Spain · 63 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Rider 1000 around Catalonia

26 July 2017

29 May 2017

With the stickers of the Rider 1000 on our helmets and with an eagerness arrive home, we started to head back to our city. We had 500 km more to do in order to arrive home.

28 May 2017

At 6:00 am of the next day we arrived to the finish line. After 24h on the motorbike we couldn't believe that we had put the last seal in the passport and we get the desired pin. After the race it was time for us to go to get some needed rest, we had it deserved after all.

27 May 2017

During the day we had a lot of fun. We saw reservoirs, rivers, fields, towns and mountains. We would do turn after turn, going up and down. We even said that people were exaggerating when they said that the Rider was a hard challenge, it wasn't being hard for us. But then we had realized how important the start time for the tryout was. It was 3:00 am, we still had 4 checkpoints to reach. We were crossing Lleida's wheat fields and we were almost out of gas. That's the moment where everything starts to get hard and the frustration we had was huge, but we wanted to finish the Rider anyway.
The next day we were impatient to start the tryout. We had to wait a bit to star it, because we were the almost the last group of six riders to start. Being the lasts didn't help us out much because the first group started at 6:00 am and we started at 8:30 am. This meant that we were going to arrive very late at night to the finish line. Even knowing that, I think that we weren't fully aware of how hard it would be.

25 May 2017

Before we went to the bed, we checked the maps and the routes ones again. In that moment we started to feel stressed out and overwhelmed with the time they would give us to pass the checkpoints. We were so desperate to get through the checkpoints on time the next day so we decided to fall asleep because we knew the next day will be a hard day.
When we arrived to Manresa, we verified our inscription and they gave us all the stuff we needed for the tryout, the passports, a sticker we had to put on the motorbike, the bracelets we had to wear, the schedule etc...
Once we had the motorbike ready for this long adventure, we left San Sebastian towards Manresa. We were looking for a way to ride those 1000km all around Catalonia to obtain the seals of the 16 checkpoints we had ahead. And of course, we wanted to explore new villages and places that sometimes go unnoticed.
The Rider 1000. What is it? It is a resistance tryout for two wheel lovers. What is one of the things that the riders like more? Find the perfect turn, and for sure, if you engage in the Rider the turns will not disappoint you. This tryout won't leave you indifferent and don't underestimate it, and I say it for this very reason: all the gorgeous views of the day turn into darkness and despair at night.