-30th destination of Monteverde was our next stop. Not initially planned as part of our central american tour as with Ostional, given the much higher cost of Costa Rica, but we'd eard lots of great things about Monteverde as a destination for some adventure activities. In particular one if the world's longest networks of ziplining, and a cable car bungee jump. Another highlight not mentioned to me by anyone beforehand was the incredible charcoal chicken joint which had remnants of home - i was happy as a pig in shit. I opted out of the bungee early on, but Nick Marcus and Rosie all took part and loved their 60m drop, dave couldnt take part due to his ankle injury in Ostional; disappointing. All in all a worthwhile detour through costa rica for sure!

13 May 2016

MONTEVERDE P2 Some more photos of Extremo Parque monteverde and our ziplining (finally took the photos off other camera). We looked pretty kewwwllll in our kits ay 😳

10 May 2016

30TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS Ostional was also the chosen destination for Nick and my 30th birthdays, and the friends did a great job organising. Beautiful secluded location to make as much noise as we wanted, a morning of ATV's through the surrounding hills and streams and a solid pool party session. Would have loved to have fam and friends from Melbourne there too, but a great time nonetheless. Luckily we had booked an extra night at the AirBnB afterwards for recovery, cos we were in a pretty sorry state, and Dave ended the festivities with a broken foot, eeeep!

8 May 2016

OSTIONAL, COSTA RICA From SJDS we made our way by pick-up to the Costa Rican border before a public bus to Liberia and taxis to another AirBnB in a little pacific coast town of Ostional. We were advised we should get 4WD there as the roads are shotty - instead we got tiny unofficial taxis, bought as muc food and booze as we could for 5 days, and once well weighted down tackled the dismal dirt roads for 30kms into Ostional. Our driver lost 8L in sweat by the time we got there, but we got there. It was an awesome place with great pool and unlimited aircon facilities, and me and Ash scored the master bedroom. What a treat to be sleeping in a 17 degree room for a few nights! Really knew we were in jungle Costa Rica as well, with mammoth spiders, hand sized moths, iguana's aplenty and a warned-of, but never seen Boa Constrictor presence.